Weekly Fruit Salad 07

Whooohoooooo jeepers I am thinking perhaps I should take the numbers away because it is rather dating and well, we just don’t do that, totally not PC!

An incredible week it was in Cape Town, I have decided to concentrate on the weather it is more reliable than anything else except for my preferred News Announcer.  A full week of nothing but beautiful sunshine, it has been pure heaven which I can’t put into words, the weather couldn’t be more perfect for a Road Trip!

Beach observations and Restaurant Reviews while pondering about teenagers and cellphones, did we just raise a bunch of delinquents???

New Tricks, Connections and Batman comic strips distract from the beautiful harpooning of one said SanityFound while she slept (hmph) only to be put into the new Calendar.  Let me just say that they are very Optimistic in their Positive Thinking that I won’t serve payback with huge smiles.

To have or not to have (2), Truth in life is the fact that we can not Control anyone (let alone fix them) other than ourselves but even then, just how much control do we have over that All important decision, the one that in reality only we can make?  Life can get complicated sometimes, the pressure keeps adding up and soon we find that the speed of our blood flowing through our veins is faster than a nice new Lamborghini!

Everyone is feeling the pinch financially, the cost of living has gone up and no one country is immune or safe.  Options need to be looked at, our lives reassessed, scary times. Now, be it due to financial or circumstance, here is a list on how to be Homeless.  It has been printed out and handed out, it hasn’t gotten people thinking and talking (much to the author’s shock)… If I am ever homeless again I will definitely do most of those things.

Hard times sure know how to find us sometimes and so often they try to knock us off our feet but we continue to fight back and be educated by the lessons it teaches us. At the end of the day Spiritual Riddles are there to make sense of life and we just need to trust fellow humans that little bit more, perhaps reach out and touch another life without being asked, love, live.  We must never stop trying to break down those walls, trying to succeed or doing the impossible. Fight for what is ours and fight for the dreams we dream while the universe is still. What ever happens don’t keep it all bottled inside, don’t be scared to just let it go, let it all out and have a good cry.

Inspiration comes from the soul and from others, it is our choice whether we listen with the right ears.  Choose what you want to focus on, so often we waste time on the past that we are late for the future (and have no manners about it either!).  Hide behind that Gangsta name long enough and surely you will miss seeing the snowflakes in the desert sky.

When you can’t sleep or when we just need to take a break from the ordinary and take a trip to Paris in Ilegirl’s Diary of Wicked European Adventures or Nathalie with an H’s adventures (in/on???) the US Virgin Islands (Goat Water???). Play a bit of Ray Lamontagne and viola you are there with fresh martini’s are little cool umbrellas!

Monsters and the universe, aliens and humans, do you realise how lucky we are? What are we doing here on this here planet? I mean it what are we doing?

Ecology Graduates have nothing on my man Rush who I am soooo SO proud of.  CNN used some of his photos in a show on South Africa (still grinning Rush hun!).

Thanks for a fantastic week all, you kept me both insane and sane!


10 thoughts on “Weekly Fruit Salad 07

  1. You never cease to astound me how you manage to weave us all together in such a fun creative way. Kudos again girlfriend. I swear when they made you they broke the mold!

  2. Glaize aint it healthy! Glad you enjoyed!

    Amber Thanks you but its not hard to do when all of you write such incredible posts, seriously.

    Froggywoogie Thanks you, go read some of the posts, they are all excellent, there were so many thoughs phew

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