Weekly Fruit Salad – Αριθμός δεκατεσσαρων

Look Greek to you? Yip its Number fourteen in Greek no less.  Now at least you know where the saying comes from! Yip, they weren’t lying… Phew what a week, heaven, hell, News and then some politics in between.  Grab some Intravenous Coffee, watch the Tortoise on Skateboard and enjoy!

imageA few Grapes

Everyone has gone nutso Politicking away about this guy called McCain who, if you ask me, looks a bit too much like Steve Martin for my liking. He’s apparently got this side kick called Palin the Distractor who by all accounts defines the Perfect PR.  I’ve heard the cries “Vote Early, Vote Often” and “Let Them Eat Cake…” but what really matters? Is it about The Family is a Higher Calling or How Politics Reveals Our Psyche“? Its been “Sarah Palin..okay, lets go!” followed by “A letter to Sarah” then Republican Conventions with Chickensh*t Republicans! (or is it Chickensh*t Democrats/Liberals?)  You want More on Palin? Are you sure? Really? Ok then Let’s Talk About Palin.

Poli-tic-in’ Is Such a Biyatch and it reduces people to pettiness far beyond anything I can describe in decent words.  I actually loved reading all the above mentioned posts, all of them are really well written.  It all starts out adult like then you get people coming in off the set of Jerry Springer and adding their two cents, or in some cases, their toilet papers worth.  Where’s the Love people!  I am going to need Therapy now me thinks, you want a straight jacket as well? 

Here is what I think… If the canthankerous Jerry Springer bunch spent half the time they spend commenting visharsely on fighting against world poverty, child abuse, aid reaching the victims in Haiti after Hannah hit and humanitarian rights abuses… what would the world look like? Anticipation Explosion people… the JS’s need to go read How To Be Miserable!

image An Apple (you know what they say about an apple a day…)

All of this makes me appreciate finding the Ubuntu spirit in others more incredibly soulvaluable.  A few more posts were written this week:  Hayden with her incredible I Am Because You Are; AngryAfrican with his beautiful Ubuntu (or It’s like breathing); followed by Amber’s amazing Ubuntu – I am because you are… and then a beautiful post on The spirit and spiritual side of Ubuntu. Nope none of this “You’re the one with the problem” business. 


A few bananas

Women, the Bible and My little thoughts with an Interview With Married humans… it all leads me to question What is in a name? A rose by any other…?  Am I wrong in thinking that hurricanes go by female names? Correct me if I am wrong but is Gustav not a male name?  Perhaps the real question is How do you survive Gustav??? Hmm its definitely a Thought… it’s not my fault that I have an ex who was much like his namesake! So Shoe Me!!!


A lot of pips

Just between you and me, I swear this week has been filled with really strange questions. 

First up “When is it time to stop driving??”  When you knock over the traffic officer testing you?

Then came “Where is home?I have decided to extend my stay on Pluto due to the fact that Mars was full.  Good news is that said they’ll have an opening for me soon… phew!

Finally What do you do with friends? Well when they misbehave I try to be understanding, when they steal my cookies however, well, then it is a totally different matter entirely. 

Logic? Phah! It’s for the birds instead I just Vote for a cure!


Peaches are hairy

Children – the really young ones probably haven’t a clue as to how special the 80s? (or at least the videos?) are.  Well I am going to “throw my toys” “just now” because I so prefer the 90’s… does that show my age? Careful how you answer that one!!!

I Didn’t Realize living could be a Lonely job but with people like Joy (cookie stealer), Leann (soon to steal cookies just know it), a Washington Blogger and Famous Pig (another cookie stealer), Lindsey (cookie baker and we know… she steals to) and erm Sanity Found (innocent) life can never have a dull moment! (especially when there are cookies involved!)

imageSo called healthy Vitamins (wine has more)

A vow observed is To do what you’ve got to do, strangely though it seems that Something is in the Way.  It will always be so until we realise in the end that Annie doesn’t have all the answers.

Life… We rise, we Fall only to build Walls.  There are no sure Instructions for Life except What a girl should know and Getting the most from your doctor visit (*shivers*).  New Direction, New Career we are always Changing expectations.  One moment its a Baby Paper Bag and next moment its a big Paper Bag, shock horror I know but as I said… Changing expectations, it’s never a bad thing but one thing for sure it’s no stroll on the Promenade au Present et au Passe.  Why is it that we fear change? Is it such a Stranger to us?

Stop Killin’ Time and Throw the Dice on Life, take A New Breath and embrace the new Phase in your life, Celebrate Your Friends and most of all Celebrate your Self!!  We’re all under The same sun, a fingernail moon, and changing seasons, time to say  Goodbye to being the Passerby and Live the dreamBeginning and End, its your choice.


The darker side and young Padawan, the truth is out there!

PS I know that I said that the salad was postponed, I made the executive decision of unpostponing it. Thanks for all your thoughts and hugs MWAH

I am always looking for tips, ways to improve or tranquillizers ~ mail me at sanityf@gmail.com

Number of links… close to 65 but you know my mathematics skills!


12 thoughts on “Weekly Fruit Salad – Αριθμός δεκατεσσαρων

  1. I mean, Sanity, I am in awe when reading your fruit salads. And truly wonder what kind of a system do you use. It must be a complex shit! Do you firstly get all the titles printed out on a sheet of paper, cut the paper so that you have all the titles nicely laid down on the floor and then start arraging them together? Like kidnappers writing a note: BRING MONEY TOMORROW ALONE OR ELSE…
    I can see you in a scene like that, emptying the second bottle of wine, trying to figure out what to do with leftovers.
    Ok, it’s late and my imagination goes wild. I better go to sleep.
    Good night

  2. Well, once again I am amazed by your talent to bring us all together. lol

    Also I noticed on this post that (at least in the title) you used a bilingual key board! Amazing.

  3. Robert you got me laughing really hard here sheesh but needless to say you are correct to a point. I don’t print them out I just use Safari web browser and Live Writer, I dump all the subject titles in there and then they jump together as I type… all the words are there you just have to make a sentence type of thing

    Ilegirl I am always weird, when I stop being weird please call the doctors oks lol glad you enjoyed

    Glaize tanks you

    Mssc54 my keyboard is übber special, one of kind I tell you! It also has a tendency to print alienlish so careful!

    Joy This one was a bit quick admittedly but I needed to do it so goes to reason, half an hour of writing and half an hour of copying over the titles. Thanks you, glad you enjoyed!

    Holeycheese we adore google language tools! Glad you enjoyed!

  4. I absolutely love the squirrels with the lightsabers. Too dang funny.

    You always amaze me how you weave these together. Another triumph!!! I just love it, and it gets me to look at other blogs I wouldn’t normally look at!

  5. Amber sorry for the late response don’t know what happened – Glad you enjoyed it huns and thanks again for all the help!

    SG Lol no saying other than when you can’t understand something you say that it looks Greek to you

  6. NO WAYS!!! Seriarse? lol yers we knows but sometimes we meet people that are dead serious and then they get confused when I play along… tsk aye this internet biz – hope you are well!

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