Shower Lady & Cat

There’s a blogger that is definitely going to admit publicly that this post was dedicated to her by her comments that I just know are going to come…

How did this mini expozay happen?

Go have a read at this “How long do you shower?

Below you will find two items, one being her cat who is either banging her head against the wall in agony, passed out from stealing too many cookies or pretending not to hear…


Hear what?

Her singing…:


Lots of love ISF, Amber, Vanessa, Cordie, Deeps, Glaize, DM and the rest of the tribe!


12 thoughts on “Shower Lady & Cat

  1. HHmmm………….who could she be talking about ????

    That woman is singing MY song…I should sue!!!

    You are such a brat!!! OMG..ROFLMAO

  2. HAHAHA brat? I am one x innocent and sweet ask anyone and I am sure they will agree with ME! Vanessa in the house I am currently holed up in they don’t have a radio either and singing is frowned on so perhaps its safer lol

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