The dangers of sleeping


Well it does indeed seem very dangerarse to catch forty winks and a couple of zzz’s.  I go sleep for a couple of hours and bam I have been chimped then go sleep again and boom another… No more sleep for me

OMG You guys are too funny!

A Picture of SanityFound Blogging

InSanity Found Proverb of the Month

I will leave you with a photo that I managed to get from sources I shall not name for sake of security.  Check out CordieB’s new wheels, must say I do like the two-tone paint job but apparently this model can be quite noisy while in motion and makes odd barking noises!  Beautiful wheels dahlink, beautiful!


Thanks guys you had me laughing so hard that I can barely walk due to pulled muscles!!! Classic!


7 thoughts on “The dangers of sleeping

  1. I simply love my new wheels. Lol. You guys are just tooooooo “dog on” funny! Boy do I ever have grace and balance! And such a nice bow, is that a bow? on my back! Love it. ha ha. Made my day! PLL, CordieB.

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