Do you see what I see?

Look at the below photo and tell me what you see, if you see anything disturbing in the below image. 

I ask because the below image has disturbed me beyond words and I am sickened to my stomach.

SMILE: Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe is seen at the opening ceremony of the SADC summit in Johannesburg. (Jerome Delay, AP)

Perhaps it is just me


14 thoughts on “Do you see what I see?

  1. The fact that its Robert Mugabe, and the fact that he’s smiling as if he’s not a care in the world sickens me and I share your feelings on this one! He’s a fuckin bastard who deserves to be shot! He single-handedly killed the economy, sport and democracy of a whole country! Bah!
    And its the South African Development Community summit!! How frikkin ironic!! 😡

  2. Froggywoogy so spot on … I had to do a double take just to make sure it wasn’t bird shit!

    Joy indoods its that thing under his nose. He thinks himself the second hitler!

    Nikhil my biggest question which is probably dangerous for me to say is this. Why has no one managed to shoot him yet? I mean they can shoot everyone else but why not this sadistic pig? Instead he is invited to the South African Development Community… ironic indeed, ironic and sick.

  3. Deeps I thought you found him sexy sheesh now you tell me!

    Amandzing yes we can only but pray but you know what our papers are saying… it’s a done deal that he will be our next president… What I find interesting is the fact that we haven’t even voted yet.

  4. I don’t see any link between you voting and the next president’s name being already published. They are two different processes: 1) your national participation/entertainment is guaranteed (democraty). 2) You don’t have to bother with the results, everything is taken in charge to avoid the chaos (caring media)

  5. I have no idea! Maybe no one wants anything to do with him! He’s a fuckin moron! 😀
    And that mustache – are u sure it’s not something rolling down his nose? 😀

  6. Froggywoogie literally rolling on the floor laffing my ass off sheesh lol

    Aparna he needs to face what he has done, he has single handedly killed thousands upon thousands and it continues till this day.

    Nikhil omg that is just GROSS!!! eeewww my thinking is surely it must tickle his nose I mean all that bullshit has to cause some kind of a reaction right!

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