Ilegirl chimp on the loose

I have been begged left, right and centre to share a few photos on the mystery Ilegirl. I have been hesitant out of respect but when I saw this comment of hers I knew within my heart that the time had come to do a bit of unveiling.

It is only fair considering Moi, Glaize, Amber, DM, Deeps and Joy (trust me, this list is going to grow…).  Naturally of course there were a few that I snuck in there as well but those I shan’t mention for the time being.  So anyway I called the troops to get some more info on this illusive sister and of course some more photos.  Phew were they flying around! 

Moms and Popsicle sent through a few baby photos (below left and right), out of the hundreds in my inbox though these two were just adorable.  Look at the “faces” she’s pulling… it is no wonder that she always got the best cookies!

monkeyff Chimp-BeijingZooQT

It wasn’t long and she was found posing in various costumes – all well known brands and pretty colours.  I think her fairy days (below left) were her favourite and, if memory serves, they also lasted the longest!

Thankfully Christmas only came once a year, Ilegirl tried to pretend to be Santa so that she could get “first peak” at the wrapped presents (below right).  As you can see the parents caught her red handed literally with her hand in the cookie jar… I actually don’t think she knows that they caught her in the act – apparently she was toooo cute to go ape at her (yeah am still jealous ok, yes, I am in therapy)

normal_monkey_fairy rm2

Yip, one day while she was out we decided to get a third of her shoe collection together and take a photo. We tried to limit it to the pink ones just for now.  Shoe fetish? Naaaahhhh not at all! *ahem* sorry for that erm broken heel on the Jimmy Choo’s eek!


Shoe obsession, I mean fetish, accepted.  Studies were going well and to try and distract herself from her new man (below right) she took to reading the newspaper (below left) to keep on top of current affairs.  Now the problem as I see it, and please don’t let her know, is that the only way to keep on top of the news is to read the newspaper the right way around.  Yeah I know, poor thing!  But isn’t the man CUTE! Can’t blame her either!


Some say he was the cause of her second love (him of course being the first) of wine.  Her Starbucks purchases are said to have kept the state of California going financially to the point that Arnie got the big dogs to create a statue in her honour (below left).


When they realised she loved pink so much they decided to rather do a range of stylish handbags all in her favourite (above right).  These started selling like hot cakes.  Please note that due to their popularity they are now limited edition, if you spot one, grab it with both hands! Seriously! 

You thought I was joking didn’t you? Yers below left is her doing what is called a “loopy” dance in the office and yes that is pink she is wearing! (Relax she did get a pedicure after that photo was taken!)


Even when wearing red (top right) there must be a bit of pink in her surroundings or she is said to go a bit ape on those around.  She set this pink cake alight because “apparently” there wasn’t enough “pink”.  We are just so happy that she now wears colours other than that one!  That photo was taken while on a trip to … I forget sorry dang this winesia!


All in love her beau sent the most beautiful lyrics to her (top left).  It turned out that he had toiled for days, if not weeks, to write the perfect song to ask her to marry him.  How cute is that???  Yes, she jumped up and down, did a few of those twirly things in the air and said yes yes yes.  I managed to speak to some people that know some people that know some other people to get this sound clip of the song he sung to her…

With Ilegirl’s rep re the wine coupled with the knowledge that cats (below left) generally steal their owners fermented grape juice they decided to settle with a dog (below right).  Murphy’s law though the dog they chose thought it was a chimp and tried to swing from trees via tail… no it was not pretty and hence the cake bowl for a hat.  Poor thing is quite embarrassed and from the look on that face it was wishing it was the cat in the photo on the left!


All work and limited play, I spoke to a few of her colleagues and managed to get one of them to snap off the photo below left.  It was a FBI style operation, my apologies for the silhouette but they did risk their lives in getting it for us!  (below right) Here she can be seen playing with the numbers and forming codes out of goobledy gook, also a co-op photo.


Not all work (below left) and no play (below right), her company decided to do some charity work and they all went off to go visit some clowns.  She is all for the charity but by the look on her face she was totally unimpressed with the fact that he had selected PINK for his hairball! 


Oh before I forget, her recent trip to Europe? Yeah I managed to get a few of the censored photos that she tried to “hide”.  Anyway’s before I lose my courage, below left is one of her and hubby over in France after a romantic dinner, too cute!

(CHINA OUT) Two orangutans dressed as couple are part of a circus performance at the Chongqing Safari Park on July 1, 2007 in Chongqing Municipality, China. The park is home to 30,000 animals in 430 categories. Animal welfare advocates have become particularly active in promoting the rights of poultry, livestock, lab animals, zoo animals and pets that live under human care, according to state media.  (Photo by China Photos/Getty Images) 

Dinner at Chang thing restaurant (sorry I forget the full name PF Chang???) The manager of the restaurant snapped off the below photo for insurance purposes.  Apparently Amber thought a spot of tea on Ilegirls head would look fantastic… either that or she didn’t like the tableware.  “Ilegirl I hope you got her back” (sorry that was the managers 2 cents)


There you have it folks, Ilegirl in all her glory and splendour.  Please do NOT let her know that I have shared these uncovered photos with you, I fear her powers!  Ok perhaps it is just safer for me to go back into witness protection.

If you have any additional photos you think I can share please let me know with haste.


… I am never alone …


10 thoughts on “Ilegirl chimp on the loose

  1. You have got to be one of the funniest people I’ve ever (not)met!! LMAO!!! It’s so much more fun to laugh at someone else. Welcome to the “bunch” ilegirl…….*hands over cookie*

  2. Thank you kindly. Yum, chocolate chip – my fave!

    I do have to take exception to three things:
    1. No one, not even my husband, is allowed to touch my feet. Pedicures … the horror!
    2. Clowns frighten me. That was a sneaky imposter above. Check your sources!

  3. Ilegirl – what do you care, shoes is shoes… the more the better. She with the most pair wins remeber? lol! Plus, we missed out on Ilegirl’s true love – The happiest place on Earth!!!!

    another great chimping!!! woohoo!

  4. Joy, can I have that cookie, if its a chocolate chip one?

    and Sue is so right, SF is soooo obseesssed with her own breed!! Geesh!

    LOL Ilegirl you are soo chimped! 🙂

  5. Awww you chimped Ilegirl just like you did to the rest of us – and it’s sooooo cute!!

    Her beau sang her a song for proposal? Now who can beat that?

    🙂 *hugs to all*

  6. I am in witness protection but am glad you all enjoyed *grins*

    Joy I need the low down on Sue for that comment of hers *grins again*

    Sue… *gloves off*

    Ilegirl … dang I tried to distract you with the Jimmys from the ones I really broke eek *begs forgiveness* … finally someone who doesn’t like clowns either yes I did suspect that photo but mom and pops said it was a genuine article – who was I to not believe them huh?

    Amber I forgot Starbucks on purpose but did change it now – good thinking batwoman… see I MISS Starbucks because I LOVE them but they are not here with me nows… *sniff SNIFF*

    Deeps you are so lucky that you have been chimped already… so very lucky… oi vey stealing cookies yet again go eat a mcdonalds or something sheesh

    Glaize hun you should see who is next I have semi chimped her already but we’ll see

    Thanks all for your help, Ilegirl… they are ALL to blame, I only put all their hard work together… promise

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