Hippy Happy Biffday Froggywoogie!!!


Froggywoogie, you are the first French native that doesn’t smack me when I call him a froggy, in the short while you have been visiting my blog you have shared with all of us your big heart, wisdom, compassion and humour, you are one funny froggy. 

Thank you for all that you do and being who you are, who you are to me, to the world and to the blogosphere.  


Hippy Happy Biffday to you young sire *a big cheers* to your 75th birthday, I hope you have the most incrediblist of days and get spoilt absolutely rotten!


Everyone grab a piece of cake and please sing to Froggywoogie, I can’t sing to save my life so need to be drowned out. Thanks *grins*

Here Mr Froggywoogie a birthday song for you from all of us


15 thoughts on “Hippy Happy Biffday Froggywoogie!!!

  1. WOW, sniff, smiling, sniff
    Thank you so much!!! SNIFFF!
    See what you’ve done, IF I had ever considered applying some make up just this very day in my life it’s all ruined now sniff

    How the hell did you know it was my birthday? It’s a mystery to me. Good job woman, and thank you for all what you said.

    Do I still look okay for 75?

    Oh, I love being called Froggy, worry not!

  2. Dear Froggy you mentioned it when we first “met” and I remember lots *guilty* I just do not know where abouts in the century you fall but 75 it is for you today!

    *birthday hugs* to you and yours.

    How come you forgot to put the make up on today??? *shocked beyond words* tsk tsk!

  3. Well, okay. Now you have to tell me (remind me?) when is yours.
    If I had been born in this century I’d sound quite mature for my age I think so we’ll accept I was born during the last century just like you *** sorry about that really *** 😀
    Yesterday somebody at work told me I was 33 or 35. I thanked him for thinking so but I had to be honest and tell him the truth by adding some numbers to his shock and the other people around.
    The truth is actually between 35 and 75

  4. Dang I always forget it’s not 300BC anymore!!! Though some do act like they believe the earth to be flat *shrug*

    Lol so I suppose I shan’t be getting the truth out of you huh.

    My birthday? I do not have those, it’s a glitch in the matrix

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