Weekly Fruit Salad – Numero Tredici

Ah who can say it better than the Italians eh? Indoods, the way the language rolls off my tongue while I do my famous Italian impression with spaghetti or is it… ah forget it. 

With regards to my Views on the Weakly News, well it has been one hellofacat week and admittedly I am still getting my bearings so please grizzly bear with me. REALLY, I’m not all that blonde, although some would never believe it (myself included). Pull up a pew, grab a Starbucks (Imported Products for me) and see which fruits suit you.

imageThe Ubuntu Frosting ~ by Amber

Last week was the start of something that we hope will grow from strength to strength.  A token of appreciation and thanks from us to those who, via their blogs, inspire and help others on their own journeys through this world with simply being there.  I am because you are, Ubuntu. (For more information please head over to “Weekly Fruit Salad – Nombre douze“)

This week we have another outstanding blog to present the Ubuntu badge to and once again by an overwhelmingly unanimous vote in favor.  This author week after week makes us stop and think about the world around us and remember exactly what is really important, she truly blows us away. We’d like to congratulate Hayden from Persistent Illusion for her outstanding blog and bestow upon her the badge of Ubuntu for all to recognize. 

imageAs is custom each person who nominates must provide a few posts that they feel show the Ubuntu spirit, you can read a few of her articles which earned her this honor below:

Latest Ubuntu posts: Lindsey with Ubuntu: I am because you are

imageA few bunches of grapes

Magical Yesterdays when we didn’t have to come up with strange ways to Improve our gas mileage thanks to the wonderful Cost of Gas (not the beans).  Tis better to give with Sharing the Faith of and in humanity, can I dream?

Oh what A feeling, it is hard to get my head around the fact that Peace reinith and I feel like going all retro in Paris like Nothing else matters!!! Ah Letting Go And Growing Up with Bravery, it’s all Love, Fear and Enlightenment at the end of the day.  But can you tell me Why Are We Here?

imageOranges and Guava’s

Now that the Olympics are over its time to Quit Complaining… Sometimes we forget just how good we have it, perhaps we get so used to having it good that we can’t begin to imagine what it would be like if it were all different. 

I am not going to go all PR Lingo on you but we are almost there with the voting and all we need is a few more votes so if you a) haven’t voted yet or b) voted only once… please go create a new personality and vote again – is this wrong of me, am I Engineering? I read the rules they say nothing about not doing this… Honest.  Vote for a cure before its too late! Go GO Time is running short, just one day to left!

imageApples and Bananas

Sorry and happy at the same time, life is no One Sentence Romance Novel that is for sure, no 3 Grandma’s uh huh.  We plod through it forgetting to Celebrate our selves thinking that we need to Submitted for Approval losing Faith while hoping for Angel’s.  It is not Next Week’s News Today but the Genres of Distance with Friendship abound is evolving.  This world of blogging has come closer, Picking brains and pulling tighter yet opening our folds to more new and inspiring, funny and serious like a Master Painting.

imagePassion Fruit aka Granadilla (not the same fruit)

Thought for the day:  I feel it in the air, Change is coming and soon the The Gay Agenda will include freedom to marry who you choose (albeit of age humans) all the while Discovering the Girl God sees.  Perhaps one day we’ll sit back in our rocking chairs sipping a nice glass of red going “Well, I’ll never make THAT mistake again!”… discrimination finished? kaput? Commercials bring it on!  And one more thing I don’t know if you know this but Gay also means happy

There should be no Shame in Guilty Pleasures, for that matter they shouldn’t be guilty unless they are without morals.  Go wild Sex and Intimacy but with Honesty.  Learn How to Recover Your Marriage or How to Be A Man either way How Can Your Passion Heal? 

imagePeach and Apricots

Shame and Regret with visionary trickery of Things to Come while questioning Which is a more important job when we should be coming up with ways to simplify shoes. If all else fails experience the Joy at Becoming Three and remember even 9 year olds can be banned from playing baseball but beware of Teachers Packing Heat

The blunting of the blood lets face facts, Heroes Can be Common but the Common aren’t Heroes with Angel’s up high Looking Down, one thing we must always remember, Storms Never Last.  We sit and ponder and Sometimes It may seem like the Dark journey will never end when in actual fact it is helping us see the true Secret to Happiness.

Nut Sprinkles


Happy birthday again to Vanessa and Amber, by the way… what is it like becoming a year younger? *runs for it*

Really funny news item ~ read and cringe at your own peril

Thanks again for an incredible week, one filled with smiles, laughter, inspiration and wisdom along with creativity and art – what a perfect mix!

Essere buono, arrivederci

PS I am always looking for tips, ways to improve or tranquillizers ~ mail me at sanityf @ gmail . com

Number of links… close to 80 I think… am useless counter… I got 2% once for a Maths exam… not kidding


19 thoughts on “Weekly Fruit Salad – Numero Tredici

  1. My wife is a Hillary supporter. I almost bought her the nutcracker. But realized that she might use it on the wrong type because I am an Obama supporter.

    Just came back from Cape Cod. Still recovering. But this was my first stop since we got back! Thanks for being the place where I can catch up with what is going on in this world.

    You having a good weekend?

  2. Sandworm indeed talk about a nutbreaker

    Hayden the honour is ours, the worlds (sorry I know it sounds totally corny) but we are because you are, no easier way of saying it. Ubuntu

    AngryAfrican Lol dare you to sneak it into the drawer! Go on do eeeet like Nike! (Apologies the ad just came on the tube) Ah Kaap Cod, you guys at least have a decent braai?

    Yip weekend was fab just had the worst storm since 01 – will post photos, Seapoint was trashed.

  3. Haha. We kept on talking about being “In die Kaap”. And said a few “Jou ma se” just to feel at home! Had what they call a braai, but it’s on a gas grill so it doesn’t qualify. And no tjops or even a boerie. They had salad though – you know, chicken!

  4. Glaize how was yours hun, I hear it is really really really hot there – do you walk around with a air-conditioner handy pack?

    Holeycheese nopes you are and I mean that seriously!

    AngryAfrican what you mean no tjops? What do they braai over there, viennas??? Was the “jou ma se” when the wife was out of ear shot lol – ek stuur vir jou a beeetjie van die kaap se veer hou klink dit? aye glad you guys had a fantabularse one!

    Joy Glad you enjoy them lol yeah AA and the nutcracker – I still vote that he plays fear factor and gets her it!

    Giselle Thanks you, glad you enjoyed!

    Froggywoogie not surprising at all = kinda solidifies it yes? Glad you are at least getting some healthy fruit for breakfast, beats boring toast any day!

  5. It’s great to be part of the salad of wisdom, love, and friendship once more. What a great salad you’ve conjured up once more. I anticipate this week’s salad. I know this is a late comment; but laptop time is limited there here days. sigh . . .PLL, CordieB.

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