Spirals to oblivion

Have you ever felt as though your life was spinning out of control, you try and steady yourself only to find that you have fallen down? Times like these are the hardest to deal with, the need to be grounded can be so intense that we try and grab onto anything that means anything to us and if we aren’t careful we can smother them.


In moments or times like these the future is so cloudy that the warning signs are not even visible, we are blinded in the darkness not knowing which direction to go in, which path to follow. I know I am not alone in this experience, there are many of you out there who have experienced this spiral to oblivion.


I have been here before but never in such a strong and vivid spiral, the darkness is the purest of pure and visibility is gone, I can not see where my feet are going, can not tell you where I will be in a months time. I am holding on by a very thin thread again, the thread is made up of those I love this time round, they keep me alive…


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