F/H: Cool T-Shirts (PG18)

I honestly think that if some of these t-shirts came in pink I’d buy them… some of them are that good!

[Joy there is a special one just for you]

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Other Friday Funnies : 

a-broader view with Aging With Grace Part 1 

a-broader view with Aging with grace II

If you posted something funny let me know!


23 thoughts on “F/H: Cool T-Shirts (PG18)

  1. Oh so funny…ROFL! I will post a picture of Hubby’s t-shirt over the weekend some time. In the mean time I put some cartoons up – go look!
    Have a great weekend SF – 🙂

  2. These are great! I just sent the procrastination one to my niece and nephews. Plus, I just posted about spud’s thick ankles and how she can’t go to the olympics.

  3. These are great! I dig Jon Stewart too. Wish there was a Stephen Cobert one, though.

    My favorite one: ‘Can’t Feed Em? Don’t Breed Em.’ It’s just wrong, so very, very wrong. 🙂

  4. Pat am thinking about that spud with thick ankles a great spoof to be had there somewhere just got to get my creative boots on (if they fit over the ankles)

    Nathalie Now that is an idea, these T’s are big over here seen as people generally don’t wear anything else, other than pants of course (mind you that is rare as well). Will look into it thanks for the idea!

    Lindsey *grins* you know me too well but always remember I am the innocent one!

    Ilegirl we can organise Stephen! Seriously I will stamp it out and send you the graphic file then you go get it printed, we can make a fortune with that one! 😀

  5. And of course the cow can be the milk’s father. There are male cows that aren’t bulls. They are very few, on the verge of extinction, really. And they only exist on t-shirts and cartoons, but they do exist.

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