The Weekly Fruit Salad 04

I am green folks green… no scratch that I am EMERALD green – this person has gone off on a European holiday to all the places of my dreams *sniff* – ok ok hope you have fun ilegirl and don’t be doing anything I wouldn’t do – remember that I am in reality very very innocent!

Moving along swiftly and with many a huff…

You know, I really still can’t believe it, I mean it is the 5th day without a smoke and I still have cravings, Kicking the Habit is never easy but I think its worth it.

Drugs yurgh! I’m starting to think that quitting really is just a “healthier” looking version of self torture extreme! Ok so its not that bad but still, try opening something up with no nails (yes I annihilated my beautifully long nails!). Ok enough about that, all I seem to do right now is complain about the current state of affairs in Africa – smoking and nails sounded so much better…. Besides I am just plain shocked at poor Madonna!!!

Before I get in to anything I just want to say thanks to all of you for keeping me insane, I seriously needed it this week… the why’s are just a bit boring and perhaps you may know by reading my blog but I am not in the mood to get into it anymore. (yes breathe a sigh of relief, I’m over it!).

Right guys, be aware that Psych doesn’t FEEL like counting blessings and if you even hint at the good things she’s going to ban your ass… hey don’t say I didn’t warn you. Yes, I am being seriarse, don’t do it! (grins and dares).

Don’t know about you Psych but @mmonyte’s news about chocolate being good for our hearts just puts a smile on my face. I personally have been suffering from a bit of rectopthalmia mainly due to my withdrawals from cookies (have tried to cut them out as well, the thighs aint happy to say the least!)

This week at least was about sharing, or rather making moi not feel so alone in my insanity. Abroad had a major problem with a restaurant, far worse than mine. How she controlled herself I really don’t know, I literally would’ve blown a couple of fuses (if not a thousand). Perhaps they should just rename the restaurant much like this Enduring Legacy

Just between you and me I am secretly grinning at Joy’s admittance about being scatter brained but I am point blank refusing to tell her that (it seems I am not alone after all… phew). Worse than that though is what really scares me, but I’m not going to go there for now eithers. Guess it’s all to do with who I am, insane or sane, I am me, we are all evolving, growing and learning as we go through life.

I think it’s the no smoking, the withdrawals from cookies or something but DM’s post The Circle of Life kinda pulled heart strings. There have been so many people that I have connected with in this blogging world alone that I can’t begin to list all of them perhaps that is a post all on its own, hmmm. At the end of it all we may just be less different than we think, or perhaps we are exact opposites, I think it all makes life interesting and that keeps me going. (Thanks!!!)

Now the one thing that you may or may not know is that I love flying, perhaps addicted is a better word to use. So Single for a Reasons post First Flight really touched my heart. This man, her father, sounds absolutely incredible, honestly…. oh the adventures! Ok, yes, they have always said I will get my pilots license before I get my driver’s but the one thing I think is the biggest most greatest thing to learn is that of learning to ride a bicycle. RB, this post by AmberMoon is not related to your bike accident, sheesh woman you had me worried this week!!! Glad you are ok!

I was also really shocked to find out this week that in the US alone you get a minimum of 32 different brands of toothpaste… more shocking is the fact that you get cinnamon toothpaste! I can understand why it isn’t sold here, the locals would get so confused that they’d put it on their pancakes, a bit like “two-in-one” purpose style!

Money money money I hate it but oh how I would love to have some of it, it seems to be the hot topic of at the moment… From Carnival of debt reduction to Your money or your life and then Does it really make you happy… Donations can be sent to my soon to be set up PayPal account for male order chimp preferably in this style… or perhaps I will just have to settle for one of these cuties, gotta get me a little lion.

Guess life can’t all be about laughing and having fun, sometimes we find ourselves in some awful situations filled with meaningful lessons that suck the motherload. There really are so many inspiring people out there but the posts that have stuck with me this week are The Doll House and another one about Love. Perhaps they have stuck with me for the fact that I have been there, experienced it and felt it, I know just how bad those lessons suck.

How we approach the world is up to us, live it, love it, breathe it, play it! Me, I take a walk on the quietly wild side finding little sacred places along the path of life… it’s fun!

One of the many things I have enjoyed reading this week is Amber’s new Health Series (apart from the addiction ones), they really are incredible (ok the addiction ones as well). I now anoint her Health-nutter-guru, if you can come up with a better name please let me know (seriarsely). The Series this week so far:

I will be officially relaxing this week coming in preparation for my cousins Bachelors party (hate those things… you always have to be so well behaved when there’s family involved) to go to and weddings to attend (must get shoes!). I was going to go to the hairdresser due to the fact that I can not operate a hairdryer (yers I really can’t) but RB’s method sparked an idea and I think I’ll just opt for that, way easier and not to mention cheaper! Sheesh this woman has had me in hysterics!!!

Hope you all had a wonderful week and the one to come is just plain incredible, don’t know about you but I’m going to play a bit of poker! I leave you with a wonderful post by Glaize, so brilliantly done that I … well… speechless… This one has serious talent!

Thanks to all for another incredible week of keeping me sane and fit!


17 thoughts on “The Weekly Fruit Salad 04

  1. Thanks for the “kudo’s” sanityfound…….BTW you know my “circle” extends all the way to South Africa right? πŸ™‚

  2. Thanks for the ping! Coming from someone whose only choices of toothpaste consist of four products or SAND, I’m honored beyond words.
    Hang in there! Quitting smoking is… a drag?
    Something to consider: as a good fashionable European woman, I smoked two packs a day for 15 years. THEN I moved to the States and in order not to feel like a social outcast, I went to see a hypnotist. It took half an hour. I never smoked since that session AND never felt the need either. Unfrigginbelievable!

  3. You make us all laugh. I love how you bring the best of us together and connect us all with these posts. They are funny and witty and just plain good. Thank you for highlighting so many of mine. I am beyond honored.

    I read all that you suggest. If I don’t comment on people’s blog, then its just because either I don’t have anything great I can add or I am simply speechless. You are all so talented. Just adding my 2 cents.

  4. Thanks for the ping…means a lot…went to read all the other pings too…have a good week…trying to give up smoking but might just do the hypno thing too, bummer is I smoke less than 7 a day so i can’t use the gum or the patches because they make me fell ill…well done on quitting!

  5. Awww DM You are the sweetest!

    Nathalie gawd woman you are funny, think the only solution for me is to get away from using sand for toothpaste and move to the States!

    Amber Thanks you! 2 cents is always welcome and appreciated lol… Glad someone agrees with me, dang there are a lot of talented people out there – it floors me sometimes!

    Abroad I honestly didn’t know there was a limit to the patch thingiemabobs, mind you just between you and me I was smoking incredible amounts. I will have to tell you in a month if it was worth it, if hypno helps go for it sister, the alternative is hell!

  6. Thank you, SF, I am humbled *bows down*! You’re a wonderful friend to have. I love to read the links you provided. They really are good reads :)I will never miss your fruit salad. There are just so many wonderful people out there that brings light into my life…

  7. It is the same for me huns, your writing really is inspiring not only to me but so many others. Keep your light shining, for it makes our dark days brighter. Thanks you!

  8. Reeeeelax @mmo dear two other peeps have sorted me outs, bin truly whipped sheeeeesh Just thought it would be a good experiment is alls – I mean 6 days no smokes, wonder how one would taste now ya knows… experiment for medical purposes…

  9. Wow SanityFound, what a week this has truly been; and it came and went so fast! Thanks for the love – and again for the wonderful wrap up. PLL, CordieB.

  10. brilliantly done as always! you should be a journo, the way you pull eveything together. sorry i haven’t been around, been crazy sick, sore and busy! will pop in this weekend and give you a thorough going over πŸ™‚

  11. lmao nutter had a mouthful of coffee not good πŸ˜€ Thanks you always wanted to be a journo but was worried for the world because I am that loopy! Hope you are feeling better and its warmer up north – want some rain?

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