The Weekly Fruit Salad 05

I am getting the impression that some of you believe that I am a cookie addict. So I will come clean with all of you. I may have a cookie in my mouth right now (yes chocolate chip) but by no means am I an addict. It is only my third for the day and it is 12pm so how can I be huh?

Thanks all for your support with my lifestyle change to non-smoker-me. Saw my cousins yesterday for the first time in years (my whole family practically lives overseas) and they were so funny – apparently I smell better now that I don’t smoke (thanks guys and there I was thinking its was my Givenchy Irresistible).

image Apologies if I come across more loopy than usual, it has been raining solidly for who knows how long now. Our Lego house is leaking, 10,000 20,000 in Cape Town are homeless and canoes/inflatable boats have been added to the available forms of transport… If you have a big yellow ball in the sky please send him in my direction even if it is just for half an hour… please I beg you! One has to laugh through the pain though, there is no other way… oh and before I forget, if you happen to spot Spud out tanning please thank him from me for reminding me of my distant memory of the sun. *sniff sniff* No seriarsely, I am once again glow in the dark, my tan has gone poof and I need to wear my sunglasses in the shower it is so bad!!! Hmmm maybe the secret will help?

Words are an important part of our lives and I realise that at times I do “speak” funny. Apologies, if at any time you don’t understand a word that I have twisted please shout (not too loudly as I am going deaf). I have come to accept the fact that I can be a total lexecutioner, cruel I know. Writing is merely thoughts right… so what does that say about my mind? (Yes I am expecting the jacket delivery shortly).

This week has definitely been an interesting one, I’ve even become an American-African after doing a quick test on the “culture”. Hope you all had a fantastic Independence day. Most of the “American” blogs had something worded about this day and what it meant to them, so many that I fear listing them all but one, perhaps because it is broader in nature and a subject closer to my heart… Impendence for the world – Thanks Hayden that really made my day.

image Do you guys realise that the latest note being printed in Zim is 50 billion? Imagine paying 30 million for a roll of toilet paper… hmmm… Our local cartoonists Madam & Eve released this the comic on the left today – true classic… yip time to face reality Boblet! (Click on the image to see it full screen)

Ok I didn’t mean to get all depressing, the state of Africa does get me down so when I get a chance to zip through Paris it brings big smiles to my face and lifts my mood beyond the soil I find my ass sitting on. Can anyone tell me if the world is getting any happier, please, someone???

Back to the topic of America, I must admit that I am in total shock. The land of the free and you only get 2 weeks imagevacation time a year??? Hello? Come again? Something is really wrong with this picture, seriarsely wrong… Even South Africa has more leave days, we get 3 weeks by law and then companies add more on… am shocked to say the least but then again we also legalized same sex marriages back in 2006. Guess it’s always a give and take, we have freedoms such as those but then we live behind bars *shrug*.

Virgo’s are pedantic (apparently) right but don’t bad manners irk everyone else as well? No am not being rude about all other star signs I promise. It is just that when I sit opposite someone who chews with his mouth open, food spitting out across the table in my direction, I get an intense need to hug a white bowl. Is it bad when a man just pushes past you to get through a door almost knocking you to your feet?? Or kids/adults/humans swear and show little respect, if not bully tactics? How about simple thank you’s and the word please? Am I the only one??? Hmm perhaps I am just a b.i.t.c.h. who needs some zen.

image Perhaps having manners has a lot to do with a persons upbringing or is it more to do with the fact that one has respect for others (including the proverbial environment). We often forget that showing respect builds relationships instead of breaking them down. Perhaps rude people (aerosols) weren’t cherished by parents, siblings or partners as kids or as adults – what do you think?

Life, love, friendships, relationships, humans really, all have their own rhythm. You and I may be similar but there will always be a few beats that differ. We often try to change it, map it, bend it but at the end of the day it is what it is and we get to choose to love it unconditionally and accept it/them or not. Once we have made the decision as to which we choose we then begin to beat a stronger rhythm, we are more in melody, happier. Sometimes it is perhaps more about what and who we make priority than anything else, perhaps it is self love before all others.

Deeps has finally accepted that she is touched in the head, you are truly special but perhaps it is just the fact that we have decided to remain kids forever… or perhaps not. I shan’t say to much with regards to what I think of her recent posts, she might get a big head.

Personally if Deeps was my kid I’d erm ok well… she is cute (brownie points?). Talking about kids though, the idea of having my own does scare me and who can blame me when one starts to think about what society is like these days. Then added to that is the question of whether you can party with them or not. I don’t know, it is just really scary, remember the manners part as well – just how much do you have to teach these sample humans???

Health yurgh ok it used to be when it was all those big words that I had to whip out my medical translator for, these days its way more easier with Amber’s Medical “Files”. Simple and easy to understand everyday thingiemabobs that make all the more sense and make me feel more intelligent medically speaking (yes I will still see a doc but these are good!)

That’s the last week for me, there have been sooooooo many good, amazing, excellent posts all of which I must thank you. You kept me in/sane and I hope you have a wikkid week ahead (Am still waiting for that photo of Joy, will pay)


11 thoughts on “The Weekly Fruit Salad 05

  1. The rain descends here. It must be raining all over the world (a song title methinks?) except in California, where they do need it in order to put out the fires.

  2. Yesterday it was sunny, today it’s rainy. Any sign that the yellow ball was passed on to you? Can’t believe another week has passed already! Thanks for the recommendations/insights.

  3. @mmo Yers those Californians have to be different sheesh first they have all the yummy cookies and then they steal our big yellow ball!!!

    Martha Thanks you but alas no … I think the Californians have it.

    Psych, thanks you, glad you enjoy it!

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