My portrait through time…

Joy recently showed an interest in seeing a photo of my hair. Why? I shall quote what I said in an abbreviated form…

“I was very unlucky and it took me all three tries to put the earth where it should go along with the other wires. Three tries does quite a bit to the angle your hair stands up, it also determines how long it stays like that… I don’t think I’ve ever recovered hence the hair-do”

And so here is the first photo that was taken of me just after the above mentioned incident:


Pretty impressive aint it?

Right now for the “Now”…


I am still learning to blow dry my hair, surprising I know, so after a visit to the hair dresser this is how I shape up…


I am now fully evolved, below is my grandfather, isn’t he sexy?



7 thoughts on “My portrait through time…

  1. You are F****** hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If it was later in the day I’d be on my ass laughing on the floor rolling around!!!

    Thanks mam!

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