The Weekly Fruit Salad 03

fruit salad-300

Fruit Salad? Well fruit is healthy for you, naturally that is number 1… number 2 is the fact that this week was jam packed with incredible, inspiring, amazing, wonderful, wise posts (did I go a bit wild with the description? Naaaah it’s all true!).

So please note from this day forth you are all fruits in the fruit salad of life, which type you are is to your choosing and yes there are some nuts along the way…

Before I really get into this here fruit salad of amazing posts I just want to shock everyone, I know, doesn’t it sound scary! First things first I’ll admit that I do read religious posts but I never comment on them, apologies for this. Reason? There are many which I am not going to get into during a fruit salad. This week was literally a “crazy” one because when you take into effect what I have just said, me commenting on 3 such blog posts is almost enough to give the few people that know me seriarse heart attacks. I shan’t give you a full description just go read if you’re curious πŸ™‚

~ Lessons from the man born blind by !* Emphatic Asterisk

~ We all come from the same place, God and Evolution hand in hand by AmberMoon

~ Why be a Christian? by Cydonia Mensae

Ok breathe I know the shock was a bit much but you’ll get over it well enough with Psychscribe’s post Relationships can be so hard part 2. Yes it is the follow up to last weeks part 1 so all I will say is *ahem* I’ve realised a few things… too embarrassing to say here so just head over there if you really want to know.


Right now I just have to say that I have been shocked beyond belief with the revelation that Egypt is in fact not in Africa, I know, it’s rather shocking isn’t it. Wow, now that feels good to get off my chest phew!

Now there is a good question that keeps popping up in my mind (yes it sometimes works)… how and why would such a world renown company such as Kellogg’s come up with such a dangerous concept “lego snacks“? Well anyway’s all I know is when I come to answering Joy’s question about What my favourite cereal is… I can only answer with a resounding Lego Snacks. Besides if you really think about it Lego food could quite possibly save a whole nation if not the world!!! I am dead seriarse here and now with Ilegirl’s addition of Biofuel, well, its surely a done deal!

Ah we must never stop dreaming, so important to life and yet so often we tend to get so caught up in living in the past or present that the future, our wants, our dreams get forgotten. I am born dreamer, perhaps this is unrealistic but one day I will, and I mean will, land on the Moon for a spot of wine (a spot).

A friend of mine said to me recently that it is never too late to begin. Sometimes, as I said above, life grabs us, throws us into a situation and we start following that road and before we know it our dreams have been pushed under the carpet with no hope of seeing sunlight ever again. The one thing we must always remember though is that life happens when we make other plans, if we want to do something we must go out and try, if life throws us beans and we can’t stand them grab an apple and take a bite. Congrats Martha, I hope it all comes off and this time next week we’ll be hearing that news πŸ˜€ … dreams do come true, when the time is right anything is possible! You can do it girlfriend!

In the mood for a dinner party? A little while ago I set up a skype chat room for bloggers but be warned if you venture in there it’s at your own risk, I hold no accountability for what takes place there. Following on with a similar theme Single for a Reason has started doing dinner parties with her readers, how awesome is that??? I mean in reality who ever said we can’t have a dinner party that crosses continents, oceans or universes? No one exactly! Last night she had dinner with Razzbuffnik, someone who often has me floored by his indepth knowledge of art and humour.

My mind really boggled at her Intersections Named Flood post, not only is the photo-art incredible, the words that follow absolutely amazing! I just love abstracts, less rules, more freedom for the mind to roam, ah the bliss!

Are you a parent? A wanna be parent? Expecting a sample human? Want to own a sample human? Then I think you should first or rather start by reading a little bit about not being superman and the juice on what happens when Momma aint a happy bunny. Yes scary isn’t it? Wait… Here is one specially about the teenage-mutant-syndrome and how to handle it, ok fine, perhaps just one of the many problems you might/will face pretty soon if not already. Personally my chimps will be born with straight-jackets!

While on the topic of strange family happenings and more importantly, relationships, Hayden over at Persistent Illusion has written a book folks (yes you can do the loopy dance), it’s called β€œThe Woman’s Relationship Bible: How I Converted a Romantic Atheist” – how cool is that!!! Good Luck Hayden, I just know it’s going to be a success and no doubt before you know it you’ll be on Oprah! Personally I feel that, once published, this book should be given out at schools world wide, especially to South African men (no offence boys)!

Phew what a week! !* Emphatic Asterisk has also been busy with her incredible creations go check them out, wows!

I can honestly say that AmberMoon’s post “The choices we make… Choosing bad things” got under my skin for some reason. She made mention of something I have been battling with. Her words are so true that I am floored, I can’t even blame it on standing on the snail! Thus I shall go forth and choose the good healthy things and not the bad dingbats. This is all I am saying on the matter and you can’t force me to say anything else other than if you read it you will understand… Just between you and me, I’ve decided to make a sacred contract with myself, for myself, about myself… it is between me and the moon but perhaps more of us should put these contracts in place. Lets start a revolution! Sometimes we just have to let things go … point blank just let them go!

In order to change the subject in a really fast manner, there has been a wealth of incredible poetry, my eyes and soul boggled galore! Cordie’s Silent Secrets and Now I lay down to sleep, Vishesh with his poem The Ever Lasting Observer, Enreal’s The Mist, Glaize with Crossroads, Amandzings I won’t say I told you so … wow WOW wow! You guys always amaze me, your talent seems to know no bounds! Each week I find myself floored with the beauty of knowing such amazing souls exist in this world, your words always so woven and true. Your light shines through like a bright light within the darkness of night!

Hmmm… talking about Secrets… nah sorry I have none apart from the fact that I am truly innocent, but alas, if I were to tell you that what are the chances of you actually believing me?

No, sorry just not going to do it… moving along swiftly

The spirit of Do Do often can lead us into believing the myth of striving to become perfect which in reality is only our perception turning into a deception at the end of a really long hard day. Perhaps Words really do get in the way and we don’t show enough gratitude to those around in the right way.

That’s the fruit salad for the week, many different inspiring fruits to choose from but all in one bowl its wow!

To end I would just like to make a public announcement…

Should you for some reason decide to tag me for any particular Meme please know that you are in reality asking for trouble and I can’t be held accountable for what you get from me. Prime example being my version of Vishesh’s Tag entitled 10 things you didn’t know about me Meme which was then picked up by Ravings from the Shell…. brave? Dare you… End of warning.

… A little bird whispered in my little earball something about me being lazy in the tagging… tsk you forced my hand! Brit in sunny California you’re it!

Ok ok CordieB, Persistent Illusion, AmberMoon, Sorrow, Surface Earth, Deeps, Recovered Bulimic, !* Emphatic Asterisk, Cydonia Mensae, Glaize, Razzbuffnik, Amandzing, A Pot of Gold, Psychscribe, Enreal, Heart to Heart, Ilegirl, Joy Erickson, Lara Gardner’s Weblog, Life and thoughts of a superior being, Meditations, Save Our Species, Single for a Reason, Urban Pixie, Vanessa Leigh’s Blog, Symbolicgodzilla … if you read this here list and I forgot you, apologies, you are also tagged.

… all blame goes to Brit, I take no responsibility as always … I am innocent till proven guilty πŸ˜€

Fancy a spot of Golf ladies? Head over to the green but before you do make sure to follow the rules πŸ˜‰

Laughter really is the best medicine… it can make the rain go away and only come back again on mother’s washing day… why not laugh and if all else fails remember what it was like to learn how to ride a bike!

Thanks to all of you for the many laughs we had this week, the inspiring posts and wisdom! If I forgot anyone of the list, apologies.


17 thoughts on “The Weekly Fruit Salad 03

  1. Wow, SF, you had a healthy bowl of fruit for thought this week. All of the fruit seems to be quite appetizing – I can’t wait to sample some for myself. Thanks for sharing and writing such a nice and humerous week’s end article. You get a cool point – and I still have to mail you that lollipop – haven’t forgotten! PLL, CordieB. Mwah!

  2. What a great summary, big thank you for it.
    SF: pls note that the link for “Egypt is not in Africa” points to another post. Thanks again

  3. Cordieb oooo my lolipop πŸ˜€ Now am excited! Thanks you hope you enjoy the salad!

    Selhenawy I am blonde therefore tend to make mistakes such as these on purpose, please ignore the fact that i just fixed it πŸ˜€ Welcome to my humble home of insanity and thanks for the heads up… *smacks her head*

    Glaize Glad you like – still cant get that poem of yours out of my head!

  4. I LOVE your reviews SF – I know what a meme is and am glad to play – but what is the question? An then, do I post the answers on your blog or mine?
    Thx πŸ™‚

  5. Amandzing eeek hope you feel better soon!

    Vishesh pick out the oranges πŸ˜€

    Psych you’ve made my day, can’t wait to read your answers – for the instructions you can go to my version of the Meme of the Meme – They’re all done on our own blogs then linked back to the person who tagged you. At the end you also tag others and so it spreads πŸ˜€

  6. Seeing I’m still chewing on my favorite quotes for Enreal’s tags (yes, I may take such things a bit too seriously), I look forward to putting up the ante after my quotes are posted.

    Peace to you Sanity.

  7. V Ta hun, you still tanning?

    SurfaceEarth, all in good time – between you and me I am also very very serious, I know you may not believe me but I am πŸ˜€

  8. I always look for a pinch of ‘insanity’ salt, and there it is in the words of SanityFound. Indeed a good bowlful mixed fruit salads to heal our otherwise ‘sick’ minds.

  9. Hi all!

    My name is Steven and I’m new to this place πŸ™‚. So far this is an incredible source of information and I have spent a lot of time reading and browsing around. Look forward to hearing from you!

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