Askimet knows… good girl!

See!!! Askimet’s sex has finally been determined, she managed to stop someone trying to sneak across the front line with an alternative to Installing Husband Tech Support.

In all honestly ours is not Microsoft…


*pats Askimet on the head*


10 thoughts on “Askimet knows… good girl!

  1. Oh dear it looks like Boyfriend 5.0 has been fried, the coding is all mixed up. My professional opinion is that perhaps it is either the Happy Hour or Beer virus, will have to run a severe analysis on the system!

  2. Oh that is hysterical!!!!! ROFL!!!! Boyfriend 5.0 needs a reprogramming.. but Husband 1.0 needs to be scrapped all together! Maybe a more enhanced version of boyfriend 5.0. Kind of like when they tried to veer off the NT platform and go onto Windows 2000. Didn’t work. Maybe going back to the right platform from start ergo NT = XP? What do you think ladies?

  3. Amber, maybe Boyfriend 5.0 would more accurately be described as Windows ME? Perhaps a porting to the Mac would be more reliable so that he becomes a Boyfriend 10.5 (Leopard) or to Ubuntu Linux 8 (Hardy Heron)?

  4. ooo we like Ubuntu but got distracted by the word Heron for some strange reason. Least with Mac you don’t get viruses so does this mean that one would avoid the MIL trojan?

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