Cure Chronic Intracranial Hypertension (IH)!

imageI have a HUGE but not so huge favour to ask of each and every one of you that read this blog, if you are reading this please go to “Will you give a moment of your time for those who suffer?” and follow through to vote for this fund.

Some of you may know Amber over at AmberMoon, some of you may not, either way she is someone you should read.  She has what they call Inter-cranial Hypertension (please don’t ask me to pronounce I can barely pronounce my own name).  Now this disease can be summed up in one simple word, that word is HELL

No I got that totally wrong



This woman is incredible in the sense that she still believes whole heartedly that she is sane (I mean come on!).  She will be in the most incredible pain but she will spare the time to talk to you, to ask how you are and genuinely care.  If you aren’t doing so well she will sit there barely able to move but she will listen not because she has to but because she wants to.  She doesn’t complain she just does. 

She also claims to be able to cook these incredible meals and I hear her chocolate dipped strawberries make you melt.  I am yet though to see proof so this is still suspect.

She is asking that we all join her in voting for this foundation to get some extra attention, some funding, some help, to be honest everything and anything it can get.  Please go check it out

Will you give a moment of your time for those who suffer?

To read more on her illness and more on this crazy hell that she lives with each and every day, please go read Illness doesn’t define “ME”

Now for the favour…

Please spread the word of this cause, the more people that vote the greater chance of American Express putting them up as one of the causes they support.

Spread it, let this be the new virus

Spread it as fast as you can

Voting closes 1 September 2008

Now I am gonna get all dramatic on your ass

… Do it …

I know people that know other people that know more people that know Mugabe…


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