Big Bruffa DM Chimpin’ around

Ok so while I was busy flipping through the family albums looking for photos of Joy and Deeps I came across a few (just a few) of DM.


(above left) As you can see our big brother was a cutie pie right from birth, sources close to him tell me that he still is in the habit of putting his index finger into his mouth when he wants somethink… (above right) Ahhh the teenage years of misspent youth, not happy with just using a fishing rod, nooo DM had to try spear fishing with fish no bigger than your thumb. Between you and me though he got quite good at (please don’t tell him you know, please I beg you)



(left) Yip, that’s him all smarted out and driving away from the traffic officer he didn’t knock over having passed his driver’s test. Yes it is believed that he bribed them with a crate of Amber’s chocolate dipped strawberries… need I say more?


32693931961 file photo of Joey Bishop with one of the Marquis Chimps on The Joey Bishop Show.

(above left) Our man the wiz kid, yers he is well known amongst humans as the smartest chimp alive, at one stage he even appeared on TV. Here he is battling it out with a 9 year old sample human – of course he won don’t be silly, sheesh it was against a sample!!! (above right) Yes, then all hell broke loose, the sample human he played chess against had a human father and an adopted daughter who he just happened to eye.

3266318Gorilla at the Audubon Zoo in New Orleans, Louisiana.</p> <p>audubon zoo, zoo, captive, new orleans, louisiana, gorilla, anthropoid ape, ape, relax, sleep, lazy, funny, humorous

(above left) They were soon seen having royal tea parties and chimpin’ around like two kids in a zoo (very well behaved of course) … After that first Chimpsingtea supervised tea party though it was tickets for young DM, he was soon found lying under the summer sun, grass out of his mouth singing renditions of a certain love song… He can be seen singing on the left of sister Joy on the right (yes that is lipstick you see there) Below is a cover version recently done by some or other female chimp.


(above left) This boy had his priorities straight and soon as they could they got hitched at a small chapel. This photo I managed to get off one of my paparazzi sources who snapped this one of them holding hands while on honeymoon, awws don’t they look cutes! (notice his toes, yes I to suspect one to many pina-cool-aids) (above right) Yip and all in the space of just a few years… I am the proud Aunty of 6!

3263417 chimp32

(above left) Kids all produced DM and wifey decided to start a B&B in the country side taking in all sorts of wonderful people including rock stars and the likes there of. Yes, don’t be fooled by that innocent face, seen above right, he is quite the party animaaaal.

pankun Untitled-1

(above left) Ahhh with age our big bruffa has finally started to settle down (well he tries to make us think that in any case) and is now often seen walking his monster dog through the fields of Iowa (not Jima)… and yes he has been approached many times to model those dungarees sadly has declined due to his distaste of the media. Instead he purcharsed a pet pig called Winston and what with the high increase in fuel costs is now often seen catchin’ a wild ride into town.

That’s it folks, our brother DM, chimped with all smiles… the juice if you will. I now fear retribution and am still officially in hiding from the recent death threats received by sister Joy (*shivers*)

*hands out cookies*

BTW I am not only one to blame… just in case you thought I wasn’t my usual innocent self…



17 thoughts on “Big Bruffa DM Chimpin’ around

  1. *wonders who else would be in with you on such a dastardly harpoon on the wonderful character we call DM!!* *Looks around* Joy! Darn you!

  2. My, oh my! Who’s next in the family, ISF? This one turned the world. I think DM would love to have a brotherly talk with you =]

    Hush! ISF is still in hiding, you. I haven’t seen her around, have you?

  3. I just got home from work my little knuckle dragging sister and spotted your post. DM…Hummm I thought to myself when I read the title..that sounds too close to home ๐Ÿ™‚ then I clicked the link and it directed me to MY blog… don’t you know you’re not supposed to post family photo’s on the internet? I thought those were burned years ago. I love a good roast….BTW…I will get you back ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. BTW DM, I want to state clearly that I am not responsible for any of these shenanigans you see here today. It came from the grassy knoll……….

  5. DM these photos I secretly stole out of the album for years, little by little so you wouldn’t notice… *innocent smile*

    Please note though that the two comments above this one were in fact written by the contradiction of innocence. Do not be fooled by her puss-in-boot eyes nor her claims of innocence… innocent phah! Fruit loop

    Amber dahlink ROFL grassy knoll, right from the lions den – forgot to thank you for all your help with this one, you are a mega star! *grins*

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