Interview with a Body

imageSo on Wednesday evening I finally ran out of tobacco, Thursday was going to be the day that there was none left and officially I was going to stop right… Here is an interview that was recently held with my body in response to what happened next…

Interviewer: So you woke up on Thursday morning, how did it go?

The Brain: It started off well, a cup of coffee and checking the emails as is normal. The day progressed and at around 10 am the body was not happy, the signals were flying around “Nicotine Nicotine NICOTINE”

Interviewer: So what did you do next, did you try and distract the body?

The Brain: Well I decided to take the body for a walk, perhaps that would quieten the signals down. So we went to the room, got the earphones and put on the shoes. That was when the darn eyeballs spotted the forgotten spare tobacco lying on the cabinet. Once the eyeballs recognised what it was the signals went through the roof, I could not stop the motor-skilled organs from reacting in time. I tried though I swear it.

Interviewer: So eyeballs, what is the story there, could you not have just been invisible to the tobacco in that moment?

The Eyeballs: Well to be honest I was not searching (rolls skywards) but as the body was exiting the room I just happened to spot it lying there on the cabinet.

The Brain: Yeah right it smells of a set up to me and don’t you roll yourself at me either!

The Eyeballs: I swear it, besides you the brain were supposed to throw everything away!

The Brain: I thought I HAD and now I am quite worried about this disease called Alzheimer’s because I really didn’t know it was there REALLY I swear it.

Interviewer: Right then, so we will accept that you the brain did not remember and the eyeballs just were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Now Lungs, how are you doing since that fateful Thursday?

The Lungs: To be honest I am quite disappointed in the Hands, Arms, Brain and Eyeballs, I feel that they have let me down. Since then though we have had a blamestorming session and have come to an agreement.

Interviewer: What is that?

The Lungs: That come Monday all tobacco is annihilated like the bad guys in Terminator, this time though there will be no “I’ll be baaaack”. By the way does that Austrian know yet that he isn’t Californian?

Interviewer: *ahem* I am not to sure, the last I heard was that he had taken up surfing.Β  Now are you sure that the body can do it this time round, I mean if you look at how easy the Brain, Eyeballs and the rest of the body reacted to tempatation?

The Brain: To be honest with you it was not my fault as I have said, I did not know that that stupid stuff was on the cabinet, the arms and hands are at fault. If they can’t behave I have made the executive decision to lock the whole body in the room where it sleeps hiding the key until the need passes and normality returns.

Interviewer: That sounds quite harsh don’t you think

The Body: Not at all, we are tired of smoking and wrecking our organs, we want out no matter what it takes

Interviewer: Honestly now do you really think it will work this time, that the body will quit?

The Body: We are of human breed but we will endeavour to keep on trying, this time though I think its positive… if all else fails we will blindfold the eyeballs.

Interviewer: We will see won’t we, I await the outcome with excitement, good luck!

The Body: Can we have a glass of wine?


20 thoughts on “Interview with a Body

  1. LOL…I loved this one to the Pits **pats her elda sister on her back for being very creative**

    Now, on a serious note! I am proud of the fact that you are takin a real serious efforts on your own to give this up and I can only understand how hard it is for you to do so. Just to let you know, will always be ard if you ever need anything…just don’t give up – Till you get there! πŸ™‚ Proud of Ya!

  2. GT is on the brink soz *grins* thanks you … now we just have to get you off those Martini’s πŸ˜‰ *pats lil sis on the back*

    On a serious note, thanks you for your kind words and encouragement, you are the sweetest – addiction is not funny… ah those were the days when I said that I’ll never get addicted *sniff*

  3. That’s what I thought too – I’d never be addicted. Many moons later and I am making deals with the devil.

    Kudos for taking the first step! That is the hardest.

  4. wow! so at least you are kicking it? post this in youth unite on how you can kick smoking…there are a few who want to and aren’t sure how to πŸ™‚

  5. Aye Ilegirl I know those deals well but now I find my lungs making deals with my brain literally lol… πŸ˜€

    Vishesh if you think it is appropriate and follows your blogs mission then yes

  6. If @mmonyte reads this, he shall say that cigarettes are the Spawn of Satan.

    I will eagerly follow your progress. I have a master plan to quit by Thanksgiving (late November). I will definitely need tips!

    Awesome first step and so ably expressed. As Oprah would say – You go, girl!

  7. Do you think Oprah will give me a free car? Thanks you for your kind words, Dang it’s hard but I think a fine ale is far more the spawn of Satan when one considers the headaches πŸ˜€

    Good luck with the late November, a mutual friend suggested that I cut off a bit on the end before I light up, then when ready cut off a bit more thereby telling the body that the brain wants to quit… if anything its quite a laugh to see peoples faces when you do it!

    Thanks again for your kind words and support, it feels like I am a heroin addict right now it’s that scary!

  8. it does πŸ™‚ for it is one of the major issues in the world,youth addiction to smoking and other drugs…in fact i have a huge post on that in my mind…am just collecting info now..we even had a training programme in my school,about how to resist when our peers force and how to help people get out of it…

  9. See I don’t see smoking as something that is as you describe it, yes it is bad I don’t dispute it. Everyone is so fixated on anti-smoking they forget how many people die each day from drunken drivers or alcohol abuse, far more I might add than smokers.

    I think its good that your school does a programme like that, I can understand Peer pressure well although my starting was for different reasons. I think its the right way to go, so many fall prey to addictions at a young age. In Cape Town we have the problem of Tik which is much like Heroin just worse, it’s cheap and easily available.

    I look forward to reading your post on it πŸ™‚

  10. yes alcoholism too is a cause for deaths,but as far i am aware it is only when you get drunk beyond thelimit that it is dangerous…in fact i have read in certain places that alcohol is good for the body in right amounts…

  11. V glad I got you laughing πŸ˜€ One step at a time says the brain, eyeballs aren’t happy mind oh well!

    Vishesh – no it is not only dangerous when people go over the limit, innocent people are killed every day by drunken drivers. Fact remains there are more deaths every year caused by alcohol than any other… even in SA where there is a murder every 18 minutes, alcohol still kills more.

    A glass of wine a day is indeed very healthy, all those vitamins etc, it can’t not be πŸ˜‰

    Everything is bad in this world it all depends how you look at it – even eating too many apples or drinking too much tea πŸ™‚

  12. Absolutely, wine is good for us….after all, grapes? What could be wrong with that??? LOL

    Seriously, there are things in this world that are worse than cigarettes; we all make choices, some of which have the potential to be physically or emotionally unhealthy for us. We just do the best that we can; MODERATION I think is always the key. V.

  13. Naturally you will believe this but “You will NEVER believe this” But I wanted to add your last line then thought nah lol

    Moderation is indeed key!

    Concur wholeheartedly, life is a choice, sometimes we make bad choices other times good, it is living… and it doesn’t make a person bad either just means they are human πŸ™‚

    Hmph now I feel like a glass of wine!

  14. ROFL hell no! hmmm mind you perhaps you need to share the bottle out with a grin saying “What you mean it isn’t friday???”

    I told you I’m crazy right? Don’t ask… did this one Friday then it became a tradition… I am just the worst employee ever!

  15. We have been tempted here; actually, the boss is away this Friday, may have an idea of how to bring on our Memorial Day weekend a bit early……….uh,oh….sounds like trouble! V.

  16. *grins* I really don’t understand why people say I am a bad influence I mean come on!

    Good idea while the boss is away the mice will play, its the one of the best ways for team building, it bands people together… just remember to use plastic cups from the water cooler… adds to the effect πŸ˜€

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