Firstly I’d like to thank everyone for their support over the last couple of days, all the emails and comments posted have helped me through a really tough time in my life, it’s all helped more than you could ever imagine.

This year has been one of many revelations and realisations (probably one and the same thing), some hard to swallow, others easier… I have come to value true friendship and what is not (a really bitter pill to swallow)… The value of forgiveness and the true freedom it can give one when it is accepted or given… I have come to realise that the old saying good things don’t last is more true than ever imagined… That with the good comes the bad no matter how hard we try to not accept it… That just when you think you are finally free of insecurities there are ones that will pop up in their place… The realisation that you may love someone more than they could ever love you… it has been a rough year and good in a way because I have come to realise all these things…

During all the hard times that I have gone through I always had this childish hope that things would and will get better… always thought that it couldn’t be so hard all the time… this is one of the hopes that have been shattered as well… guess sometimes our expectations of life and the people in it are often way to high and therefore lead ourselves into this mess to be begin with.

Warned you about my current state of affairs… as always in the last couple of days I am still sitting on the fence, holding on for dear life… less than 24 hours to decide…


2 thoughts on “Fate?

  1. I know that coming from me that you probably wont believe it, but things do happen for a reason… and always exactly like they should, no matter how things may seem to appear.

    God gifted me with this, so many times, showing me clearly why this or that event happened. Almost like a movie running in my head explaining all of the background to the event.

    I promise you it will all be ok. You just have to keep positive, have faith. God never gives you anything you cant handle.

  2. Dito to Amberfirinus’ reply. Keep your light shining. Whatever you decide, do not let your light go out. You have so much to share with the world that it would matter if you shared it from Timbuktu or anywhere.

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