Happy Birthday my friend

… and what a sad day it is, it is your 32nd birthday, not even 2 months since you crossed over to the other side, time stands still today. It was only yesterday that I visited you in the hospital, after not seeing you for so long you just opened your arms and gave me the biggest bear hug as always with a naughty smile on your face and the simple “howdy partner”… Ah things have come to pass as they always do. Saw your mother the other day and she is looking so slim, she has aged 20 years in 6 months, her pain etched in every inch of her face she still braves a smile and drinks a tequila in your name.

I remember all the things with a smile on my face, grief is strange how it slowly ebbs then returns in force only to ebb again… those who have been through it know how it is. Your boxes have arrived from England, filled with everything you owned, filled with memories and all the good times… strange how we want to hold on to the things that once belonged to someone we loved…

It is a happy day and yet one of saddness, I miss you my friend and as the tears flow down my cheaks it is part in saddness for I will never get that hug again and partly because I was so honoured and blessed to have known someone like you in this lifetime. We will meet again you and I this I know and for the time being you are your closests guardian angels… you are close by this I know.

Happy birthday my dear friend and goodbye till we meet again



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