Hippy HAPPY Birthday Amber!!!

Yip you heard it right, Amber’s turning a whole 160 today and not a gray hair in sight! Without much ado I thought I’d show off some of the snaps I got from the photographer people taken at a recent photo shoot.

Don’t be too alarmed though, I know some of these are not her in her normal skin.  Unfortunately the chimp suit had to go into the dry cleaners because it got a few grass stains and spillages.  (I think it was cookie crumb build up but she denies the cookies *shrug*)

A photo of the birthday queen… Breathe a sigh of relief, I just got off the phone with the cleaning people and they said the chimp suit will arrive later… phew! (can’t be fun being out of your skin on your biffday now can it)


Here’s another snap the namelessinfearofmafia photographer sent through


Cute huh, look at that ear all squiff… one, two, three … AWWWWW (just love those paws erm teapot!)


They lied we never eated nothink *points again at Minnesota*

Amber, Today is your birthday and you are a whole one year younger and as a special treat I hacked your wordpress account and went a bit wild… Apologies I could not resist *grins*…

I know it may come as a slight shock but I take no blame.  It was imperative that you know that you are one of the coolest monkeys in the sphere (yes, even when you steal the cookies).  Your heart, soul, spunk, funk, wit and wisdom knows no bounds and we love and appreciate each and every inspiring ounce of it. 

Hope you have the most amazing, incredible, awesome, fantabularse, virarse free birthday filled with nothing but laughter, memories, cake (screw the diet woman), non headache forming fermented grape juice and lots of spoilings!


Thank you for being you, who you are to us and to the world!

There is a special Birthday video and cake over on her blog



12 thoughts on “Hippy HAPPY Birthday Amber!!!

  1. Quit pointing at me!!! I did NOTHING…..LOL!! Happy Birthday Amber. If you believe Sanity can go a couple of days and not eat a cookie, I’ve got some land down in FL for you to look at!!!!

  2. erm Joy you need to practice that “innocent” look some more

    … FL as in where the crocodiles live??? Woulda thunk if you wanted to feed me to them you’d fatten me up with cookies … aaaaah right it’s …. I get it now *straight face* hmph

  3. Happy Birthday Ambermoon. You really good for your age; a bit gray; but it’s all good! I see you dyed your hair later from gray to blond with platinum streaks; way to go – it makes you look much younger. But, with all that said, it’s the heart that counts; and we all know you’re young at heart with lots of wisdom! So, Hippy, Happy Birtday Ambermoon!

    @SanityFound. You so crazy! It’s all good though. PLL, CordieB.

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