Merry Christmas!


No I am not confused, hold your horses.

While chatting to a friend tonight about Santa Claus/Christmas (Believing in the wonders of God life and imagination) and our beliefs surrounding them, growing up, etc it reminded me of something I do often. Something that is so natural to me that I don’t think twice about it, it is apart of who I am… yet 200411251546120.rudypoopanother oddity but perhaps not.

I have always loved Christmas but not in the traditional sense. I’ve always hated family Christmas time since I was kid. They always came hand in hand with massive arguments and destruction of mass proportions much like the picture on the left. Even as an adult I’d think to myself, ok this year will be different I’ll venture into a family gathering, only to get it proven to me time and time again.

For me it is always safer to spend it alone, perhaps that is sad but that is the way it is for me. But just because I don’t celebrate that day or I avoid spending it with anyone doesn’t however mean I don’t believe in it.

Instead I celebrate it for 365 days of the year, that way I can bypass the bad ju-ju of “Christmas past” and spread a bit of cheer all year round. The thing is I have never really actively thought about the fact that I do it nor the fact that it might seem strange to people.

So during my chat tonight I was reminded of something I do often, something that is so natural to me that I don’t think twice about it, it is apart of who I am… yet another oddity but perhaps not.

I have a habit of giving things to people, both those I know and those I don’t. I might be in the shop and see something that I know someone will like/need and I get it for them, it is the way I am. It seems to confuse people, we humans seem to think that gifts are only for birthdays and Christmas times and I always get asked the reason for me giving the present to them. My response is always to tell them that its Christmas and wish them a Merry one. Upon hearing me wish them a Merry Christmas they always laugh, perhaps for the fact that they think I am mad, but generally they add “I do love Christmas” with the biggest smiles.

Why should Christmas only be on the 25 December? Why should birthdays and Christmas be the only time that you give either of your heart or a gift?


Have you never had a Christmas party in June? Never??? You haven’t lived till you have done that! For those who live in the southern hemisphere you get to experience a Christmas in winter and those in the Northern parts a Christmas in summer… bliss!


You’re serious? You’ve never had a Christmas party in June?

Why not?

For me Christmas is every day it doesn’t matter the date or the season, I will always wish you a Merry Christmas and I often sing Jingle Bells out loud driving those in my vicinity mad.

So my friends I wish you a Merry Christmas, spread the cheer all year round, there are no rules saying we can’t…


…be it Summer or Winter…

Merry Christmas and happy new day!

200411200838370.ruddance 200411161542250.treedance 200411151911420.frostysnowman

Sometimes the greatest gifts are those that are unexpected for they come more from the heart than expectation


11 thoughts on “Merry Christmas!

  1. Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas to you! I also prefer to spontaneous giving of gifts when I happen to find something, rather than feeling obligated due to the occasion. It’s more real somehow.

  2. I LOVE THIS! I appreciate random gifts and unexpected time with friends and family almost more than I enjoy the holidays, especially since random time doesn’t have the pressure and performance anxiety that comes from wanting holidays “perfect”

  3. Merry Christmas!!! Again, does it surprise you, that I absolutely agree with your way of your heart? I always have gotten gifts and surprises for people year round, just because…….. And we have here Christmas in July at times……… we are all Christmas fans in our house, but agreed, the spirit is in us year round!!!

  4. … why am I not surprised, is there anything that surprises me anymore? Am so chuffed that you have Christmas in July, how awesome is that!!! Merry Christmas my friend, may you have the most amazingist of days πŸ˜€

  5. SF – what a beautiful thought. I love the gift of your soul all year round. I love that the spirit of christmas should live 365 days a year in your heart.

    Thank you for this post. It is beautiful, compassionate, and fun. What a lovely thought and lesson to us all!

  6. Persistent I couldn’t agree more!

    Amber πŸ™‚ Thanks you, glad so many people celebrate it as we do!

    Out of interest in New Zealand there is a custom, they give money on Christmas day and then the family go shopping on boxing day when the sales start… πŸ™‚

  7. ooohhh Merry Christmas Sisstaa……This is like me..only that I decide and choose to celebrate my birthday everyday… πŸ™‚ and gift myself some happiness by stayin happy and keepin away the stress and -vitiy…!!

    You are a walking inspiration…!!

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