10 things you don’t know about me Meme

Vishesh has tagged me once more, ok I admit that I snuck passed a few but I didn’t want to bore you with my hi-jinks or sanitarium visits. This time it is to reveal ten things people in the blogging world do not know about me… rofl now this should be interesting….

So here goes:-

1) I was named after my two dead grandmothers, God rest their souls, one was a drug addict and the other a saint, I am neither

2) I am actually very innocent and have mastered the dumb look when people talk about such things as… sorry am too innocent to say. I don’t flirt, I don’t drink, I don’t smoke and I definitely don’t dance (Its eveeeeel).

3) This life started in 1978 on a fine Spring day at 10.05 pm hence I am a night owl and am known to never sleep and if I do it is not for long.

4) When I paint it is normally at night while the world sleeps, I irritate the neighbours by playing that song by Divinyls loud and yes I sing along. When the painting is done there is normally more paint on my face, clothes and the walls than on the actual canvas. Hey *shrug* I have fun and I never know what I am going to paint before I start.

5) I am a very very seriarse person who believes that humour is for the fishes in the sea much like that song by Catatonia. Laughing is hard for me and I tend to only have seriarse friends, laughing is just wrong wrong wrong! I am seriarse stop laughing!

6) When I drive in a real car I have a tendency to aim for traffic officers, I know shock horror, but they do tend to get in my way at the best of times. I try not do this while on a bicycle due to the fact that they seem to have been training up and can run quite fast, faster than I can peddle.

7) I am the only child by blood but have a younger half brother, older half brother and a older half sister. My direct family is a flow chart, a complicated one. It makes interesting reading on the family tree trying to work out where the “connecting” lines go. My family has helped build a nation, one person at a time. Just in case you don’t believe me, my mother had 18 aunts and uncles and that was a “slow” generation. Alas we are the last on the tree due to the huge lack of TV’s in my family history…. yes the rumours are true, I am related to Kevin Barry, yip, the guy Britain “sorted” out.

9) I haven’t met Nelson Mandela nor have I met the Queen. That said, she has previously invited me for a spot of tea, but alas I had to decline due to prior arrangements with my dentist that just couldn’t be missed. See, I had contracted the politicus-bullshiticus virus that is so rampant here in SA and with it being spread by word-of-mouth it started affecting my gold implanted teeth. It was a life and death moment yes.

10) I am only grumpy in the morning if you point out that my socks don’t match, if my pants are inside out or my top back to front. The arrogance of thinking that it wasn’t done on purpose astounds me and I tend to lose my cool. Once the cool is lost it could be tickets and generally I start to suck on ice-cubes, do not be alarmed it works quite well. I learnt this trick while recovering from the above said virus, it really does have a calming effect and I will recommend it to anyone, even Tom Jones.

Well those are the top 10 things I could think of that perhaps you didn’t know about me.

To summarise: I am innocent, seriarse, a safe driver, never grumpy, innocent, I don’t laugh, hate humour, my ancestors populated the nation and finally I don’t cry when I stand on a snail… I sob.

Hope that answered your Q Vishesh… you know me, tag me and expect trouble….

Tagged? Going to do it Marco Polo style (not the sweets)… if you’re reading this line then I am patting you on the shoulder and whispering in your ear “Tagged, you’re it!”

Dare you *innocent grin*


21 thoughts on “10 things you don’t know about me Meme

  1. I’m never grumpy in the morning!! As long as I’m home alone and nobody says anything to me until I’ve had my coffee and a few smokes. Other than that, I’m happy as a lark! I love this word…politicus-bullshiticus

  2. ROFL oh man we are sooo similar alas it shall be only the coffee… one day … 🙂

    Yers politicus-bullshiticus, very dangerous virus normally closely linked to aerosolitits

  3. back to the meme thing – so i did my meme, and tagged 10 people by linking them to my page – but am i suppsed to also contact each one to let them know they’ve been tagged, or hope they read it on my blog? thx SF

  4. Brilliant! Ah ok they should be able to see it in their wp dashboard that you have linked to them and go from there. Some people mention it in a comment on anothers blog that they have been tagged etc, its all up to you 🙂 Ten to one they read your blog and will see it 🙂

    Off to go have a read 😀

  5. Well I am still contemplating your last one, just a heads up… I have a sneaky suspicion another one is coming your way 😉 that and marriage of course 😀

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