A few News related Q’s…

FUNNY: A hot-air balloon shaped as Darth Vader from Star Wars takes part in the Quik Chek New Jersey Festival of Ballooning. (Mel Evans, AP)

Ok so I have pretty much had a real hearty laugh as I always do at our news, back to reading it again after a little sanity vacation.

‘A World That Stands as One’
Barack Obama addressed a crowd of 200 000 people in Berlin. Watch the video and read the speech.

Can someone please explain to me why it is acceptable that a political candidate from the States is doing speeches in foreign countries such as Germany.  I obviously don’t understand, did I miss something? Is Obama the new US President? Please in all honestly I would love someone to explain this to me as I don’t see the Presidential candidates from say France going around the world nor do I see the British candidates doing the same.  I am one confused blonde.  I am asking in all sincerity as I really would like to understand a bit more.

Cop held for car theft
A Johannesburg metro police officer has been arrested for being part of a vehicle theft syndicate that allegedly smuggled cars into foreign countries.

Who you going to call when they come for you? Call batman or the ghostbusters, doesn’t really matter because he will be out pretty soon.  Much like the Chief of Police crashing his swanky car while intoxicated saying “Im shot drrrrrrank I kin wilk strit linnnne” Yers we believe you as well.  Best yet? All on video, makes funniest home videos look like childs play!

Wallets come out for Zuma
Free State African National Congress members and guests have pledged nearly R1.5m for ANC President Jacob Zuma’s legal battles.

Let me just say that already the big guy in the judicial courts is in trouble for trying to “be super friendly” with the court judges involved in Zuma’s case where he is being tried for corruption/fraud/bribery (you choose).  Now the main political party ANC, which he is president of, is sponsoring his legal fees.  Is it only me that thinks this smacks of ahem interesting?

Bush widens Zim sanctions
US President George W Bush has signed an executive order to expand sanctions against individuals and organisations in Zimbabwe associated with President Robert Mugabe.

I was speaking to a Zimbabwean the other day, yeah I know there are still some alive, about these sanctions.  The general consensus is “Why are there no travel bans on Mugabe himself???”, a good question if you ask me.  Why are his bank accounts holding millions and billions not frozen? Why is he still living in such lush luxury while the people of Zim are suffering from the Sanctions? Perhaps it is my blondeness coming out again – yes I am brunette.

Can you imagine going to a shop and the shelves are bare? I am not talking about just one shop I am talking about all shops. Imagine not finding one loaf of bread to buy, milk, fruit juice, jam, toilet paper or washing powder… There is one place in Zim that has it all, there is a shopping centre on Mugabe’s street, they even sell diesel jeans and rolex watches, cakes and 30 different types of bread… imagine.

If anyone can answer these questions you will make my day.

Thank you

P.S. Thank you Cape Town for standing up against a sadistic raisin!

VIDEO: Protest against Qwelane
Watch as members of the gay community gathered in Cape Town to protest Jon Qwelane’s column.

I’m going back on news vacation


5 thoughts on “A few News related Q’s…

  1. In regards to your Obama question- he’s not doing so as a Presidential Candidate, he’s doing so along with two other Senators as a critical member of the Foreign Relations committee. It’s odd that you would bring it up, because some people feel that he’s too little focused on his work as a Senator and MAKING it too much about his presidential bid.

  2. I can answer one of these questions with no risk of being wrong: internal USA policies have a huge impact on the rest or the world (see the current financial crisis that is expanding around the world). Issues like Irak and the Middle East in general that affect the planet are mostly lead by the USA. This country is currently the most powerful one of the world. A candidate who is willing to hold its reins has to meet the leaders of the other countries which still have an impact on the world affairs.
    I think they should also meet some of the most influential African and Asian leaders.

  3. Thanks both of you, I don’t know much about the US political system in the sense of how it runs so I do find it fascinating. Interesting from both of your answers, they make sense…

  4. I think with the Obama question that it’s a matter of PR with him. I’m sick to death of hearing all this. I’m not sure what day it was , maybe Tues, it’s all the was on every single news channel. He doesn’t have a lot of experience and this is getting him a lot of coverage. McCain went over there (many times) and got no press coverage. A little blurb here and there. I think it may backfire on Obama though. People now are saying he did it “only” for the coverage.

    BTW, I feel all candidates should do this and he should have gone to Iraq and all those places but NOT for the reason he did it. He’s a little to “smooth” for me.

    How did you get me talking politics??? I NEVER do! I must still need more coffee!

  5. LOL believe it or not I don’t normally talk politics either… I swear it… promise! Actch its politics and religion, I do not get into discussions nor initiate these topics in person.

    Interesting spin on it for it is what our general population is feeling. We are getting a bit tired of US politics on our headlines instead of the real truth of what we should be trying to deal and sort out…

    Guess it is easier to focus on others problems than our own lol aye humans!

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