Indigo Purpose

A little while ago I posted an article on Indigo Adults and Children, if that one clicked then perhaps this one will as well. Read the below paragraph’s and if it it strikes a cord click through to the link’s at the end, if not then think me crazy I don’t mind for there is always sanity in insanity…

  • The Indigo passages are particularly rough and difficult for a reason. They burn away the dross and lassitude and inner ignorance and fear and temper us for strength in our true work here. The personal victory over our problems in our personal lives and our discovery and use of the unique Indigo gifts we have gives us the depth of experience to weather the difficulties the entire world faces. With our own rough passages behind us, our job is to assume a role of mentor and quiet leadership for those who also seek Light. All the pain and suffering is our ‘been there, done that, here’s what I did to get past it’ card. And it teaches us perseverance and gives us a depth of inner reserve that will be needed in the difficult days to come.
  • Indigos of all ages are frustrated by the shallowness of society at large, because they like to dig deeply into things that interest them. If TLC or the Discovery channel runs an in-depth series of documentaries on a subject the Indigo is interested in, they are in hog heaven. But heaven forbid if the subject is superficially approached or lightly referred to, because Indigos want to know EVERYTHING, and RIGHT NOW. (And I say, thank God and the Cold War for the Internet.)
  • All Indigos are aware that they are very different from the rest of the people in this world. Depending on the influences around them, this can be positive or negative. Positively influenced Indigos can grow their gifts more easily in an encouraging atmosphere. Negatively encouraged Indigos have more of a battle, which can result in a heavy build up of pent up rage. This rage has to be adequately discharged and grounded in order for the Indigo to get in touch with his or her innate gifts.
  • Indigos like to make up their own rules and systems as they go along. They have an innate feel for the natural order of things, but to many people this ‘order’ looks a heck of a lot like total chaos. Older Indigos have an inherent distaste for big government and interfering systems, and quietly long for true independence from ‘systems’ like the economy, money, and salaried work. But they also have the common sense and intelligence to make these systems work for them, and understand that overt street protesting, violence and anarchy are not the way to go. Some will even hold their noses and involve themselves personally in these systems, using their Mission instincts to quietly change them for the better from within.
  • Religions both fascinate and repulse all Indigos. The genuine soul-felt knowledge that God/dess dwells within you is the kernel of Gnostic (which means “to know”) wisdom. Many Indigos become experts on many religions- dogma and ritual are fascinating to them, and they study them for their use as tools of Awakening. Sometimes they will even join a religious sect for a while, but generally do not stay.
  • We resist cultural gender programming. I have been told that I ‘think like a guy’ although I am a woman. If you test your Indigo children for ‘gender’ oriented abilities, you will find that each sex tests just as well in the ‘opposite’ skill sets. So girls will have high spatial and mathematical abilities, and boys will have high linguistic and cognitive abilities.

So… if any of what was said there strikes you then click through here… Indigo Purpose or Indigo Files


    31 thoughts on “Indigo Purpose

    1. Surprisingly very few people hear of the concept perhaps because it is not media friendly, it is an undercurrent of lightworkers… Glad you enjoyed this one, it gets eerier as you delve deeper…

    2. Hey you: I new coworker a year ago educated me a bit about Indigo, thinking my daughter might be such. I read a bit then, and now, reading this, I think it just might be who I am, and why I feel so misunderstood sometimes. Cannot read the links right now, but I WILL be back. Thanks for sharing, you!!! V.

    3. Hmmm, it all rings true for me.

      I haven’t been raised in a supportive environment and have felt very isolated and odd. Even though people around me view me as ‘weird’, I have always been respected and the most surprising people come to me in difficult times for help and advice, which they feel they can trust. It’s been an uphill struggle to hold onto my values in the face of so much passive opposition.

      My favourite saying is “Rules are for the guidance of the wise and the obedience of fools”

      What people in authority do with the power we give them drives me insane with anger. So much so it’s been making me ill.

      I’ve been discharging my rage at the system for the last few years. It’s been quite refreshing and good fun for me – not for the few unlucky souls I have unleashed it on. They all deserved what they got though 😉

      I have ideas about how we can re-engineer existing systems to make them do what they are supposed to be doing but aren’t.

      Thanks – I will investigate more…


    4. lol poor buggers well if you can give you must be willing to take so in that sense they got their just cause…

      It’s all in the re-engineering, it is not that the systems are bad they just aren’t working right because they are being used in the wrong way a bit like a car and it’s engine, a few tweaks and it can run better, faster, more efficient and be good for the environment 😉 Hope you will share your ideas sometime, I look forward to hearing your views 🙂

    5. Im a pedantic bastard and usually spend a lot of time choosing my words carefully. That’s why I chose the term re-engineer. I think we might be on the same path you and I 😉

      My Vision is based on the principle that if we are making concious effort to make society go in a chosen direction and it isn’t going in that direction there must be another force that we are unaware of that is pushing in another direction. The resultant vector of the 2 forces is the direction we find ourselves currently travelling.

      Previous attempts by social movements in the 60s & 70s to acheive change focused on opposing the current direction of movement of society.

      Like a massive snowball rolling down a mountain the massive momentum of the system makes opposition impossible and the opposers have always either been crushed or absorbed. All the activitists from those movements either disappeared without trace or became the successfull businessmen and politicians who run the world today and added themselves to the snowball.

      My Vision is that if we can identify the unkown force and subtley modify the direction they are acting in, we can make them push in the smae direction we are trying to go. Progress in society will be almost effortless and much more efficient when we arent having to push against this force to get where we ant to go.



    6. Got goosebumps and they’re not going away

      “My Vision is that if we can identify the unknown force and subtley modify the direction they are acting in” You already have the answer?

      The ultimate word is “subtle” I agree with you for humans by nature can’t stand change, it is one of those “big fears”, a nation in fear brings about what we see in this day and age.

      I agree wholeheartedly with what you say and I believe a collective conscientiousness will push this forward.

      Everyday I sit here in wonder in amazement as this collective conscientious grows 😉

      What will be will be

    7. I would never presume to have “the answer” and if I ever do please turn around and walk the other way.

      I have an answer. I have spent the last 5 years trying my answer out hypothetically and it seems to hold up under testing which would make it a good answer 😉

      The collective consciousness alone won’t bring change. It can only provide the rich fertile soil, which will allow a good seed to grow. It will still need us to plant it and nurture it in order for it to grow and bear fruit.

      I believe that I have identified the forces that are acting on society and I have a clear picture of how and why they are pushing us off course. I also have ideas about what can be done to modify them so that they assist instead of hindering us. The ideas use existing systems and structures to achieve change and so do not require a huge leap of consciousness in the majority. Neither do they require violence nor even opposition.

    8. ROFL you’re a card! I am torn from walking away and glued to my seat!

      Your use of the word force will make me call you Yodasionary if you are not careful! (seen as I seem to have been anointed YodaFound already by YodaFire)

      Agreed collective consciousness will need to be guided otherwise we will end up with time wasted and be sitting in the same situation as now. But a collective consciousness working as one towards the same goal is a powerful one and there are many akin to this thinking just here alone.

      To quote from one of those links up above “Now that you have an idea of the Big Picture, you can begin to see a way to make it happen. It can be done without the weapons, terror, death, and suffering of the Darkness. It is happening now, and you are part of it.

      You are excited about these ideas of yours, what is holding you back?

    9. Visionary has me thinking about an endeavor I am currently pursuing, that being marriage equality, or fighting against marriage discrimination, here in the US. Even though my feelings about gay marriage are very heartfelt, real and deep, I know that I cannot fight the battle, at least not effectively, on my own. Therefore,I need to gather up other like-minded, local individuals to assist in the battle; and, I need to recruit some of those persons by slowly and subtly letting them know what is at stake if we were to outlaw the possibility of civil sanction of gay relationships; civil freedom at its core. So, that the the snowball, although still going downhill, might steer slowly but surely in a different direction. People may be supporters for us without even knowing it yet, because of dogma they really don’t have a clear idea of what is at stake, not just for me and others in the gay community, but ultimately, for all of us.

      Make sense???? LOL V. 🙂

    10. Hey a guys gotta work his audience hasn’t he? Half in and half out your seat – now that’s what I call real suspense. 😛

      Sorry to ruin it for you darling but it’s more Newtonian that Han Solo. Bodies remaining at rest unless a force acts upon them etc… So you can hang on to the Yoda title (for now) – hehe.

      I’m very happy to be here with so many like minds and it’s nice to find I’m not alone. You mentioned the collective consciousness “working” together. Working is a great word because it means we have to do something together.

      I’ve allowed a few things hold me back: –

      1. I was too angry. I knew that anything coming from rage wouldn’t end well.
      2. I had a some mental, emotional and physical baggage to get rid off.
      3. This is a calling but at the moment I don’t know how to feed my family at the same time

      I’m here now because I’m not letting these things stop me any more but give me a flipping chance though – I only started a week ago.

    11. Vanessa it makes perfect sense, what you doing is helping a nation detach from a stigma that is wrong, slowly and subtly changing the way people think. In my opinion you are one of the pioneers for the future, building a better world for the current and generations to come brick by brick.

      Never give up hope, keep on trudging, your work goes further than you think, it reaches more and touches more people than you can even imagine… similar to the pay it forward concept, touch one person and they touch another and so it grows.

      The world needs more people like you and I am honoured to know you and hopefully one day meet you! Hugs

    12. Visionary I do anoint you Yodasionary just because it really sounds funny, laughter makes the world go round! Unless of course you want the nick of Newtonianision (just doesn’t sound right 😛 )

      Re working together – there is no point in ideas unless you do something or create subsequent action – of course when the time is right…

      When the time is right all the pieces will fall into place, running before we walk type of thing, the world needs to be ready for it – personally not soon enough!

      We will have to discuss this some more, I like where you are heading with this and am interested to hear your ideas but when you are ready and when the time is right.

      Suppose it is wrong then to end with “may the force be with you young skywalker”? 😛

    13. 😀 The world isn’t such a bad place when there are so many people trying to change the wrongs in the world and make them right… gives me hope and inspires me

    14. Ok I surrender – *Yodasionary lets his serious frown drop and giggles helplessly*

      If thats my new title at least tell me how to pronounce it please!

      In mitigation of my over eagerness to get off my hands and get working let me explain.

      I’ve had the unpleasant ability to intuitively feel the future from minute current trends for over 30 years. Feeling alone and helpless to do anything about what I’ve felt coming, while everything I forsaw has come to pass has been a bit of a burden.

      At last, some good news! I finaly had a vision of something we could do and well as you can see, it has me a teeny bit excited. I feel like a bottle of lemonade thats been shaken for 30 years and now I get to take the top off – stand back please…

      I agree, timing is everyhting. The blacksmith trying to shape a horseshoe from cold iron is going to have one helluva job and ultimately break his back and the horseshoe. So I know it’s important to wait untill the iron is hot before striking.

      The reason I seem a little anxious is because my previous visions have been pretty well on the mark and if I am not mistaken this time, we don’t have a great deal of time left to act.

      Love V

    15. *giggles helplessly almost falling off her chair yet again* aaah he has succumbed to the wisdom of accepting the name 😀 As is only right here is your entry in my dictionary…

      Yodasionary – as is found in my soon to be published dictionary on Audlish.
      Main Entry: Yodasionary
      Part of Speech: noun but can be adjective or verb – dependant on use
      Pronunciation Key: yo·da·sion·ar·y Show Spelled Pronunciation [yo-duh-shonn-ner-ee]
      Definition: a master of Jedi skills who has visionary thoughts of wise being

      A question which answer you can mail or not if you prefer – 30 years?

      It is the scariest thing knowing something is going to happen and being powerless to change it or worse know that you can’t change it, but there are lessons in that that we need to learn before we are capable of knowing what we can do and what we can change – talking in circles perhaps not 😉

      Time to get the ducks in the row so that they may drink of the lemonade – am with you so shout if I can do anything to help on this journey.

    16. ROFL I have a bruise from falling off my chair so hard in laughter!!!

      Sheesh there are more nutters in the world than I had ever imagined!!!

      *grips stomach in agony but can’t stop laughing*

    17. We need to cleanse ourselves and bring forth 100% of our abilities. Come together, bridging our ideas as one for maximum effectiveness. Use our earthbound gifts and fine-tuned ‘special’ gifts to put things in motion.

      There are many of us out here searching for answers and wanting to share.

    18. Very interesting convo you guys had going. I’m only a few months late.

      I’m with Visionary 100%. “My Vision is that if we can identify the unknown force and subtley modify the direction they are acting in”
      I wanted to add that fear is on of those unknow sources which are pulling society where is heading.
      And we need to figure out what are people afraid off and why.

      Does that make any sense?

    19. Here’s what I don’t get: why self-professed “Indigos” are so willing to believe complete and total bullshit.

      How many of these kinds are still out insisting that Obama is a “lightworker” despite his relentless massacres of Pakistani civilians?

      Why do they play let’s-pretend with the manipulative liars in mass media? TLC and Discovery are always good for pretty visuals, a few blatant howlers, and a multiplicity of lies of omission. Who do you think funds these apparatuses?

      As far as I can see the defining characteristic of “Indigos” is to stuff their fingers in their ears and yell “La la la I can’t hear you!” at the top of their lungs when confronted with reality.

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