Hippy Happy Biffday Deeps

Deeps over at Simply Life N Me is turning 99 today folks… Deeps this song is for you hun, may your days be filled with nothing but happiness, smiles, laughter, riches to your heart and blessings. More importantly Thank you for being you, who you are to me and to the world!


9 thoughts on “Hippy Happy Biffday Deeps

  1. Awwwwww….*Bowing down in Humblessstt Gratitude*

    Thaaaaannkkk Youuuu Sooooo muccchhh for all this. Feels really special. I am really lucky and feel completely blessed to know you and all the joy that you have brought into my life.

    Havin an ELDA Sistaaa..is sooo cool – one joy that I always missed out on till now – and now its soo complete. Maybe just lost out on words to Thank You or be able to completely express what this means to me…!!

    Shukriyaaaaaaa DOST. Thank YOooouuuuu so Much!

  2. Badi khushi bhenu dost – I have sworn at you all day in hindi when you speak sindhi… Apologies again for calling you a murkh when I meant cute little sister! Janam Din ki badhai! Shukriya dost it is an honour to know you *bows*

  3. Hey Vishesh,
    Thank YOu so much for your wishes buddy..!!

    Dude, if I am 99 – SF must be really 199 – considering she is my eldaaaa sissstaa after all…!! Still counting grey hairs and the bumps on your head..arn’t you? 😛

  4. Yes I have heard this same rumour, Vishesh is apparently all grey! Me, I pull the few that I do have out so no, I am not by any means grey… cheeky sheesh! You want me to try out my advanced hindi again? huh?

  5. LOL…no waysss….hahahaha If u do that, then probably you would start writing a book on that as well…LOL and trust me that sure will be a hilarious one!!!

  6. hmmm now that is an idea… उन्नत हिन्दी में एक पुस्तक… Shalle rab pujayee lakh a na lat hujayee. Hathan te Hathi Ghumairon

    Did I swear like a murkh dost coz I believe I just complimented you…

    I am becoming pro at this advanced hindi thang

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