Weekly Fruit Salad – Número Dez

imageNúmero Dez? Number 10 in Portuguese but I have strangely gone off numbers so I am now using foreign languages, softens them up a bit.  No, I do not have a condition, perhaps, but no. I am trying to Age With Grace and then some!

I am no small town girl but don’t you think it’s odd how big events bring out the strangeness in people.  I mean look at the guy on the right isn’t he just Hilarious… *ahem* right ok I just sooo have to get me a pair of those glasses!!! Ok, I’ll admit its the hair that I want, come on, you can’t blame me surely!  I sure hope the guy doesn’t have Thick Ankles, wait, is it only the females? I am honestly surprised that they let Team Darfur through the borders, this isn’t a political piece so I will now keep mute on the subject.

Ok you tell me now, take a look at the photo up there AFTER reading “Thick Ankles” and let me know if you agree with what I think he is really saying… This is what I think is going on: “OH MY GOSH what do you mean … I AM A WOMAN????” or perhaps that is a woman up there going “I do NOT have THICK ANKLES you BLEEEEEEEP!!!!” then clobbers the police officer with a walking stick. What do you think’s going on up there?

The one thing that can be said about the Olympics though is the fact that it has given people the confidence to Voice the issues currently found in the world. All said and done I just wish we could finally get some decent coverage of The Olympics for Politicians.  Apparently according to the help line it is not them it is me, I don’t speak parcal-tongue see! While on that topic, perhaps there should be a new talent show called Liar Liar Pants on Fire to premiere at the same time as O4P? Ah Cheating spouses and louses are pretty much the Dark Knight’s in the White House I guess.

Am I Stereotyping when I made that statement? The mere word Stereotypes, gets on my nerves, not without its Reasons And Emotions though.  Muslims & Christians, people are always Second guessing each other and it makes me beyond sad.  I am because you are, As One, equal, we can solve so many of the world problems.  What’s a miracle? the fact that perhaps I think it is possible? No, there are miracles everywhere we just choose not to see them.  Perhaps we all need to take a little walk Inside the mind of Juliette Binoche.

When Life Hands You Lemons with a Fear of a Falafel Planet what would you choose… Would you Vote John Obama! Down with Barack McCain or do you go around calling them The dinosaur and the black dude? With US politics I don’t know, I am one of the Lost Ones there but over all I’ll make some fresh lemonade *yum*

Ok perhaps I have gone all political, am quite worried perhaps I should just write A Letter from the Queen to the Americans and do a bit of soul SearchingTalking people into things, creating different Illusions with their spinning Master of Meanings all get a bit much for me sometimes… can you tell that I’ve read too much news?

Perhaps we should all rather just start asking those Awkward Questions, start coming up with ways to solve the world’s starvation problems and how to get simple things to the real people.  Not the fluff that beefs up political egos. We, you and I, have it within us to do great things, we have more power than we realise.  Anyways yes, He’s Fierce, He’s Flamboyant, He’s Attack Chihuahua, oops sorry I mean he is the presidentoss who is in real life a slight Ostrich if you ask me. Enough politics? Hah!

WAIT!!!!! seriously wait… Whatcha lookin for? seriously now, the moon? Mental treats? Another dose of Photoshop? a bit of this and a bit of that? Have any of you gone and checked out the search terms used to find your space? Go have a look, I just found one “straightjacket sex” and I am quite perturbed.  Now finally people will believe my innocence! Sin matters but I just don’t know, that to me sounds like a biggie.

This week has been a really good week in the blogo world with many incredible posts.  Please note that this “good” sentiment does not include or come close to including the biggest zit you have ever seen that perched on the end of my nose this morning.  No, there are no and will be no photos of this beautilishous bump.  I now find myself staring at it in the mirror shouting “BE HEALED! BE HEALED!” … so far it has not worked so I just say F@#*%! hibernation it is.

Phew, Don’t We All just love listening to the Blues while the Winds of August play with our hair making knots chewing gum would be proud of… Guess it wouldn’t make the The African Future Times or be placed on Billboard’s but have you heard of the Secret Lives of Husbands? Sometimes men think we women are gifted in reading minds, can you believe it! What is my “hidden gift”? “Yes darling I can read your mind and I know exactly what you want” Men that think us woman are mind readers sheesh!

Look I will admit I Am Not Fond of Buses but Parents who Teach their kids to mentor are probably tops in my books.  Education and passing on the spirit of knowledge are probably one of the most important lessons that we all have in our power to give to the younger generations. Two questions, do you teach your child to Just Say “Thank You” and then How young is too young for sex? Hey it’s a good question and I have a gift for shocking people, I think I’m going to be one of those scary parents, yip nothing calm about me!

Well Alrighty Then we’ve had letters to America from the Queen time to write some Letters to God, call it a life saving mission for my possible future kids. Honestly now, can you imagine me having sample SanityFounds??? What is worse is the idea of me having to bake a cake, I always fail at them, plonk down they sink right in the middle.  Mind you that is always perfect for the caramel… alas I digress…  Ironically just after thinking about this very thing a headline flashed across my screen “Do not have children” There ya go, it is just me saving the nation.

Families are strange things, Sister’s a joy, brothers a pain but the one we choose is the one to roll with, personally anyway.  I’m just so glad that there are always those bribe “shots” that get placed into the albums (or rather not) that can be pulled out and dusted off at all the right moments.  Sound like Tough Love? maybe it is the kindest love of all, perhaps it isn’t, either way for some it is just about Love or Money not much of the “and”. At the end of the day I believe it should be Sugar Daddy And His Girls, laughter, smiles and real family vibe.

On average each week I link in about 70 blog posts from about 30 to 40 different blogs, it may seem like I am nuts but I am not, I have google reader see.  There are a few of you that do as well, you read a post, like it, click share and it goes into the salad.  Thank you for all your help, I think it’s impossible to read every blog considering that there are millions. Yes, I know Heroes Are Everywhere but I am still working on my superhuman powers.  Phew the Beer Pressure!

Recommended posts always help.  On average though my reader has 90 RSS feeds, now that is scary.  Please bear in mind I am an insomniac before passing judgement on my sanity levels (low).  If you don’t use Google Reader and want to know how it all works let me know, don’t mind.  If you do use it and want to start sharing drop me a mail and we’ll link.

I am now going to start dreaming of my Dream Home or better yet Heavenly Shoes with the a few chuckle’s here and there, yes I Could definitely Get Used to This… ah it’s all a part of Life’s secrets… tips to living a good life..

I’m sorry, so sorry, this post is “off” schedule, I have been a bit snowed under with things.  I am grateful that mad Eric is doing GREAT and thanks to all of you Always Giving Never Asking Back, the unconditional sharing and caring that you all give/do for each other warms my heart each day.  Sounds soppy, perhaps it is soppy, lets just say it’s refreshing to see.  Perhaps we will all meet up in the middle of the earth as TDYK suggested (no biltong there though)

Why do you blog? or perhaps Why do you read blogs? This week something incredible happened, some arb person happened upon a blog and went on to create a facebook group.  That group is now in the thousands, one person writing a simple blog post, one person finding it, reading it, changing lives.  Go check it out, hats off to AngryAfrican!

Each day you write something, each day you read something, you are changing lives.  No pressure, just know that even if it is just a simple vent someone out there feels it, recognises it and it helps. Laughs, pain, happiness, thoughts, philosophy, you name it… you’re all part of the Daisy chain of inspiration.  Keep going, never stop!

Now I am going to write a letter to myself entitled “Dear Me In 1973” and it will go on to say “you will meet strange people, have a massive huge geyenormARSE zit on your nose and thick ankles will be bad bad bad NEWS!”  Oh wait perhaps it is just 1983 All Over Again!

Cheers guys, girls, dogs, cats, samples – a great week had by all! and if not a great one … fantastic faking till you make it!


22 thoughts on “Weekly Fruit Salad – Número Dez

  1. Bloody hell. You never stop to amaze me. How you make sense of it all. The one place to come each week to catch up with what is happening in the blogosphere. Thanks for that. It helps lazy bastards like me from doing any actual work.

  2. AngryAfrican got to multi-task ol’ boy lol! Glad you enjoy them – this one was admittedly a bit loopy with out the juice, perhaps that is why!

    Froggywoogie Thanks you, erm this one took me about 3 hours collectively. Normally it goes a lot faster, around 1 to 2 hours, specially now that I use Safari. I enjoy the challenge and the creativity of it. Each week I get to prove I am insane see!

  3. Kwoneshe2 It really helps when you have such amazing bloggers!

    A Broad Thanks hun am speechless

    Lindsey Ooooo Sprinkles, we love sprinkles!!!

    Amber I now anoint you a New Zealander… kiwi you are hence forth no more bananas for you lol

    Glaize there really are a few good fruits out there!

    Vanessa dankie skat – thanks hun!

    Headcracker thanks you and I just love the umlatted u for it is in my surname how corny am I

    Hayden yers thankfully they do not write as much as me, some only once a month.

    TDYK you must write more…

    Thanks all, I really am surprised and thankful that you all enjoyed it so much!

  4. PoltiPornster “I’m the bacon bits of the salad of life” pure brilliance and that you are!

    Nathalie I was saving those boobs for the next one, it was too brilliant! Least I know what hooters is now holy crap were those all real??? Got to get my ironing board sorted out once and for all now!

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