Weekly Fruit Salad – Nombre douze

Yip you got it, in honour of Froggywoogies birthday this week the “number” is in french.  Daydreamin’, Guilty Pleasures & Under appreciated Gems, Rats, Reincarnation, Research and Religion this Salad has it all including a total of approximately 100 links (I trimmed and added then got lazy… Sue me as the Americans do!)

imageDancing with the universe as always I must warn you not to be shocked but there is a co-author this week.  Yes you heard right, known to me as the big chocolate dipped strawberry on top, You may Know her as Amber.  Here she is with her section …

 The Ubuntu Frosting

This week is going to be the start of something special on the fruit salad.  What was at first a gift/acknowledgement/compliment from some of us to others in recognition for the spirit of humanity and Ubuntu has become a movement.  A group of us have gotten together and would like to recognize blog writers who share this spirit with us, and call them, brother, sister, family.  This is not a club, a clique.  You can’t ask to join.  There are no points here.  This isn’t about giving this little badge to our “friends” whilst excluding others.  This is about the types of blogs that they are.  The spirit they show.  They are inspirational to all who read them.  They help others on their own journeys through this world with simply being there.

These people knock all of our socks off week after week and thank God that we found them and have the opportunity to read what they have to say.

imageSo, with that said, this week we have our first nominee to give the Ubuntu badge to display on their blog at their choice.  If they would rather not, that is up to them too, but we ask everyone who accepts to write a post on what Ubuntu means to them. 

We all shouted out this name practically when deciding to move forward and spread the message of Ubuntu.  Day after day she opens our minds, hearts and souls with her beautiful writings and the true meaning of Godly.  We would like to bestow the very deep and humble compliment of Ubuntu on Lindsey.  Thank you from all of us.  You are amazing!

You can see some of the posts that got her nominated here: 

Some of the posts from the Ubuntu family so far can can be found : 

image A few bunches of grapes

Once upon a time there was a race called humans and at the oddest moments they blogged for hugs.  Hidden within the Painted Canvas of life there is A World of Hope where Masks fall and people become More Than Family in the true story of friendship.  Each and every day I am shown that this once thought myth to be fact. There Are No Accidents, it is true, all Roads lead to Memorable events and Forgiveness.  No big speech just a sneaky thanks again to everyone for helping me see the light at the end of the tunnel.

image Oranges and Guava’s

This week was amazing how one simple post looking to help a research fund for Idiopathic Inter-cranial Hypertension evoked a chain reaction asking for A Minute Of peoples Time… The sad truth is that Doctors aren’t God, nor do they have all of the answers, they are human just like you and me. Thanks everyone, the voting numbers just keep on climbing!

image Apples and Bananas

A Distinguished Affair… Not so much! but Thoughts and Words have been flying around this week with the The Giving Tree and all the pretty things.  I’ve come to realise that I am not a kind person, that I have Integrity and My book of Gratitude grows daily. 

By the way, What age is considered “old” these days? Would you call someone born in 1984 old? (*runs an ducks*).  Honestly it scares me, although I don’t see my own age there is a national warning out.  The warning: You may find yourself being told “Back Off Sista!” followed by a bit of Kung Fu if you don’t Listen to your gut and not mention the Views on the Weakly News.

Do You Know Who I Am? Do I suffer from Incorrect Identification? Am I  Swedish? Who knows, I am still “finding” myself, searching for The Secret to Happiness while I Hunt for Mona LisaOnce in A Lifetime in the Bush of Ghosts yip you heard it right, the one and only Mona Lisa by Leonardo.  Between you and I was actually quite disappointed with the crowds, she and I were going to have a few quiet words and the masses just seemed to take over.  (Next time Mona, next time the security guards won’t spot that bottle of vino nor will they see the glasses, next time…)

imagePassion Fruit aka Granadilla (not the same fruit)

Ah how I love the whole world filled with little Web Men and 20 Questions, truth is I did not come here to feel safe, I came here to live.  Whips, chains, hot wax.. the fine line between pleasure and pain I am still working out.  Wax is fun when you make candles but dang it hurts when it falls on your toes. Yeah my toes are always in the wars poor little pigs!

An Open Letter To A Young Married Couple On Your Sexuality perhaps Spelling it out the differences between men and womenWhat Are the Odds I know, Man Smart? Woman Smarter! Well put two and two together you don’t get four you suddenly get Secret Languages, Private Talk and 26 Reasons Why you Love your Wife and Outback Steak Houses!  Seriously now though folks No more porn ok, perhaps you should rather just spend time and Get to Know Each Other

imagePeach and Apricots

That Stupid bloody song aside sometimes kids Get out of the nest sometimes they Get out of the muck with their Branded clothes in need of serious Safety tips for children.  It all begs the question just How much is the kid in the toy machine? 

Children are innocent and if we aren’t careful we miss out the moments of Communion with animals, we forget that She doesn’t care whether you are exhausted or not.  They don’t care they just love you.  Perhaps we run from our childhoods too soon forgetting the lessons we learnt and how far we have come. I’d like to pass on the challenge, for in reality it is a challenge, for you to write a letter to yourself when you were a kid.  Take up the challenge or not, that is your decision, your choice.


Nut Sprinkles

CONGRATS Saffer on the news of a Mini-me!!!

Another fantabularse week, thanks everyone for the incredible reads, the laughs and the non stop partay!  Remember to click share in Google Reader if you spot anything really good, always looking for new fruits, different cuts and well, laughs of course!

Au revoir amis

PS I am always looking for tips, ways to improve or tranquilizers ~ mail me at sanityf @ gmail . com


31 thoughts on “Weekly Fruit Salad – Nombre douze

  1. Aw, I know I’ve already gushed my thanks, but… thanks again! It really is such a honor to be shown such love and appreciation! I’ll post my blathering thanks in the morning. No time now- it’s the husband’s birthday weekend and we’ve had people around 24/7.

  2. hey sanity, i still have not grasped the idea of linking posts.. could you explain how moi mona lisa is linked to this post?

  3. Froggywoogie it’s always dangerous telling me when your birthday is *grins*

    Kwoneshe2 *grins* hopes you are surviving and still insane!

    Joy I am humble and each week I am shocked to my core that people actually like the salad. Now on the matter of payback… a little bird told me bout you and DM getting discussing my likeness to a cute pig while I was asleep… best put your specs and keep ’em peeled… *grins*

    Hayden you to have the spirit

    Glaize I thought I’d pop you in amongst the granadilla’s seen as you threw me with darts last week… only fair I tell ya

    Giselle this salad is basically a list of all the posts I really enjoyed in the week, I take all the post links and put it into one big salad hence the above post. It is just my small way of saying “wow check this person out!”

    Vishesh Hand in front of your mouth!

  4. What a great and healthy salad for the mind, body and soul! Thanks for preparing it once more. Anywhoo . . I’ve got to go get me a few extra helpings before it’s time to go home. PLL, CordieB.

  5. hey! Thats nice.. very interesting in fact.. something to look forward to.. thanks for having me on the list!!! 🙂
    “Apples and Bananas” 🙂
    hehehehe.. How DO you do this?! Its awesome! Really !!!

  6. Mssc54 Always with a little help from my friends, am actually trying to bribe this weeks co-author to write again hmm we’ll see how far I get!

    Cordie you’re the bestest!

    Vanessa I think we must add some kiwi into the next one, am trying to find something to set off all the colour, what you think?

    Giselle, glad you enjoyed it, yip no favoritism just good posts – if they’re good they’re in the salad. Thanks again for that post and doing what you do! Luck on the bio side!

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