Weekly Fruit Salad 08

I am actually starting to think that perhaps it is better not to number any of these weekly update thingies that I call Fruit Salads. I mean each week that goes past that I add a number to is in effect dating myself. Age has suddenly become a bit of an issue, well only slight. Perhaps it is because I am soon to be turning a year older? Don’t know but don’t ask ok.

Why am I here? No funny yarns, go have a read here and you will know exactly why I am here not there, why it is that I blog… the why’s have been answered in full

This week instead of keeping my pants up I have been travelling to distant lands in my head transported with words and photos of glorious places and history. Join me in my heaven and have a read through Ilegirl’s recount of her trip to Europe (yeah ok I’m still jealous!): 2 July, 3 July, 4 July, 5 July, 6 July, 7 July, 8 July… to be continued… please (pretty please) Why Travel?

Ah her travels bring it all back to me, I remember things as I read through each post that goes before my eyes like a distant dream only to go “Ah back in the day“. Yeah I am that old! Time time time that word scares me recently, like I said just a moment ago… don’t ask! We take time for granted, we don’t remember that it is more how we soar than quack that counts. Sometimes I guess we just forget to live, we forget to experience each and everything fully, our senses are almost dulled by the same old familiar tune. Kick the butt into action and get a haircut, eat a lollipop and really savour the fizzy stuff in the middle, steal a flower from your neighbours garden… desire and live! Cut the snakes , live and be true!

Now there is one thing that I really can’t stand in life and that is when you are just starting to formulate your dream and an Asshat comes along and literally tries their level best to destroy the positive energy. Every time that happens it makes me want to go insane on their asses and tell them a little bit about counting their blessings and not polluting the universe with their lack of respect. Hmm perhaps they just wrote the book of Ignorance?

Through those rainy patches in our lives we get to realise our own identities but the one thing we mustn’t forget is the fact that it takes courage to be who we really are. It is far easier to morph into what society believes we should be than to just be ourselves.

Perhaps (I love that word) everyone is getting some or rather perhaps no one is? I don’t know and I am not going to answer that one either. Sex is the big topic of the week for sure from sleeping in the nude (which is sexy) to confusion within the relationship and the biggest sex organ… yip it gets even more interesting when you add this to the mix. Ok well don’t go all monster on me ok, I’m in Africa and poor.

I really should study some more but alas I am sitting here hmm. I wish we were born with unlimited knowledge but it isn’t the all powerful that we sometimes believe it to be. Our intellect will only get us so far, maybe we just need to be a different kind of student?

Guess there is a lot I’ve come to realise along with Amber, Glaize, Kwoneshe2 and soon to be YOU! (Yeah lazy tagging again I blame it on time wasting admiring Star Wars Art for I don’t watch TV though I hear that True Blood is good *shrug*)

To DM’s kids Angie, Katie, Rebekah and John… you have a dad we dream of having, hold on to him tight ok!

I’m off to go make a few phone calls on my new top of the range phone … ooo … it’s going to make so many jealous I just can’t wait to see their faces!!!

To all of you stuck in places of danger, extreme danger and craziness, be safe and hang in there!

Thanks again to everyone who writes anything, you carry us through, make us laugh, cry and just plain keep us sane!

May the words flow, my the sunlight shine

Dang … may I stop this addiction to cookies!


13 thoughts on “Weekly Fruit Salad 08

  1. had cookies but between Glaize, Amber and Deeps (yeah Cordie and Vanessa I know you were in it as well as you Dee) I don’t have any left… they seem to have all disappeared… noooo it was JOY!

  2. Oh ISF, you are too talented. These weekly wrap ups always bring much joy – I’m just thankful to be part of the fruit salad of life, love and laughter. You give so much of yourself and ask so little if anything in return. Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall inherit the Kindom of God. I’m praying that you reep some of your profound kindness in this life too dearest. I forsee you living and loving without fear or discomfort sometime in the not so distant future. As we sow, we reep; it’s high time for you to reep the love and kindness you’ve bestowed on so many lives. And so it will be. PLL, CordieB. Amen.

  3. Amber no hugs for me then huh??? huh huh punk? Sheesh

    Thanks both of you – Cordie, in all honesty I don’t quite know what to say, I am speechless for the kindness and sentiment. Glad you enjoyed the fruit salad!

    Whether it makes me insane, crazy or pathetic I will be no matter who or what tries to stop me. I will always give fully and I will never expect anything in return, i actually find it impossible to accept anything when it is done in return – does that make any sense?

    Argh just thinking out loud as always ta

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