To-Do Tattoo’s – life saver?

Can someone tell me if this is for real… if it is I need to arrange emergency shipping to my current whereabouts!

TO-DO TATTOO the perfect solution for your shoddy short-term memory

Yes, I am being serious – those who know me know that this here invention could save me from losing limbs …


10 thoughts on “To-Do Tattoo’s – life saver?

  1. My God! I love lists and I am pretty forgetful so in theory this would be perfect…if it wasn’t so ludicrous:S

    You left a comment on my blog, followed you here glad I did 🙂

  2. lol ludicrous is my thing – they are real, did research and now going to see if I can ship them to SA for real! Knowing me though I’d show mine off 😀

  3. Hmmm … the brand is Fred. Sounds a little fishy to me cuz he doesn’t give his last name.

    On the package that looks like my shopping list, except ‘vodka’ and ‘kitty litter’ would be in reverse order.

  4. Does this mean you will forever have the same list on your hand? What if the list changes? ALthough, wine and cake are perpetually on the list, yes?? LOL……

  5. ROFL wine and cake can be the real ones but the rest is temporary thank goodness who wants toilet paper tattoo’d forever I mean WHAT will people think???

  6. ROFL. Cool. I’ve got to find this. Don’t tell anyone; but I already use this method – I write down what I need on the palm of my hands all the time; including pin numbers for my cards. Life after 40 I guess. Or, it could be that by use of cell phones and other electronic devices; I don’t exercise the brain enough. I never try to remember phone numbers any more -I simply write them in my hand until I can transfer the digits to my cell. Peace Dear Sanity!

  7. rofl Cordie you have me giggling – your secret is safe with me 😉 See my theory is that life is just too short – plus when I am in shops I am always amazed by all the stuff on the shelves, all the variety that I lose track – this is of course between you and me 🙂

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