Weekly Fruit Salad – No Number

Yes I have decided not to put a number in because it just dates me, no not you, me! I am becoming paranoid perhaps it is the looming eek day, the one that I normally go in hiding for, not happy about this.  Anyway what a week indeed.  Thanks all for sharing the posts via Google Reader *bows* you are starballs for sure… you know who you are.

Every day is a winding road whether we are Flying the Farty Skies or Rocking the Rudy the Red Horse.  Sometimes things can get so busy that we forget to savour those little moments in life like enjoying a giant eclair with three forks, we forget to Just Say “Yes” to what life has to give us and enjoy The Sandpiper tweeting away on the Sign posts.

So often we believe we don’t deserve the good things life throws our way forgetting that there is a Time for Lessons and a time to just be happy, live and be free.  Happy being of course the fact that a Judge ruled cell phone contract termination fees illegal in CA! (jeepers I thought Africa was behind, no offence!!!). 

A lot of questions that go through our heads and often confusion reigns… I’m a Zebra. I’m white. I’m black. I’m scary. I’m bad? and all the while I Was Going to See Saint I’s for a nice cup of coffee (with a dash of whisky in).  Saint I tells me now that God doesn’t make ugly ducklings and the real truth is that I am NOT an abomination, relief beyond words.  The Saddest Thing I’ve Ever Learned though is that not everyone believes, not everyone showers either.

While out walking today I found myself humming a Ballad of a Blogger Finch wondering Within my mind if the aliens had visited Today.  I was too busy Reading cricket (and about why American sports suck).  Cricket is fine when one considers the amount of “sunblock” (aka beer) used but perhaps it becomes a bit of a handicap when Mobbed by Children.

Now while on the topic of sample humans the biggest thing for me is the idea of How I could Be a Better Mom,  it really scares me.  I suppose it isn’t as scary as trying to work out What A Man Wants! I mean is it a lover, a wife or both??? I believe you are really lucky when you have found that soul mate, the one that puts up with you and loves you because of your bad habits!

Ah the real question above all others is whether Shaving in “Private” fashion trend, healthy option or just plain sexy? Are there Differences Between Men and Women and what they prefer, never mind that, how they act or is it rather just hardwired? Oh while on the topic What’s up with the porno pose?

Adoption comes in all forms – and gives me faith that friends are more like my family, my real family.  The feeling that I have brings me a bit closer each day to believing that the world isn’t such a bad place even though I haven’t had a Starbucks in almost a year! Remember Everybody hurts but when you are open to having friends, when you are open to receiving their love, things get a bit easier.  I am talking from experience.

9 July 2008, 10 July 2008, 11 July 2008, 12 July 2008 all calendar dates filled with travel delights and treats… aaaaah going back in time to places past, dreaming the dream.  The Maryport Blues of crafting blogs and the real horrorscopes are all the Next Week’s News Today but the real kryptonite  is how to Decorate Your Home on the Cheap

All of that was brilliant, I mean it has been an awesome week of note but I think the best is what A-Broader View started.  She Revisited her Bucket List and morphed it into a F@#*%! List.  PersistentIllusion then took it further and it became far More Fun Than A Bucket List, it became the F@#*%! List Meme.  Now you know how they start because I then went on to do it and Kwoneshe2 did it as well – don’t be scared just do it because this is pure Inspiration!

Talking about inspiration everyone has been putting what inspires out them in true Meme fashion.  Deeps for some reason likes to tag me, either that or it was my guilty conscience, who knows because either way I really enjoyed this one.  I am proud to say that I wasn’t the only one in the end for it was passed on to Glaize, Vanessa, Kwoneshe2, Enreal and Vishesh – thank you all wow! (Cordie thinks I have forgotten, I haven’t…)

Just so you know, I may be quiet for a little bit (probably much to your relief) but I have been tagged with that 100! thing – apparently I must list 100 things, I have avoided this one since I started blogging almost a year ago (omg its a year next month!!!)

Thanks all for an incredible week, again I have been almost brought to my knees (ok I have many times) with laughter, wondered at the incredible insights and just amazed at how many brilliant people are out there.  Good Luck to brave woman moving to Australia via Hawaii – takes guts and I admire you!!! (Lara I am seriously doing pom poms for you!!!)

*if I have forgotten anyone apologies, I try to keep track of all the posts I really enjoyed.

** If you see anything you really enjoy please add me to your google reader and share it… Thanks again all that do this already!!!

… and remember to tell anyone who upsets you the word gOOfy – if you don’t understand that one then you don’t understand it… there are no explanations.


8 thoughts on “Weekly Fruit Salad – No Number

  1. Please don’t be quiet for long…life is not the same without the ramblings of sanityfound! good fruit salad you sommer make me feel like having some now!

  2. What’s up girl. Glad you had a super week – Mine was incredible too. I might not be cooresponding as much this week; G put me and my son out for the umpteenth time and last time; so I where I’m temporarly bording has no internet connection; although I will try to check in every so often from work. Peace, Light and Love, CordieB.

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