100 Things Past, Present & Future

  1. I have sat with this Meme for a total of 96 days
  2. I am currently living in Cape Town, South Africa
  3. This is not my home, never was, never will be
  4. My first flight alone was at the age of 3
  5. My first flight as illegal pilot was at the age of 19
  6. I plan on flying out of RSA
  7. In order to get out I am selling all my furniture that is currently in storage.
  8. If you are looking for a double bed, washing machine, wind machine (not the dog I promise) or other little things, let me know.
  9. Sorry this does not include the kitchen sink
  10. It does include my TV, Hi-fi and Microwave
  11. I do not ship these things internationally only my body.
  12. All practically unused
  13. Unused because I used to work 16 hours, play for 4 and then sleep for the other 4.
  14. Think what you will
  15. No my body is not for sale, possibly in the future.
  16. I have received 3 Marriage proposals in the last 12 months, I turned each one of them down due to the fact that I will not marry for a visa.
  17. People say I am crazy for turning them down
  18. I don’t care if they do, I quite like my insanity and I have just managed to break in the straight jacket.
  19. I am currently doing a 600 page website (don’t say it, don’t do it, I don’t want to hear it).
  20. Graphic design as well in order to make enough money
  21. With the money I make through the sale of everything and the site I plan on buying a ticket out of here
  22. I am shit scared because I have no where to go and I don’t know if I have enough to get anywhere but I am determined
  23. I am hoping that I can teach with my TEFL (I have no peach impeppermint I shwear)
  24. That was the 2nd glass of wine talking not me
  25. Imaginary 2nd, this house is alcohol free for me
  26. One sip and I am told that I am an alcoholic
  27. I come from alcoholic stock, one sip is an automatic branding
  28. I love fermented grape juice for its essential vitamins and minerals
  29. It is almost two months now that I think about it since I really smoked full on… *partay dance*
  30. I deny all cheats
  31. I love cookies, no one believes me that I can bake them… ok they are normally really crunchy and odd shades of black
  32. They are home made charcoal with which I draw
  33. Charcoal and ink are my favourite mediums in which to draw and paint though I never do.
  34. Our secret, thanks
  35. I have been hired by a friend to do photography at her wedding.
  36. Payment is food apparently and I have never done a wedding before, I don’t mind I love food
  37. How this happened I have no clue. I believe her words were “SF your photos are sooo amazing please be our photographer”
  38. She’s cheap and she was lying, she knew she had me on food but had to seal deals.
  39. Its only 30 and I am craving a smoke huh where’d that come from!
  40. Oh, perhaps the number *shrug*
  41. At the age of 20 I smoked 40 a day, I claimed it to be because I only ever slept 3 hours
  42. I still only sleep between 3 and 5 hours every night
  43. My name means Nobel Strength, my second name means Nobel Grace, my surname means Barman or Innkeeper
  44. It is too poetic to translate for you the true meaning of all of that together.  Perhaps its only in my head.
  45. I am studying TEFL as a back up plan to help get my butt overseas
  46. The course finishes on 29 September
  47. I have lots more to study but can’t during the evening so I sit here like kwoneshe2 (hah soz just had to say it so don’t feel so alone!)
  48. I got sidetracked, country options, right…
  49. Britain doesn’t want me because I am South African
  50. They don’t like South Africans anymore because our Home Affairs department was caught selling passports to the Pakistani’s
  51. Europe, It is the same with those Europeans, South Africans are now the devils spawn, forget Microsoft, we’re bad news
  52. South America, I don’t need a visa there, how cool is that! My Portuguese and Spanish though are absolutely shocking
  53. I can swear like a true Italian though
  54. That doesn’t count though
  55. I can swear in Italian, Afrikaans, Hindi, Swahili, German and Arabic
  56. I deny the ability to do so in French
  57. I very rarely swear in English when spoken
  58. I can imitate accents really well
  59. I do this without thinking
  60. If I talk to you and you talk differently I chameleon you, always have done
  61. Jokes aside I plan on making tracks a year to date since my last move went down
  62. October 2008 if not sooner.
  63. I have made a few very important decisions in the last year
  64. I will never again give up my independence to make another person happy
  65. I will never allow someone to guilt trip me into doing something either
  66. I will continue to speak up when I see injustice happen no matter what the consequences are, wrong is wrong.
  67. I will not baby those in my life who get jealous or show envy, if you are jealous of me deal with it and don’t make your problems mine, I am tired of hiding or changing my ways so that others aren’t “offended”
  68. Got sidetracked again
  69. I don’t have ADD but I can add though I love irritating 6 year olds with “2+2=5”
  70. They laugh at me saying that I am a dumb old person and there is no ways I can be an adult if I get THAT wrong
  71. I agree with them and get extra piece of cake because I am a giant kid
  72. Ok not that giant
  73. Back on track
  74. Another option is the USA although their entrance requirements are scary
  75. Again South Africans are now classed as dodgy
  76. Now… what am I talking about, 2 months ago they removed Nelson Mandela from their terrorist watch list
  77. The world doesn’t want me but I want the world
  78. I can’t meditate while dogs fart
  79. I have a younger brother
  80. An older brother
  81. Older sister
  82. I doubt any of them know that I used to look like a man from training 5 hours a day in a swimming pool as well as on a hockey field
  83. I looked like a MAN
  84. I was on a carb diet that killed my desire for carbs
  85. I adore jackets and have many
  86. Potatoes in jackets as well – long as they are washed first
  87. I am thinking of selling a few of them, they are limited editions see
  88. I love boots, high boots.
  89. I own a pair of boots that were made before I was born
  90. I ALWAYS put the sugar into the cup first
  91. I ALWAYS put the milk in second
  92. Then the instant coffee (when being lazy/not allowed near machine/too dangerarse)
  93. The water normally always goes either on my toes first or when I remember to stand back from the counter, the floor.
  94. There are some people in my life that, if given the choice to live my life over again and told that I had to go through each moment again in order to meet them, I would in a heart beat.
  95. I hate learning from a book, I prefer learning from others and from random knowledge, my best course so far has been life.
  96. I adore Winnie the Pooh because he has more wisdom than people give him credit for
  97. He is yellow and people still love him
  98. He is clumsy and people still love him
  99. He is chubby and people still love him
  100. If you got to this point it is you that needs the straightjacket, please take a number and the dealers will be with you shortly for a fitting and colour choice.

25 thoughts on “100 Things Past, Present & Future

  1. Cool – I’m like PI, I do smell change. So exciting. You said, “I will never again give up my independence to make another person happy” I can’t agree with you more. 2+2=8 I swear. Straight jacket me baby – when I first started reading and saw there were a hundred, I was like wtf, let me start scanning. Then I started reading and enjoyed each and every 100th detail, including the sidetracks. I’m very disappointd that you did not include the moon though; the moon is saddened that you forgot about him; your number one drinking partner (lol). Peace, Light and Love. . . CordieB. (PS. may not talk much until Monday, still no home internet connection)

  2. lol 🙂

    “I am currently doing a 600 page website ”

    what is it on,what for ? 😉

    “# Now… what am I talking about, 2 months ago they removed Nelson Mandela from their terrorist watch list”

    I agree they are dumb…

  3. very interesting list. enjoy the insanity, it’s what that makes us different from the others. by the way, one straight jacket please. i long for one.

  4. Froggywoogie aye what can we do, I think other people just need to accept it lol

    @mmo it is most definitely 5, hmm 11 you say? perhaps perhaps

    Hayden *grins* you betcha!

    Cordie The moon said it was fine for he is getting his own post, just you wait and see (besides he mixed up the glasses last night and ended up drinking both of ours the sneaky barsteward!) 2+2= 8 you say? Hmm ok so now we have 5, 8 and 11… need more wine to ponder that einstein equation! Funny bean you are!

    Glaize I was once a secret admirer of Winnie the Pooh now people just point at my slippers and start laughing… they’re HUGE and are winnie the pooh bears!

    Vishesh the website is a tourism and travel website, they cover the world so it is expansive lol. Re the Mandela thing – I actually have been wondering how come Bob Mugabe can travel so freely.

    Spillay That is excluding the proposals I got in airport smoking rooms – that is a post all on its own.

    Iamvivian welcome to my insanity, yip it is way better being insane – sanity is so boring tbh and I get bored easily!

    Abroad Thanks you ooo I await the list! Ta for that offer I will sort it out and forward Thanks you!!! Viva la freedom (not the product)

    Donstuff lmao you! you know …. hmm pasta, we love pasta!

    *hands out straightjackets in all the sizes and colours* <– they’re new so just remember to break them in a bit ok

  5. Vishesh sadly they have money, if you have that you can move around apparently

    Froggywoogie ROFL alas it is the only way I run… remember here in Africa we run with the lions *grins*

    @mmo for a moment there I thought it was binary lol, ternary is way cooler!

  6. This is great! You really are on your way! (Don’t tell anybody I was here. I’m supposed to be packing and keep telling people I’m too busy to see them.)

  7. wow! This is patience…typing out 100 things!! Well, I guess I need a straight jacket too 🙂 have been told that, I now probably have proved it :))

  8. Martha I feel honoured! How is that packing going huns? I am so excited for you – you heading to NYC? *grins* this is soooo awesome!!!

    Apar proved it indeed! Insane is the only way really, sanity scares the living daylights out of me I tell you!

  9. You still have a pink straightjacket waiting for me, right? I hope so……. what a list. I am SO PROUD of you, you are hearing that voice inside and following it, actively. And, we have a couch that the dog drools on every night, but it pulls out and needs a human to lay on it for a change………

    BTW, I love the whole list, but 94 is one of my favorites….. 🙂 MWAH!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Awwws I might have to take you up on that offer… then you’ll be regretting it I tell you! Lol thanks you and yes it bore repeating *grins* Dog drool huh? rofl! MWAH!

  11. I have been hired by a friend to do photography at her wedding. —- Me too Me too…but not for the food..for much more than that…!!! 🙂

    I adore jackets and have many —- Gosh! Here we go again similarities again…I lovvvvveee Jackets too..esp the ones that go on anything, casual, straight, leather…oooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    I love boots, high boots. — Gosh now I am sooo excited…!!!

    I ALWAYS put the sugar into the cup first —- Lol Me toooo

    I hate learning from a book, I prefer learning from others and from random knowledge, my best course so far has been life. — There that was said in my Inspiration blog as well….

    I adore Winnie the Pooh because he has more wisdom than people give him credit for —- I loveeee himmm tooooo…..!!! Daahh!!! Soo Many Similarites is shocking!

  12. Deeps there is a reason you are my younger sister, it is obvious you got your excellent taste from me!

    Vishesh that is mainly to get into countries. Money and power will only get you so far then you kind of need a bit of heart and soul.

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