Kissing an Ashtray

image Ok so I was meant to give up and FINE I cheated every now and then with a little small eeny teeny puff. Did I feel good after each puff? No, it tasted like I had dragged my tongue over a dirty pavement and then back again. I think it is round about now when I tell you or rather suggest that you don’t read on if you have either a weak stomach or smoke…. the inconvenient truth is not pretty.

I have been smoking since the age of 14, I only really got into it when I was 18, by the age of 21 I smoked 60 a day if not more. I have donated many brain cells to this cause, I am now 29 going on 50.

Nope not joking, 50 is the age of my lungs, 29 the age of everything else (not the liver mind). So here comes the disgusting bit that I really can’t avoid. The lungs on the left is what I should have, the lungs on the right are probably still better than what I have today as I sit here and type this.



Disgusting isn’t it… well that’s the truth of the matter, mine are black and if scientists are to be believed dripping in the tar

Thing is it’s not only the lungs that get nailed in the process of puffing on that little stick of death, it’s the organs in body, the stomach, the fingers (yip), the lips, its the WORKS!

Go on, I dare you to watch this video…

Will you kiss that –>image

imageThink I’m kidding? Ever looked at a smokers mouth? Smoke long enough and you get to see the most beautiful sores (similar to the cancerous ones seen on the right) . Kiss sexy lips goodbye and accept that, if you continue to smoke, you will be welcoming that with open arms and closed lungs.

Ok forget the sores and disgusting images for a moment, have you ever kissed an ashtray? Licked a dirty one? Go on I dare you… yip it’s disgusting. And the cherry on the cake? I used to be able to sing soprano and keep a good note, now well I’m an alto with a difference. Gums? It can also cause imagegum disease and damage your sense of taste.

The most serious damage smoking causes in this area is an increased risk of cancer in your lips, tongue, throat, voice box and oesophagus (gullet).

So you want to have kids one day do you?

image I think its way worse for men but then if I said that I wouldn’t be totally honest. Apparently smoking can kill those little squiggly things and cause an enforced chop chop. For woman it is just as bad especially if you have endometriosis or any other wonderful womanly gifted disease. These little puffs of cyanide encourage it to grow, brings more pain and in the end your body just goes “here’s my eggs take them I don’t need them anymore”. So folks, smoking and the want of children, better known as human samples, well they don’t go too well together.


The health risks that smoking causes to your heart are very dangerous. Your veins and arteries become blocked and narrow you are at a greatly increased risk of heart attacks, strokes and aneurysms.


Getting that blood flowing round your body?

No problemo folks! Oh sorry wait I got that wrong, see your veins start to shrink from lack of oxygen, they become little teeny weeny pipes… nah, it doesn’t stop there… they then become rock solid and coated in yummy fat also due to lack of oxygen but possibly also to do with the cyanide and carbon monoxide inhalation.image

Fancy getting old quick?

I am testament to this one, I am starting to get those smoking wrinkles on the side of my mouth, yip the ones I pass off as laughing lines (heh yeah right).

Smoking reduces the amount of oxygen to the skin. This means that skin ages more quickly and looks grey and dull. The toxins in your body also cause cellulite…. <— whoa hmmm

To make matters better, no matter how much milk you drink you’re almost guaranteed the delightful disease of osteoporosis. Yes you heard it right, smoking can cause bones to get weak and brittle. Women need to be especially careful because you are 5-10% more likely to suffer from osteoporosis than non smokers. <– not pretty is it.

The cherry on the cake?

imageWorst of all? you have to freeze your butt off every time you want to smoke thanks to all these new laws… chances are that you will die of pneumonia rather than cancer….

What is the point in damaging the one vessel you have to move around in, one that does not use gasoline but rather delicious food?

What is the point in not loving yourself enough to give your lungs a break?

What is the point of breathing in the very poison that the Nazi’s carried around their necks?


Now I dare you to watch the below videos, go on you have nothing to lose do you? Well apart from the fact that if you continue to smoke it’ll be the gums, lungs and not to mention life…


Had enough of the bad stuff?

Go have a read on why smoking is good for you in Amberfireinus post entitled:

Thank you for Smoking – its sooo good for you!


20 thoughts on “Kissing an Ashtray

  1. Go girl go! This post is so funny! Its gross and sad. Maybe it will inspire someone to be as brave as you are being and give up.

    One day at a time.

    We need you to help to keep us laughing…

  2. Sweet you are, I always found (<– please note past tense) that carrying around chewing gum and a bulk pack of mouth spray worked quite well… never got any complaints 🙂 …

  3. San and Amber- I had a completely different take on this than Amber… I didn’t see any humor here at all…it was sickening and a GREAT public service piece! I treat smoking addiction and when I get up the courage to watch the video’s, I’m thinking I could use them as part of my smoking program. Thank you!

  4. Psyche – Yes, this is a public announcement from us all. SF lost a bet to me. We both posted these blogs.

    My comment to her was that we need her to stop smoking so she can stay with us and keep us laughing. Not die from cancer. Please check out my corresponding post… 🙂

  5. Yers sadly I lost the bet, it was a close call though, much like a snail race. Indeed Psych, it is very sickening, just to think those are my lungs *shivers*. Thanks for your kind words glad you can use it! I highly recommend you read Amber’s version of the bet, to a smoker well its just plain brilliant… I mean ex smoker!

  6. When i suspended smoking,( note I said suspended, words like quitting just scared me, to BIG, so I said suspend) I told myself if I could do it a year, I could start again. After a year I told myself that since i made it one year, maybe I could try for two.
    When my life hits the shits, it’s about damn hard not to go out and start, but it’s been…
    17 years!
    shit? where did that time go?
    and I deal with life a wee bit better.
    Thanks for the reminder as to why I prefer to stay suspended..
    ( in Jaffa? LOL…)

  7. Sorrow, 17 years holy moly! *bows* I haven’t gotten to the year mark, lets just say I’m taking it day by day lol… wait I need to bow again wows *bows* 😀

  8. please,please,please post this YU! please,please,please!

    Hope all those who read this get inspired to stop 🙂

    way to go aud by dropping it 🙂

  9. Thanks Vishesh oks will post it, thanks for your support 😀

    Please stop commenting on this post because everytime you do I have to see these GROSS images and its torture pure torture!!!

  10. Ewwwwwww,gross isn’t it? I smoked for 30 years, and quit with the help of welbutrin and the patch. I was on the welbutrin for 6 frickin’ years! No it did not take me 6 years to quit, OMG, but could not have done it without. I mean I loved to smoke, I smoked like I breathed. It was great, but I am glad I quit. Food now has a special meaning.

  11. Ewwwwwww,gross isn’t it? I smoked for 30 years, and quit with the help of welbutrin and the patch. I was on the welbutrin for 6 frickin’ years! No it did not take me 6 years to quit, OMG, but could not have done it without. I mean I loved to smoke, I smoked like I breathed. It was great, but I am glad I quit. Food now has a special meaning. One day my son looked at me and said, what is that over your lip! I just thought it was dark pigment in my skin and it was nicotine! Nicotine mustache, oh the horror of it all.

  12. I’m with you on that one, though I have started smoking again with the intention of quitting again over the weekend albeit with the help of many patches. I miss the vibrant taste of food, the clean smell of my clothes… you know?

    Oh boy re the Nicotine Mustache, that must’ve been scary to find!!!

  13. I am sitting here reading this with 9 cigs left and a vile taste in my mouth. The hardest thing as stupid as it may seem is actually wanting to stop, I enjoy it!! I must give it another go Iv’e done it before and I can do it again I have to for my own well being and my pocket. I will keep this page and update every few days I go without a smoke, here goes nothing!!!

  14. Gary sadly I fell off the wagon with the first sight of major stress so perhaps I will join you in this venture… you made me re-read this post and it had a similar effect (the person I lost the bet against will be grinning now hmph). Good luck and one foot in front of the other… Monday is my D-day or rather the start of the rest of my life lol

  15. OMG, there’s always stress! Especially every time I try to even consider quitting… SO…. I guess I’m gonna have to start seeing stress as “the usual” and separate that connection with my excuse for smoking. It’s going to be a tough path, but I think if I keep smoking, that’s going to be a tough path too…

    It will help to look at these pictures a lot. A lot of stress this year, or a lot of slow death later? Hmmm.. I believe I’ll take the stressful year of quitting.

    Thanks for this site! every little bit helps!

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