Verbal Tennis


Ever played?

It’s the only tennis I have ever managed to legally play.  I tried it back in the day and was not so politely requested not to continue for public safety reasons. Apparently the balls aren’t meant to soar through the air like canon balls, going over fences and then making neat holes in car windscreens.  Though this was what Wimbledon is all about!

Verbal Tennis is the lazy persons game, its one that all can play with no fear of straining a muscle or lifting a bicep.

How it works is very similar to the real deal, I hit a ball and you hit back except with this version anyone can hit and it can last for however long, eternally really.

This is banter at its best with no rules except for the one of no personal attacks.  You can lead it where ever you want just as long as it continues with the line that went before you.

It starts with:

I once met a man from mars…


19 thoughts on “Verbal Tennis

  1. [Ha! A bit of lag there . . . and what’s up with that picture! Is that dude on the left picking his nose?! I’ll take off from your comment . . . ]

    . . . I prefer something smaller, with turquoise sequins . . .

  2. cleared his throat and started singing “Ice Ice Baby” while Mumble….

    (OMG how embarrassing that I put that song down…heard it on an ‘oldies’ show on the radio the other night and it brought a smile to my face…such strange music)

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