Another way to write your blogs… am I slow?

Ok so perhaps I am slow or perhaps I just try and avoid anything to do with the word Windows as normally it is related to Microsoft. Came across Windows Live Writer tonight and alas this is me testing it out πŸ˜‰

On review…

Some great plug-ins you can add to spice things up, such as maps, slide shows, tag acronyms and Polaroid versions of your photos

Easier usability and if you are too lazy to head over to the HTML section the Writer has greater options for editing your posts i.e. font, font sizes etc

Adding the image below was painless, for those into the visual you can reshape, recolour, pretty much a basic version of Picassa… not bad!

Over all we shall see how it goes…

Please note that it doesn’t mean that I will use IE but hey they haven’t done a bad job so far (shock horror… waiting for it to crash boom bang…. oh its not Vista?)

If you are like me and were in the dark about this interesting blogging tool head over to Windows Live Writer to see why I am breaking the law about speaking about such things that shouldn’t be spoken about

… a ramble by Mumble the penguin with Happy Feet …


POST NOTE: I am stunned… it actually worked and worked well at that πŸ˜€

Between you and me… I think that the blondness is now coming to terms with the fact that I am brunette once more…


9 thoughts on “Another way to write your blogs… am I slow?

  1. @mmo – you are such a nut!

    With over 70,000 employees, the odds are good that at least a couple of Microsoft’s development teams would produce something awesome.

  2. ilegirl I disagree. The larger an organisation becomes, the less likely it is to produce innovative, interesting and efficient products. Windows Live Writer is another piece of typical M$ spyware that hogs your PC (doesn’t run on Mac) and sends way too much info back to MickeySoft.

    It is enlightening to install a packet analyser like Wireshark on a computer running Mickey products and see how much stuff they are sending back down the rodent’s hole.

    WLW does for blogging what M$ Word did to word processing, takes a good idea and suffocates it beneath “features”. Now watch Mickey annexe the blogsphere.

    This is the beginning of the end of the age of blogging.

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