Weekly Fruit Salad – Nummer elva

Scary photo of the week

Nummer elva yip that is Number eleven in Swedish, pretty close to English in  a way but I bet in their normal script it has cool squiggles on some of the letters with pretty patterns to boot!  Number 11 with 83 posts linked… erm yeah more than last week, blame it on the new sharers!  No Peace for the wicked when you know a South African! (possibly why you should be multilingual)

Please note that some sections of this post are PG18+.  If educational materials are that of course.  Yes, Sex folks, SEX.

Anyway’s now that that is out of the way we move along swiftly…

This morning I woke up with a start, it felt as though a big spider was crawling into my ear, we know, I hate spiders! Then I went “Is OK, dog” That farting furball of a Furkid had stuck his furry gross tongue into my ear.  He Did What???? yes I am NOT lying.  I don’t know if I will ever be able to sleep again.  One thing is for sure I will be Need Protecting, well at least my ears.

Been there, done it, got the T-shirt, thank you! Never again *shivers* it was revolting

Right, I need to get something out of the way before I really get into this.  Yes it is about my world renown skills as a Chef.  I’ll have you know that there are No compromises in my kitchen! My cookies are just Perfect so much so that they almost made the Next Week’s News Today™ III.  Yip, you heard it.  Being a WHOLE all on your own.. means being able to bake those gingerbread men all on your own and all for yourself, it means putting on the Eyes knowing that you’re going to eat them.  Doing it for you because you want to! Hmm perhaps all I need is a The Miracle Pill, perhaps then they will look like cookies and maybe, just maybe, taste like them???

One last matter on this cookie business.  The last time I baked I got a serious System Error and then it was recommended that I look into becoming a Carpenter’s Apprentice instead.  I kind of thought at one stage that the heat coming off my laptop would bake the cookies nice and crispy.  Apparently “Love thy neighbour .. even if he or she is a little different..” doesn’t count when you’ve had the Bomb squad over to sort out a cookie fire.  Hey I was trying out a new form of Street Art *shrug* creative license and all.

As for Views on the Weakly News XVIII… the Sun was spotted over in England, sorry I mean Washington.  Homosexuality and Christianity the big furore. Furkids are visharse and seem to be taking their role in Resident Evil a bit too far (no offence).  Kidney Transplant Slacker Gets Wings in the form of some big hooters (Why are they called that anyway’s, do they hoot when you pinch them???). The Wedding Invitation with shocking ties, shocking! Mexico invades US, yeah I know I missed it as well. The Kid Was Hot Last Night good old Loverboy and doing Mushroom’s all in a weeks work.

Get your mind out of the gutter and Build it (green) and they will buy?

Don’t Just Make Money….Make Memories… ok well if you are betting on who wins the “Phelps, Bolt and AngryAfrican” race then perhaps it is the best of both worlds.  Personally my money is on AngryAfrican!  Don’t say that I never warned you!

Hatred is learned and that is why those who teach the young, those Parents: Heroes at Home, those that teach the right way, one of no hatred, they are the true Heroes in the World.  It takes real guts to admit when you have been wrong and learn from it.  We are taught many things from a young age forgetting that it is we, it is us, you and I that get to choose each action, each word and moment that we have.  If you are a racist, bigot (word for the week) or any other funny word that describes discrimination… that is your choice. 

Do you know who James Hoyt is? I am being dead serious now, do you know of him? Go have a read perhaps it will put more of what I mean to say into words.

For those who face discrimination every day the best statement that you can sometimes make is turning the other cheek.  By not treating those very people that treat you so badly as they have treated you, you show them how to be, how they should be.  Be the example for you only spur their hate on.  That is my personal opinion from my experience.  At the very least they will perhaps feel **** for treating you so badly and hopefully start to brew on their actions and what they do to others making those important changes.  Life is no Vanity Fair at the Scottish National Portrait Gallery but it sure is fun and entertaining.

Now lets talk sex.  Smart Girls do mathematics so do smart boys but sometimes both forget that there There are TWO people in the bedMasturbation? Even that can take two, you and your imagination.  Sometimes, most times, perhaps no times, things get so stale that we forget Variety is the spice of your sex life.  Can you imagine cooking a gorgeous roast with no herbs??? I mean come on guys it is not always a Bay of Pigs!.  All good things have their negatives though, just remember that sample humans happen and that should it happen you may need to look into getting a few Baby planners… yip Being a Daddy will suddenly become reality when one of those critters win the race! You may of course also face one of the hardest decisions ever.

It’s no Strong Bad’s Cool Game For Attractive People nor is it that I have AIDS… No in actual fact it is a contraption I have never set eyes on before.  I mean I come from a farming family and NEVER have I seen a ghetto tomato planter. Shocking I know, Truth or Document, That is the Question. Talking about truth, The Truth About Aging is Absolutely Amazing, just this morning I found another gray hair… I mean come on people, hair gods, monkeys, back OFF.

It’s ok *breathe* no matter what I am living the life of my dreams because it is filled with beautiful stories of a friendship.  What is it without the Golf balls in the game of life, crumbs life would be so so boring without the hills we craw, walk, run up.  That Point In Your Life when fall and then We Rise, Healing our souls as we go.  We slowly gain Clarity through the madness, we learn What NOT to do, that The Tides always turn, we utter the words “It will soon pass…“.  We grow.

Sometimes we don’t know what we want never mind what others want.  We forget to ask, we forget to talk, we forget to laugh.  Soon before we know it 61 years have gone by and what do we have to show for it? Cool Groups and Soulmates? No peace without true democracy? We get so comfortable in our lives we forget to live.  What ever you do don’t have a rememblur. No, seriously now.

No, we must focus on the truths, for instance What Does Your Elementary Report Card Say About You? go on splurge… mine was in part Afrikaans “die fokken kind praat te veel” hmmm yes I still can’t spell… basically in English it says “that bleepin child talks too much”.  What can you do I mean it is not like they were annoucing a New Department or anything.  Look Agility and Cowboy’s were the discussion at hand and what a discussion that was.  My biggest question though is why my 6 year old cousin knows who James Dean is and thinks he is sexy… Yeah go on have a chuckle, it disturbs me.

Distant Thoughts, there are no Quick miracles, no fast answers, Day Dreaming can become reality.  Consider yourself challenged to pass on the Shine, the light, to give to another without expectation, to be kind, to love, to be peaceful.  It doesn’t matter if the box comes in your size, whether you are Church Going or a Grandmother, it doesn’t matter who you are, this challenge is for you.  Rain Dance, Happy Dance – Procrastinating 101 doesn’t count here.  Get to it, shake that ass and cause a Summer Storm while singing that song “we are Family

Got that song in your head now don’t I… haha!

Finally folks I know that you have been wanting an update on the world tour starting at the end of August.  It’s now into the next phase with the UK now booked.  If you are in the UK please send out the warning notices to all.  Thanks.

Thanks for all the sharing, caring, writing, posting, laughs and inspiration.

Too many links? 


18 thoughts on “Weekly Fruit Salad – Nummer elva

  1. ROFL this week I need therapy but I know next week the challenge is 100 so perhaps I shall pause that for then!

    Question is – too many links for the people reading? Because more the merrier for me lol.

  2. Kwoneshe2 lol 3 cups of coffee

    Amandzing thanks hun wb we did miss you!

    Froggywoogie yers that tongue, I am still having daymare visions… it’s scary stuff. Either its that or the 8th cup of coffee

    Hayden This one was about 2 hours including one x dog thinking my tied up hair was a toy – I am so a cat woman now.

  3. AngryAfrican thanks you! Oks I continue challenging myself then more and more !

    Deeps You need to go on a speed reading course… thanks you! Glad you are getting your vitamins

  4. You are just amazing… Honestly, even though you and I go through the links.. and read them… I still get amazed how you weave them. You have explained it to me at least 3 times. I don’t get it. I just don’t.

    Another great week. Thank you to all of the great writers out there. WOW.

  5. Amber you are my number one slicer and dicer all I do is mix it into the salad bowl see. Thanks you and as you know it cant be done without all the bloggers – it is really them that make this salad I ONLY mix remember.

    Mssc54 Thanks you, with help from you!

  6. 83?! I’ve got a busy reading to do and I can’t even catch up with all of them! How did you ever…oh never mind.

    Thanks! Gonna put heavy syrup on all the fruits :]

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