Evilution of Power

I don’t quite know what to say, tonight was quite ironic as I was talking to yet another friend of mine fleeing the Southern tip of Africa. She is off to China on Tuesday to teach English, make money and travel to her content. I must say that as I sat there and listened to her I started to feel in the pit of my stomach quiet desperation, my need to leave this country (not its people) grows every day without fail. Don’t get me wrong South Africa IS beautiful, but it is more perfect as a holiday than a place to live right now. Perhaps in later years to come I might consider putting my roots here, but I doubt it… how sad is that.

At the moment in England alone there are 300,000 South Africans working, living, breathing, in Australia and America there are even more… why does everyone flee this country? Rape, Murder, Muti killings (mutilation for medicine), Hi-jackings, the police force and lack of employment. There are plenty jobs BUT you have to be the right colour, this excludes 3 races of the four we have in the country…

Yes rape, murder, etc happens in other countries, in fact it happens all over the world I don’t dispute that at all. But I will give you one example, a friend of the family was living in Kwa-Zulu Natal on our East Coast. She was raped and robbed at gunpoint, left on the side of the road to rot. She walked 10 km to the nearest police station, bare foot with clothes shredded… who is sitting behind the constable desk? The guy that raped her, she fled receiving no justice. It happens in every country I know as I said I don’t dispute it, the question is to what level? Truth is no matter what level crime is disgusting plain and simple!

I sit here in Africa telling these tales but there are far worse ones I know in other countries, I know that these things happen world wide… the UN ranks South Africa as second in the world for Murder, we are first in the world for Rape… congratulations South Africa, your nation is proud of you and your President says regularly that there is not a crime problem – I have to agree its bypassed the level of being a problem it is now both an all out war and a catastrophe! A catastrophe when you are rated so high on the world crime statistics done by the UN and when your own health minister believes garlic can cure Aids and wait for it, a shower can prevent it.

In a previous post I mentioned the guy that tried to rob my friend, the police asked them if they should take him out back and get rid of him, my friend said no, so they took him off to jail. He has been charged with attempted murder (with big knife no less), assault and theft, he received a years sentance and is reportedly going to be released soon – that all happened 3 months ago and he’s almost out now. He knows where my friend lives, he threatened them telling them he is going to come back with panga’s (really big knives like swords only scarier). My friend has now rented out her house and is in the process of moving so that she is no where near where that guy thinks she is.

Last week there was a robbery in the complex next to ours, gun shots went off no police arrived. Monday night two guys jumped over our neighbours wall tried to get in her house, she screamed, all the houses started to let their alarms go off to scare them away, they weren’t perturbed they carried walking towards a house in darkness (you don’t approach burglers here or go for them because 10 to 1 you will be killed and so will the rest of the people)… they eventually left when a neighbour couldn’t take it anymore – they were approaching an old ladies house (80 years old) who lived alone and let his dogs out, only then did they run away… police? They never came, no point… I live in a small complex with 10 houses, 6 very loud alarms went off and they didn’t care… just how protected are these people to feel like that???

Rapists in this country, if they are ever charged, get out in 6 months. Mass murderer’s get out within 3 years tops. Fraud gets you 10 years if you’re caught and not in parliament, if you are in parliament you get 2 months tops with TV, 5 course meals, the works (oh and they still have their jobs 😉 ).

Why would I want to live here? The only reason I would is for my friends and family but they move around as much as I do and most of them are looking to get out as well. Dang I need to find out about my visa, I feel like my soul is shrivelling up smaller than a raison!

I guess Zimbabwe has also been on the news, managed to catch it on the Beeb… here is what is going on, one of the many reasons why I am probably so fired up… SICK!

MDC: Crackdown has begun
03/04/2008 21:27 – (SA)

Harare – A top opposition official says police have raided their offices at a Harare hotel in what he called the start of a “crackdown”.

Opposition party secretary-general Tendai Biti has told The Associated Press that police raided and ransacked several rooms used by the party at the downtown Meikles hotel. No one was arrested.

Paramilitary police in riot gear also raided a hotel used by foreign journalists in Harare and took away three or four reporters, according to a man who answered the phone at the hotel.

Sorry for the rant but well yeah…

… another rambling by a disturbed soul …




4 thoughts on “Evilution of Power

  1. you know what after reading this i feel like i am in a very safe place(chennai is comparatively a safe place)
    but in India too these things happen…and you ppl should come up with something on your own to protect your selves…how about having chilly spary bombs…or even mines?

  2. In reality no place is safe, there is always a danger as long as there is evil, especially with dodgy governments. 8 out of 10 people carry pepper spray, some carry stun guns, some both. Mines and chilly bombs don’t only target those that want to cause harm but also those that don’t. South Africa does not want to turn into another Angola we just want to be able to drive without our doors locked and windows up, want to walk down the street without fear and be able to have a wall without electric fencing, windows without bars and the lives of our loved ones not to be taken all the time for R5 (50 US cents) sometimes less… Guess we just perhaps want less of all this

  3. These posts rip my heart out. I wish I could come and grab you up in my arms and save you from having to live there. I know God has a plan for you. I just get frustraited waiting sometimes. Even moreso than for myself!

    Complete power corrupts completely……..

  4. Guess there is a reason I am still here, trying to figure it out and trying to learn patience in the extreme while my heart breaks because I am powerless, I have no choice but to sit back and watch what goes on in my country and powerless to make immigration offices work faster, powerless. Thanks for your kind words, I have faith in reasons and destiny its the only thing that keeps me going 🙂

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