Inspiration’s to me – The Meme

image How do these things find me I do not know (Thanks Deeps) but in any case they more often than not make me think or at the very least challenge my creativity in order to break the rules.  I love breaking the rules.  The problem comes in when a Meme doesn’t have any attached, just the one word…. Inspiration

What inspires me?

How can I break the rules?

Inspiration is everywhere, it is in the ground I walk on and the air I breathe, add a few cookies and a couple bottles of wine and we are A for Away.  In reality it is that and so so much more.

Today I came across a whole mass of glass in the road, obviously another break-in last night.  There they lay, little shards of glass in the street all sparkly and beautiful, perfect miniature diamonds.

As I passed by the pool of glass the light started hitting each shard differently letting off a kaleidoscope of mini rainbows in the air, it was beautiful to see.  What I noticed though was that some of the shards seemed not to shine at all shine, they were so broken and dirty that only the very faintest of glimmer reflected off the others appeared on their surface, some had no sparkle at all.

Those shards of glass, those little diamonds on the ground were once one pane of glass, they were once whole.  Had the sunlight hit the glass in it’s original state the rainbow it gave off would’ve been incredible not to mention bright, stronger.  You would be able to spot it’s prism of light from great distances, be able to see its beauty, be inspired by its clarity.

It takes more grains of sand than we can imagine to make a pane of glass.

If that pane of glass is shattered into millions of small pieces, those pieces then hold little fragments of light setting off prisms in the air.  They reflect off each other and as they do they start to build in intensity, they become brighter than before.  Depending on the angle you look at the pool of shattered glass you may even see a whole rainbow, all the fragments put together again.

The glass that gets caught first, the shards with the most dents and dirt, the ones that lie at the bottom of the heap are the same as those on top.  These shards didn’t necessarily have a choice in where they landed nor did they have a choice what dirt got thrown on them or how they were chipped, they just were. All it took for them to shine was a bit of reflection from the others, a bit of a polish and viola twinkle rainbows started to play around them.

Inspiration… all it takes is a bit of reflection of sunlight onto another who then in turn reflects it onto another.  The daisy chain of life, the daisy chain of light and inspiration.  Even those shards of glass towards the bottom of the pile, the dirty and weathered ones reflected light.  The more you reflect the more it bounces back, slowly building momentum until it is just one big mass of light and rainbows… of inspiration, warm and joy.

I was once that little shard of glass all dented and caked in a variety of mud and dirt, chipped and at the bottom.  I kept a low profile learning from everyone and being inspired, absorbing everyone’s light.  As the light started hitting me more and more dirt started to fall imageoff my soul, more light started to reflect of me and bounce back, I was able to absorb more.    I am still losing my mud encased exterior, my rainbow is but a small baby one but it is there because of bright shining shards that are around me, that surround me.

Each of these people and so many more are the rainbows in my life… Here is an introduction to rainbows that touch my simple shard of glass… they are in no order.  I have linked to them but my brain is tired from designing all day (no excuse I know) so I will slowly add the post links in as I start to breathe again (forgive me for I am slow lol…)

Deeps tagged me with this Meme and what you all may not know about this woman, my spiritual kid sister, is the fact that she is one of the bravest people I have ever known.  Her heart phew… Go read her Tribute to what must have been one of the scariest experiences imaginable or the Rules she lives by.  It’s all about believing and not always just the seeing.

Amber, one zany loopy woman with inspiration flowing through her veins and out of her pores.  (btw does anyone know if Dr House is real???) This woman has had me in stitches many a day till the tears roll down my cheeks, her wisdom and her insight along with her courage to face each day with a smile blows me away. Oh before I forget she is totally wows with the lyrics.. go check it out Thats why I’m here.

Joy is one crazy woman, no I am not kidding! Firstly I get immense pleasure out of making her spill her coffee down her chin.  Her sense of humour and her spunk for life puts the biggest smile on my face when I think it’s an impossibility, this woman does it!  She asks these daily Q’s that always get me thinking as well… miracle that!

Vanessa, another woman after my own soul, she also talks to animals in their language (phew).  Her stance on a labeless world and equality inspires me along with the fact that she stands up for what is right.  This woman is going places and has already been asked to speak at big workshops and the likes.

Glaize aka the youngest sister of my adopted tribe which grows at a steady speed. Old soul with a talent for words I rarely see, Glaize inspires me with her youthful spirit, her thirst for experience and life, her willingness to learn through living, wow.

Psychscribe inspires me with her openness and her courage to fight each and every day, lupus might get her on her back but she keeps on fighting it.  Laughter through the rain with smiles and interesting quotes.  She inspires me to keep going even when the shit hits the fan. (sorry there is no other way of saying it)

Martha inspires me with her strength to face life head on, a person who inspires others and has fought a long hard battle with grace and kindness.  (Hope you are feeling betters!!!).  She also has incredible taste in music!!!

Cordie‘s wisdom, her thoughts and spiritual riddles not to mention her photography coupled with her beautiful creativity blow me away each and everyday.  A woman with a big heart and an incredible soul who shines light, love and peace where ever she goes.  A wise soul.

Ilegirl brings a smile to my face with her witty posts and the fact that she steals chocolate coated strawberries (I know a good snitch)… Oh and she loves pink shoes and one day when I am lucky she will show me how not to kill a plant within 24 hours!

Pat aka w1kkp over at Single for a Reason with her quirky posts, incredible stories along with amazing photos and art never stop astounding me or blowing me away.  Pat please blow me to Japan… This woman has helped me many a day to lose a few kg’s off the ol’ fat stores and the tears have run from pure hysterics.  Hmm I should video the next time this happens so that you may believe me, dang she’s good!  She inspires my creativity and encourages me to look deeper into that side of life.

Hayden comes up with the most amazing concepts and thoughts putting them into words and creating a wonderland for the soul to pursue and explore.  A wise soul that is both down to earth and funky that inspires me to look deeper within – oh and she can throw her hips like me so all is good…

Enreal makes me think with her beautiful poetry and posts, they weave together like a multi-coloured tapestry right from the soul. I am still grateful for her forgiveness each day for the time I gave her a sex change and she became a him (not for long though!)

ThatDudeYouKnow & Holycheese for their wit and humour, TDYK and his debates, admittedly I just sit back and read and very rarely get involved in these heated things.  Stay safe you two!

Dee just scares me really, her sense of humour is very similar to mine even in the way she talks about people.  Another woman who knows hell and kicked it on its butt! Hats off to you Dee and please have another glass of wine for me (I beg you please please please!) … now you can’t refuse! Want to laugh? Go to Dee and laugh at the crazy ridiculousness of events that happen (stay insane woman do not let sanity get you)

Lindsey is most definitely going to be one of those bloggers that get published, actually probably most of these people I mention here are but this one phew. Her wisdom and thoughts sometimes blow me away and her knowledge on certain topics is informative.  Dig it!

Nathalie-with-an-H – sorry decided to hyphen for fun, if you want candy for your eyes, a giggle, a rolling around on the floor laugh or just intelligence then head over to her blog.  She inspires my creativity, she stokes the fires of what flows through my veins and she knows the truth about garlic being so healthy!!!

DM is the kind of guy that just melts your heart, he has the biggest heart and isn’t scared to show it either.  For a bit of Iowa and a bit of warmth in out of the rain then DM’s blog is the place to go.  He, which I haven’t told him yet, is one of the men that have given me faith that not all of them are aerosols.

That goes for Brit, @mmonyte , Robert-Meditations, Tysdaddy and Robert.  You give men a good name and coming from me that means a helova lot, thank you for what you do without even knowing it… seriously!

Symbolicgodzilla has been going through hell, no nice or easy way of putting it and I am blunt by nature.  Through it all he has shared each step of the process, the pain and the healing involved, everything.  His courage to do so inspires me each and every day when I check in on him. He reminds me that healing is breathing, that it is being open to admitting our rights and wrongs and not being scared to grow from them either.  I am still cheering you from the sidelines, just hang in there!

Visionary has just been missing in action, go have a read at what he wrote a couple of years ago… very inspiring and great thoughts along with interesting discussions… lets see if we can kick his butt back into blogging… please I miss him!

Angry African and Abroad, two South Africans and both as nuts as South Africans can be (sorry but its true), they both have an amazing sense of humour and talented beyond words with words.  AA’s weekly news updates are just true brilliance and not to be missed!

Amandzing another South African and a brilliant wordsmith, she blows me a way with her power.  Read one of her poems and from start to finish you are on an emotional roller coaster. She inspires me to write more and to smile, comrades if you will.

Vishesh is someone you would never believe just turned 17, an old soul with a pure talent with words. How you do it every day Vishesh I don’t know, what I do know is the fact that you inspire me to continue writing poetry, continue writing period.

Sorrow is not sorrow at all but rather a person with one of the biggest hearts I have ever met, her willingness to give inspires me everyday.  Never

Thank you all for my daily inspiration, at times you keep me alive at other times you give me exercise from laughing so hard, you just plain inspire me to be a better person, to be all I can be.

Thank you and yes now you are tagged but you can find the rules on Deeps blog – I never follow them


32 thoughts on “Inspiration’s to me – The Meme

  1. Abroad the honour is mine

    Joy Nucking Futs it has to be as my cat was called Cooking Fat…! As luck would have it that I am in your group!

    Dee… we are perhaps twins after all

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  3. Needless to say my friend… you are an inspiration to me as well… no worries about the sex change, it was harmless 😉
    Thank you again…

  4. You girl, are just an amazing testament to so much that I can’t even begin to write here. You have inspired me in so many ways, it is just incredible. In a sense, you have reminded me of what I love, writing. Thank you for that, from the bottom of my heart…….. MWAH!!!!!!!!!

  5. This was beautiful. Just beautiful. Playing with words like that. We should all stop a bit more and look. Look at the broken windows around us. And the rainbow that surround us.

    You are a rainbow. You have always been a rainbow. Others don’t give you light. You always had the light. It was just hidden from others. And from yourself. Sometimes people walk so fast they forget to look around and see the rainbow. Even the rainbow within.

    PS: That Abroad chick looks hot. Think I can ask her out on a date? You figured it out hey?

  6. ROFL yeah though I hear she’s english… careful it means she’s a wild rebel! Your summation of the rainbows and glass is beautiful, thank you for your kind words… ah we all are twinkly rainbows but one thing is for sure… you and english woman shine brightly!

    Thanks again!

  7. Who told on me? I didn’t steal the chocolate covered strawberries. It must have been someone else. Maybe it was the garden gnome. Yeah, it was the creepy little gnome!

  8. Two days later, I find out what you wrote about me. Typical. I’m such an idiot. So thank you so much.

    I do not know how you find the inspiration to be so nice to your peops in so many different ways. I’d probably say something like: You guys rock! and a list of blogs would follow. I’m humbled.

    Ps: I LOST it at the garlic truth! You rock! 😉

  9. Ok I’ve stopped laughing now phew – not an idiot I just didn’t announce it, never really do lol rock on hun, never stop rockin’

    Gawd how south african can I get *shivers* shoulda just left it at rock dangit!

  10. Miss me not darling for I am here 😉

    A very special friend of ours has had me in intensive rehab to knock myself into shape over a 3 month period in order to rededicate my life to what Im here to do.

    Of course being a male of the species I can only do one thing at a time so sadly my writing has suffered.

    This summer has been about cleaning out my closet so I have less baggage slowing me down and getting inthe way of my calling.

    I am now lean, bronzed, fit and healthy mentally and physically. The closet is nice and tidy and I will soon be back with a clearer mind and a more focused direction.

    Love you Hunny


  11. V!!! *does party dance* oh silent one I feared you had fallen off the edge of the earth and abducted by aliens! Am with you on the rehab and understand total, what must be done must be done. Hang in there and shout – you know where I am k
    Love you backs *grins* you banana!

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