Join the World Family of Choice

imageSound like a cult?

It isn’t one I swear it

Ok I was busy doing the fruit salad, one thing led to another and my imagination took hold (yes during dinner).   

There are a lot of you that read my blog that read AmberMoon as well.  A recent post of hers “I have learned I have nothing to lose…” broke a lot of our hearts. 

From personal experience and am sure a lot of you have experienced our family is unfortunately not chosen by us.  These people that are related to us via DNA really are a mystery and there comes a time when we have to say “enough is enough”.

On the comments section a few people have offered themselves up for adoption which is both amazing, incredible and well yeah [fill in blank].  So far she has a younger brother in Israel, a South African sister, a South African brother (still researching older or younger…) and a younger sister in the same country. 

Beautiful yes? In the space of one day she has two sisters and three brothers.  Now it got me to thinking, what if we created an even bigger family.  I’m talking people from all over the world joining the family.

If you want to join the family and get adopted just state the following in a comment:

Where you are from: City, Province/State, Country.

Are you a brother or a sister

No ages required due to the fact that most siblings forget the actual birth year of the “others” … If you want to state that you are younger or older then your median is August 1967… your choice.

The bigger the better so lets get this family growing… the one we choose!



19 thoughts on “Join the World Family of Choice

  1. Amber, will you take a South African for a sister? Am younger, cuter and temporarily reside Cape Town, South Africa. We have pet lions? Will a Zebra sway you? Giraffe?

    Now am hungry for berry pies dang 🙂

  2. Prepare 1 more slot for me to fit in 😀 AH, let’s see, I wanna be a younger sister from Borneo (mmm orangutans), M’sia.

    I’ll be wacky, I promise 😀

  3. Heyheyhey! People! We can’t just “jump in” and become a family like that. We need to know each other. Alright, I’m already a part of this. Now, I think we need to make a family IRL union. (I’d say “reunion”, but we’ve never actually met each other IRL yet, so it’s a “union”).
    I say we all meet at the center of the world – Jerusalem. All aboard? We’ll all meet at the Jaffa gate of the Old City in Jerusalem at 10:00 AM on Sunday, August 24th. If anyone need help how to get there from the airport, let me know.

  4. Yipeeeee…here I come, I am going to be the Youngest of the lot from a multi cultured space on earth called India. I am very cute, very nice, complete angelic and intelligence just flows 😛

    I have all the possible curries of the world and so many traditions that I dont even follow my own 🙂 Wat say, bet now I am going to be up for grabs!

  5. Amber see it is Glaize that sends the hair monkey NOT me!!! Whoohooo phew

    Kwoneshe2 how cool is that!!!

    TDYK *ahem* “I say we all meet at the center of the world – Jerusalem” rofl am on next plane outta here!!! the mere mention of Jaffa makes me think of Jaffa cakes and my tummy starts grumbling, not nice of you at all. Add to that the fact you give everyone else cookies but me I am in a sulk nows!!!

    Deeps huns buns erm you be older now Glaize she be younger but you are def cute in a strangle kind of way. Hows the brussel sprouts I shipped to you???

    Joy how did the Vikings fair??? [am organising shipment of cat dresses, should be leaving shortly]

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