Blogging Hijackers – You know who you are…

Amber and I were inspired to write this post together whilst reading CordieB’sblog post today. This also could be applied many times to Lindsey’s blog too.

Hey you, you know who you are. You are the blogger who feels the need to pontificate not only on your own blog, spreading your personal agenda or message (garbage), but sharing it on other people’s blogs as well. You comment at inappropriate times, and say inappropriate things. Worse yet, you try and sugar coat it with fake hugs and syrupy sweet language but what you really are spouting is hate and anger and negativity.

You don’t seem to care about the topic that is actually being discussed, or the people who are discussing it. Not even the feelings you might hurt. No, to you, it is far more important that YOU get YOUR point out there because after all, YOU are the centre of the universe right? We all deserve to hear from you.

Ironically, as you spout your agenda you tend to miss the most integral part – your heart. You get so focused on what you have to say, that you bypass the true message of a post and go off on a tangent that leads you to look both foolish and ridiculous!

So often we can be blinded by our own agendas that we miss out on the beauty of living, breathing, and feeling. We lose sight of the true miracle that is the human spirit and most of all we lose our compassion for fellow man.

The moral of this sad story is this: There are ways and means of saying things. If you do it in a dictatorial way “ten to one” all you are really doing is pushing people further away from your “message”. Perhaps thinking before you speak (type) is the way to go….

Maybe you should remember the old adage “If you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything at all!”. Well it definitely applies, even in the blogging world. Manners and humanity do not lose value in the blogging world any more than the real life world. How you conduct yourself here shows your true nature and character to all of us who read you. Remember that.

Keep this post in mind, the next time you feel the need to “Hijack” someone else’s blog. The natives who read it might not be so polite in the future………

Respectfully, {{{hugs}}} Amber and Sanityfound


18 thoughts on “Blogging Hijackers – You know who you are…

  1. “Worse yet, you try and sugar coat it with fake hugs and syrupy sweet language but what you really are spouting is hate and anger and negativity.”

    Speaking of syrupy sweet langage, LOL!

  2. Fortunately, I’ve never been the victim of a hijacker. Even though I recently wrote a post about Bigfoot hijacking my blog.

    Props to Pat for sending me your way. I’ve read your comments there often and decided to swing over.

    Nice stuff. Consider yourself Google Reader’ed.



  3. Hayden too true

    Vanessa Thanks you – it kinda needed reinserting today…

    Tysdaddy now Bigfoot sounds interesting am off to go have a read 😀 Thanks for the add … and what ever you do don’t believe a thing you hear on this here blog, I really am a seriarse person ks!

  4. Ok. I’m not sure if I know what this is. I moderate comments and I do not allow “pinging” as after two or three blogs, I’d get these strange comments that linked back to their site. Is that what you mean by highjacker?

  5. My, this is like experiencing Deja vous! I read this post somewhere before…. maybe in the deepest recesses of my memory… dunno. 🙂

    Pat.. a blog hijacker is someone who comes onto your blog and starts spouting garbage about their own belief system, preaching to us all to repent and see things their way, and who is rude and hateful to those who don’t agree with THEIR view. Before you know it, the comments end up as a war which has nothing to do with the topic you were discussing.

    Our friend Lindsey challenges traditional christian thinking with compassion and mercy towards all – I know strange thought for a christian but hey.. thats why we love her.

    Recently another friend CordieB was also attacked on her own blog by a completely socially ignorant person who insisted on making us all see her way. It was so inappropriate I can’t even begin to tell you. The topic was a shooting of an innocent young boy…and Cordie’s grief over it.

    These incidences made SF and I well…. get a little more than irritated in the middle of the night. So, together we wrote this post…..

    I hope I have answered your question…

  6. Amber lol yeah strange this deja vu thang! Phew weird *shivers*

    Pat it is as Amber said, pinging is fine normally because its linking except when its offering me special pills for equipment I didn’t know I had… I mean how did they know it doesn’t work? Hmmm

    We plainly just don’t like the bullshiticus virus its contagarse in its negativity

  7. I think we’ve covered that this wasn’t about me!! LOL!!! Pat, I wasn’t sure what this was either. I’ve only had one post that got bad like this. Where the whole subject of it got way off tangent and I finally said the subject was closed. Someone then called me a Nazi. I left the comment there to prove I wasn’t. I also hate the thought of “approving” every comment. I feel that takes the fun out of a good conversation. I don’t expect everyone to agree with me but I don’t expect anyone to be downright rude. That’s my favorite part of blogging, the interacting with others we would never have conversed with in the first place.

    I think I read this one somewhere else as well ;-)LOL!!

  8. Isn’t it strange how many of us are having deja vu’s? Phew freaky I tell you!

    I agree with your re the comments, personally I don’t like the rigidity of having everyones comments moderated. Free speech, debates, fun, laughter by all means I love it but I draw the line at the line at the above, if it happens I will just delete that comment with out fluttering an eyelid.

    😀 as my friend Cordie says Peace, Light and Love!

  9. I hope I haven’t done this SF… I feel like I hijacked one conversation over at Cafe Philos to talk about my ex …
    I don’t like the idea of approving comments- I want to hear what everyone has to say though in my secondary blog someone posted a link to some Youtube video they made that had nothing to do with the post and that was really annoying.

  10. SG I’m kind of straight forward and known to be very blunt especially when I don’t like something. If something happens on my blog I will You’ll know when I am upset, trust me on that – have no fear it has never happened and I doubt it ever will. A discussion about your ex is by no means hijacking because it is a discussion. Read the links and you’ll see what we’re talking about.

    Am a straight shooter hun

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