Hippy Happy Biffday Glaize!!!

From all of us here at Insanityville and surrounding villages a big big BIG Hippy Happy Biffday to you dear Glaize. I thought in honour of this big day I would pull out a few of the photos in the family photo album for all to see.

Come on it’s only fair considering that I have whipped out the albums on Deeps, Amber, Joy, DM and soon to be Cordie! … Yes, no one in reality is ever safe… give me the ammo and well *shrug* … and I am collecting for sure!

I thought I’d start with showing you a recent photo of dear Glaize, here she is trying to pull that innocent look… In all honesty she pulls it off well I mean who could say no to that face!!!???


(below left) When she was born she was so small that she could just wrap around a humans finger, her little eyeballs couldn’t even open up and no nappy would fit (yeah messy can tell ya!).

1299352_3126720a6e_m 3_baby-chimp-LEMSIP

(top right) Still in hospital, finally able to wear nappies! Here she can be seen cuddling her blankie… the rest of us in the family have always wondered what she was dreaming about, check the tongue hanging out!!! (below) Finally out of hospital and at home, she didn’t much like her cot and was often caught sneaking about the house looking for cookies. Got so bad at one stage that we had to hide them all, specially the chocolate chip ones!!!


(below left) Yip its pretty scary, we managed to catch the look on her face when she first spotted herself in a mirror. As you can see she was pretty shocked, scared and then petrified by the reflection. From that day onwards she has point blank refused to wear “hoodies” and refuses to allow others the grace of her presence if they are wearing one as well… they just scare her too too much!


(above right) Yip you got it right, hoodies out, dresses are now the name of the game, pity about the colour but hey, she’s strong willed and there was just no getting her out of orange! Mind you it did go with her nail polish that mother put on so guess it worked out. Least she didn’t try steal brother DM’s truck (also orange eeek).

cute-monkey Tinkerbell_Layla-251x159

(above left) Hmmm yes I know I did a double take as well, yes, that is little sister Glaize on the bike all kitted out with goggles and hat included! She drove around our streets for a bit until the cops dropped her back off again. Apparently drivers were veering off the road, some even into trees, with fright from seeing her vision of blue! Poor thing felt so bad for causing all those accidents that she decided to try be a fairy as you can see above right.

May 1987, Near Vallejo, California, USA --- A baby and a chimpanzee both wear leopard-pattern diapers for a special television program called cordell_in_banana_shirt-139x148

(top left) you know its scary when leopard skin comes out, for some reason it was quite popular with sample humans.  As you can see here they even started copying her!!! Shocking I know, I mean there I was thinking that that print was banned…hmm now that I think about it perhaps that is the reason it has been banned!

(top right) Lil sis aka Junior in her jarmers, yeah for some reason she and Deeps got all the special “treats” … hmph… lollipops at bed time, shocking really *shrug* guess its no wonder that she wakes up all dazed and confused (below left) or has been caught many times on the poker tables (below right)


The one thing all of you must know though is that the next photo she seriarsely doesn’t know I have in my possession and I fear for my short life if she finds out (she gets all wild when mad sheesh). When she thinks no one is looking she steals sister Amber’s superman outfit (yeah you heard right)


Who’s that on the right? Oh that is Captain Jack Sparrow of course! As you can see from the poor guys angle father didn’t much appreciate catching him climbing through Glaizes bedroom window so he kinda left on his ear… sorry Jack!!! (sexay ass we luff Jack Sparrow)

That my dear friends is a short bio on sister Glaize, I know, isn’t she just the cutest!!!

Below is a photo of her from earlier today, yip it was a fantabularse birthday party to which I just get emailed the photo, no invite, nada… Probably safer considering I am going back into witness protection!


Don’t tell her but brother DM stole her last piece of cake! heh


Here is a quick montage of all the videos of you in human costume…

Hippy Happy BIG 18 Biffday sweet Glaize!

May you have the most incrediblist of days and get spoilt absolutely rotten!

A song just for you from us!

SMALL PRINT: Don’t kill me kill them… I am never alone …


17 thoughts on “Hippy Happy Biffday Glaize!!!

  1. OMG what have you done, sista?! Now everyone knows how so adorably cute I am! *looks at baby photo* Aww lookie here, I’m soooo cute! I still got my blankie 😀 you guys tried to lock me in the cot! now you wouldn’t think I’d b good to stay in, right? and wasn’t it you who sneakily put those hoodies on me??? Bad you!

    me in blues…mommy kept my bike out of reach after the incident [=.=] hey, I’m a successful fairy, mind you 😀 *points to innocent photo* see…it’s proven!

    And wth! Sshhh! Now Amber’s gonna know why her superman outfit got holes in it back then…*looks around for cover, something might fly n hit her* Aww Jack was really sexay that day!

    I didn’t invite you cause Amber told me she’d bake me extra, special cookies – I know you’d want one *waves a cookie* So it was biggie brother DM who ate MY cake [o.0]!

    Aww, come lemme give you the biggest hugs in the world, dearest sista! Thank you so much! Hugs and kisses and I love yous! *smirks* yeah, I love you alright…*rubs hands together* Huh? What? Nay, I just feel cold *evil grin*

    Thanks, ISF! You made my day a lot insane than it already was – yup, I’m laughing and my tummy hurts. Mommy!!

  2. ROFLMAO just as long as you know dear Glaize that *rubs hands together* I was not the only one… hint hint

    Amber can I also have some cookies? purrty please *innocent smile*

    Glad you enjoyed it hunz, Happy Birthday! *huge birthday hug* It is an honour to “know” you in this lifetime, an honour! A/ISF

  3. Hippy Happy Biffday Glaize!!! Boy you were a beautiful baby! I should have known that; since you’re such a lovely, funny, intelligent woman! Hope you are having a super birthday! Peace, Light and Love CordieB.

    @InsanityFound. Thanks for being! You’re make us smile so often. Lova Ya Lil Sis! CordieB.

  4. Yers me tooz I also want some cake! Please with a cherry on tops 🙂

    Deeps meet your younger sister, I kept her secret from you in order to protect you both, apologies…

  5. Glaize, I don’t like the cherry topping cake…I just like the plain dripping full of melting chocolate cake….*takes the cherry and stuffs it up ISF’s nose*

    And even now, since ISF wants a cherry topping cake, I don’t want it all the more 😛

    Thanks ISF, nice meeting you on here glaize – finally I have my partner in crime aganist Big Martha 🙂

  6. Oh no what have I unleashed… a monster!!! Glaize be warned Deeps is a wild one. Deeps I have small nostrolies so cherry she not be fitting… (don’t go there where I just know you are going to go don’t do it) Nice weather?

  7. ISF, you got your cake with cherry toppings already? Don’t worry Deeps, will send you your chocolate cake 😀 Nice to meet you too, sis 😀

    Oooh ~ a monster? Deeps, she didn’t just said that right? She didn’t called us monsters right?

    Cheers to all!

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