The low down on Joy

It has come to my attention that some of you may not know Joy so I thought I’d share with you some photos that I managed to get off various sources (can’t divulge they will keeeeel me).

I hold no responsibility, this is more for public security than anything else.


(Above) Joy can be seen sporting a beautiful dress, they went to the circus for the day, that innocent look? Oh, that was both the start and the end of it…


(Above) The big 10, there is only one candle showing because (well it is suspected) that she ate all the others. She was so quick no one knows what happened to them… we just continue to wonder… Alas just after this here photo was taken the cake landed up in my face – I am still planning serial payback in her direction!!!


(Above) Teenage years? She wasn’t seen much during the day, as you can see here sister Deeps snapped this sneaky photo of her passed out in the tree 3 miles from home…


(Above) Yeah, that’s her smoking, shocking really I know. She blames me as the bad influence, why I just don’t know!


(Above) Here she is posing for some or other ‘elo guy – this painting now hangs in the Tate Museum in London and has thousands upon thousands of people leaving flowers and chocolates in her honour (I am sooo proud of her phew)


(Above) The model years were a blast, perhaps you remember this one of her, it was on the cover of Vogue and the saucy Cosmopolitan


Ok so model years over (they chucked her out because she was complaining about the bananas that were off … yeah Naomi Campbell style I tell you!!!) Anyway’s, here she can be seen in the middle (Above) singing the Lord its Hard to Be Humble.

Since those years there have been many cover versions of the song, I suppose the most recent and “classy” one is the one seen here:

A chimp ponders what to do with its tool

Singing days over with Joy decided it was time to work on the now well known look of innocence. As you can see she had to practice long and hard… don’t know about you but *ahem* she might need to keep on practicing!

Ellies, Giraffes, Chimps and Gorillas 114

(above) Now this is one look she has down pat, yes it is a photo of me she is staring at… I believe it was during the time I was seconded to Africa for a tree hugging exercise. Isn’t she cutes!


Now, as you can see above, she just pulls this look every time she comes near me or my posts… *sniff sniff*

So folks, that is our sister Joy – please do not let her know that I have posted all these “secret bottom draw” photos of her – see she knows where I leeeeeev!

*runs to protect the cookies she stole from Amber*


Sorry folks I forgot to mention Joy’s cute kitty cat that she adopted, this sweety pie apparently just luuuuuuuurvs her nose… Anyways moving along swiftly here she is trying to train kitty to stay away from the one said nose attached to her face… (below)


Now Joy has been claiming that kitty is as innocent as she “is”… sorry, hate to break it to ya, an informant just sent these in… below is kitty’s brother enjoying a Guinness (good boy) and then there is kitty all passed out… I say no more… innocent? Yeah right!

image funny_1335

Awwws look at these two… yip poor kitty must have the mother of all hangovers after passing out like that…. eeeeeek watch the nose!!!


Oh and apparently this cutie needs witness protection… am starting to realise it is I that needs it. My informant tells me that the gun was being aimed at me… question is… how the informant got to get such an incriminating photo unless it was he that plotted….


I say no more… I am in hiding


28 thoughts on “The low down on Joy

  1. You are so f-ing bad. AWFUL!!! OMG, I’m laughing so damn hard!!!! Oh god, and you found out about my kitten!! Now she’ll have to go in the witness protection program!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Your bad!!!!!

  2. Joy dahlink, well remember its easy to inspire me lol and dangerarse at that!… see kitty made an appearance now tooz rofl omg this was so much fun! btw Amber helped so I can’t take all the credit *runs off to steal another cookie*

    Pray tell… did you have a mouthful of coffee when you read this??? *grins*

  3. @mmo thats why you wish you were a girl so you could have as much fun as us… dare you to try… do expozzzaay on anyone but me

    Joy erm yers soz erm Amber is really innocent and erm conservative? Yes yes no she is also very very seriarse I mean serious… phew – she’ll kill me for even mentioning her name, she helped with the singers πŸ˜€

  4. LOL…..All,

    All I can say is that its alll in the family….!!! And Joy, I never knew I could be soo brilliant in Photography…LMAO…!!!

    “SF” & “Innocent” are two contradicting words in the Oxford Dictionary…! It can be just a word in a dictionary that was never published and trust me that will be the Only word we find in there…! πŸ˜›

  5. Terima kasih Glaize – I am stuck with the Jahah I googled and googled but couldn’t find a meaning… are you confirming that I indeed have sanity?

    Deepika dost, shukriya now behave I will be doing many of these in the upcoming days/weeks/months don’t know about years mmm. As I get to know people I will do them…

    For the record “Deeps” and “Cute” are contradicting and yet not, she really does look cute with gum in her hair and banana on her chin *shrug*

    Vishesh careful you might become one yourself πŸ˜‰

  6. Oops! My bad, my bad really! That was s’pposed to be =] ahah~

    Oh well…nay, I’m confirming how addictive you are cause somehow I find myself coming back here again and again and again and again and…oh, you get the point!

  7. Joy is simply a joy. β€œsecret bottom draw” – I’ve got to get me one of those – lol. Is joy real? Is she yours? Well I suppose she belongs to all of us now – thanksf or sharing! PLL, CordieB

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