The Cookie Bake Sale

This morning just as I opened my eyes a good friend of mine, a mean older sister if you will mentioned my killer cookies.  Well I thought hells bells she’s right! How can I be so cruel and not share with everyone my baking prowess. 

With that I got to it and put together this here bake sale.  Well I’m not selling but it sounded like a funky name and I couldn’t come up with anything else.  I still need my coffee and find myself lacking in a coffee making slave so perhaps the name will change later, we’ll see…

My gift to you, some cookies freshly baked from my oven!  Ah the smell of freshly baked cookies… Eat as many as you like, they are fat free!

M&M Cookies (one of my new found favourites)
Walnut Chocolate Chunk
White Chocolate Macadamia Nut
Snickerdoodle (Cinnamon yum yum!)
Chocolate Chunk
Oatmeal Raisin
Classic Sugar Cookies
Peanut Butter
Triple Chocolate

… and for those who want to try some South African yum things …


** Health Warning**

Remember to chew, I know they are tasty but it is recommended that you do not swallow these whole.


15 thoughts on “The Cookie Bake Sale

  1. It’ll be nice to taste something new so I guess I’ll go with the melktert 🙂 although, triple chocolate is definitely tempting (you did mention it’s fat free)…*drools*


    *wipes off drool* You didn’t see that.

  2. ifoundme I can’t answer that other than to say just one word “heaven”

    Glaize … why can’t these things be fat free in real life??? drives me nuts this! and no I did not see any drool I am still rubbing my head from the darts!

    Vishesh grab a pew and start munchin there’s plenty Peter Pan style!

    Vanessa am glad – you know, I should never have posted this because the WHOLE day I have been craving sheesh… all for a payback and see what I did to myself!

    Hayden you have good taste! you get Ben & Jerry’s triple choc there? YUM a thing I miss greatly that!

  3. Boy does Melktert ever look interesting. What is that and what flavor is it? Looks good. I’ll have to keep this page away from Maddie!! She might try and jump through the monitor. What’s with you and my monitor anyway?????

  4. OK ISF… You been raiding my cupboard again? Folks, Miss ISF cannot bake to save her little life. Her cookies have been blessed by her dog. And look nothing like these.. If they look like this…. they are mine.

    *Shaking her head* sad sad sad…. wanders off…

  5. Joy Melktert is so yummy that it is not strange for one of us to buy a whole one just for ourselves and refuse of course to share. Yes well I have been trying to get Maddie to visit but she is refusing to come through to the other side dangit!!! rofl not my fault you spit coffee all over it tsk!

    Ok Amber if these cookies are from your cupboard pray tell how they got this supposed smellorama of dog el-la-fart? Folks, there is something dodgy in her cupboards, if they smell funny do not, and I repeat, DO NOT eat them.

    Yes ok I stole your stash Amber hmph always busting me when I steal the cookies *goes off to sulk*

    Right the challenge then Amber hun… actually for any adventurous person… here are the Koeksuster and Melktert recipes… *grins*

  6. OMG….are you suggesting that I *choke, choke*……….b-a-k-e????? I am a good cook but do NOT bake. I’ll make my son Toby bake me this!! He’s the baker of the family! LOL!! I don’t normally enjoy sweets but this appeals to me. I’ve put a security devise into my monitor so Maddie can’t cross to the “other” side!

  7. Ooooh damn! These cookies look so yummy!!! And the good quality of your pictures don’t help!
    Ok I’ll take all of the Oatmeal Raisin ones and I’ll leave the rest for the others because I’m nice like that……… Oh wait, I’ll have the Walnut Chocolate Chunks too, oh and the Peanut Butter ones, oh and… sorry I HAVE to have them all 🙂

  8. Maddie “Here kitty kitty, ssk skk meow, here purrrrrty keeeeety” Maddie can’t resist my charm and if she is as clever as you say she is she will crack that device in no time at all!

    Joy Melktert is not too sweet and easy to make – put Toby to work lol you though can cook Bobotie if ya likes yum yum … seriously

    Froggywoogie am so glad you did not believe a word that Amber has said about my yummy cookies *hands over freshly baked batch*

  9. That is just wrong on so many levels. You are a tease! However, oatmeal raisen are yucky. It’s ruining a perfectly good cookie with stuff that makes me think I am eating chewy flies.

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