Your Star Wars Name…

imageWhen I got this in my inbox I thought, ok well this should be interesting, only when I did it I was most disappointed! Not only do I sound totally unsexy I also sound like a clone of great proportions, worse yet if you say it out loud it has a tendency to sound like crouton!… this just does not do! Needless to say I am being polite…

Mine is: Kruauhon

What is yours?

If you want to share in my agony take the first three letters of your last name, first two letters of your first name and the last three letters of your fathers name – add them together


19 thoughts on “Your Star Wars Name…

  1. I’m mondodo (sounds too much like “dodo bird” for my liking). I say you being the starwars expert that you are have enough credentials to come up with something more agreeable to both of us. What do you think oh wise padawon?

  2. Keelieli.


    My daughter is Keealken and my son is Keejoken. Hee!


    If I use my maiden name I’ve got the more palatable Sholieli. *lol*

  3. Lindsey – lol keelieli sounds like the afrikaans word for tickle, dang wish I had a maiden name… someone quick loan me one!!! brilliant!

    Vishesh – classic, that one sounds at least normal πŸ˜€

  4. Krzrooze – it takes a supreme jedi master to even pronounce that.

    Are you sure you got that one right? Where did you get this algorithm of creating SW names anyway? Because it surely sounds like a Sith conspiracy.

  5. Razz – well indeed but it does sound like a fine kind of metal much like titanium, am impressed!

    Vanessa ROFL – how do I know that you are in summer because of the salad, me I think of soup because it feels like it’s subzero right now (yurgh waaaaay to early!) Likes yours sounds like a funky song πŸ˜€

  6. oops – too many letters. I didn’t follow the instructions. Do I have to go look at the trees and the grass outside now, teacher?

    NELPAENE – which sounds like a disease

  7. ROFL oh man you’re funny! Well hmmm I personally think the disease Nelpaene sounds more fancy, like a rare wine lol

    dandruff shampoo ow I can’t stop laughing AND its before my coffee!!!

  8. Hmm it has been said that you think cigarettes are the spawn of satan… quite poetic really this name of yours πŸ˜€

    PS For some reason akismet thinks you are spam, apologies, I have spoken to him and it’s all sorted out now

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