The Truth behind Deeps Hair-doo

As mentioned in the comments on the “Learning, Listening, oops” post, here are a few photos that I dragged out of the family album of Deeps and her now famous hair-do… Please don’t tell her I’ve done this – we all know how she can get when she is mad (rather funny just between you and me!)


(above) It all started on June 16 1901 – Our parents were so shocked, I mean her first words were literally “Ho-laaaaa!”


(above) Those were the days when she wore dresses though as well… These days she is too busy climbing trees so prefers pant’s. Sorry, this is the only photo we have of her in a dress. I think the only other one she will ever wear is that of her wedding gown (poor soul).


(above) Anyway’s here you can see she started growing out her punk hair style. Don’t be fooled by that “oh so sweet” look on her face, she could steal banana’s before you could even say chimp-and-meee!

(She fell off that fence shortly after this photo was taken… it was hilhairyarse!)


(above) Here she managed to gel it down for a little bit, it was a school play – In fact, if I remember correctly, she had just turned sweet 16 (perhaps that is why she is looking so grumpy, personally I believe it is because the wine glass was empty sheesh)


(above) The one thing you must know about my little sister Deeps is the fact that she just loves her hair – yip, its verging on an obsession of dire proportions. As you can see in this photo, taken from her last photo shoot, she can spend hours on her hair, primping, cleaning, drying, brushing, fluffing… No, seriously, I mean HOURS!


(above) Anyway, the teenage years passed and soon she was seen out on the town living it up like lady muck of all monkey’s. We still can’t figure out what made her do her hair like that (reminds me of a pudding bowl *shrug*). Mom and Dad were totally unimpressed with the bloke she was with… we still await to know his name…


(above) This photo was taken just 4 weeks ago while she was in NYC, as you can see, you can only hide your horns for so long before they start shaping your hairball… tsk!

So that’s it folks, Deeps and her hair style


24 thoughts on “The Truth behind Deeps Hair-doo

  1. LOL….ROFL…..I truly loveeee the post. Thank You so much…!! ooooo Infact, you should be thanking me, don’t you think??? I was your inspiration for a BLOG…I mean for an ENTIRE BLOG. Where else would you get such an inspiring subject??

    Hahaha I can’t stop laughin…This was brilliant..and YES, I love my hair..more than anything else ….and its true..I would spent a lot of time on it as well…!!!

    Hahahaha…Watch just Watch my Blog Space for you nowww…! JUST WAIT AND WATCH – Youu Rotten Stinking Fruit!

  2. WHAT???? Sheesh you elope or something because I don’t remember attending your wedding????

    “Youu Rotten Stinking Fruit!” Oh how eloquent dear – what are you planning, a payback? (waahaaahaaaaaa)

    “Where else would you get such an inspiring subject??” *ahem* car motor oil? Tomato’s? Brussel Sprouts? roflmao

    “Watch my Blog Space for you nowww” Dahlink may I remind you that I have in my possession some funny videos of one Deepschimpy?

    ROFLMAO seriarsely dang!!!

  3. I must congratulate you for capturing Deeps entire lifetime and the essense of her personality so well…I can gurantee it cant be done any better for a woman so obsessed with her hair…….half our mirrors at work have cracked because she has stared so long and so hard at them while adjusting her precious tresses

  4. LOL….Have fun Have fun!! Let me remind you folks…That you guys adore me to death anyways…! So anything for you all…! šŸ˜›

    Meeeeenaaazzzzzzzzzzzzz with a zzzzzzzzzzzzzz always….need me to reccomend a shampoooo to youuu for your maggi noodles hairrr????

    trust me to make you bald one day…..!

  5. Meenaz thanks you, so glad that you agree with me – her obsession is bordering on manic isn’t it?

    Vishesh – Deeps is a wild one careful, she’s still in training

    Deeps dahlink *hugs* … lol

  6. OMG!!!! This is hilarious!!! I am laughing like a hyena so can I join your family??????? Glad Iā€™m alone here to laugh or somebody may lock me up and throw away the key!!!! HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. its out here in black and white tamararr. The thing that I have known for as long as I’ve known u. You are truly a monkey and one with a hair obcession. My complments to the writer.

  8. Shibani – ams glad I got you laughing again, Deeps showed me a video in which you were canning yourself – its a good laugh and laughter is the best medicine (go kill her now šŸ˜‰ )

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