3 die in brawl over penis size

Just when I think I’ve heard it all…

Durban, South Africa – Three men were shot dead and two others critically wounded in a Durban tavern following an argument over the size of male genitals, police said on Thursday.

1st response: Huh

2nd response: HUH

3rd response: WTF

Finally: Don’t they realise that it isn’t the size that counts but rather the motion of the ocean? It’s useless if you don’t know what to do with it… 

If you’re interested in reading the rest – 3 die in brawl over penis size


5 thoughts on “3 die in brawl over penis size

  1. With all that is involved in sex- the size of a man’s penis isn’t the most important thing. And if guys think it is, they probably aren’t good lovers.

    Shall I go hide under a rock now?

  2. Apparently Darwin was right. This is an obvious culling of the gene pool.

    Ummmm, you “girls” are so cute telling us guys it’s not really important… about the ship and all.

    Neither is it imoprtant on the size of “the girls” or “fun bags”. 🙂

  3. It’s true, mssc54 – most women don’t care about penis size. Really, we’re not just saying it to be nice, it’s the honest truth!

    Fun bags is a euphemism I have not heard before. Funny!

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