Hippy Happy Birthday Vanessa!!!

Yip  you heard it, another birthday, another celebration… Vanessa turns 146 today folks and boy is the party going to be BIG!



We decided to bake the biggest cake ever to be seen, it looks like a cupcake but don’t be fooled. It’s two stories high and absolutely fat free, the candles never go out no matter how many wishes you make… birthday

… so never stop wishing.  May you never lose that amazing spirit, stay young in that big heart and play like a true monkey!



So instead we got the crew to sing you a song, the dogs we fired and the thing that looks like a mouse/hamster/miniature animal took over

     1 2

… yes we were just testing to see if you had your hearing in tact, seems to be in working order!

Thank you for everything that you do and most importantly for who you are, who you are to us and the world!


Joy’s cat Maddie also wanted to wish you… (for once it didn’t steal my cookies! hmmm though it does look guilty!)



From the crew with much love!


… a special song sung by one of us to you …

(I can’t tell you who they threatened my supplies)



7 thoughts on “Hippy Happy Birthday Vanessa!!!

  1. Happy 146th Birthday Vanessa!!! You have only reached the first quarter of your life expectancy so still lots of fate cakes to come(don’t believe Sanity, they do make you gain pounds, I tasted some two weeks ago).

  2. froggywoogie: thank you so much! I am so in the mood to celebrate that I will eat all the cake that I want without a worry…..

    Aud: MWAH!!! You are something else, thanks darling!!! The cake is delish!!!! 146 ain’t so bad after all!!!

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