Happy 30th Birthday Sanityfound!

Well, now, it seems the tables have turned on our sweet InSanityfound.  Your Blog is being hijacked by all of your friends and people who love you to show you just how much you mean in all of our hearts.

Looking through the family Album, I found this video of you… you don’t look much different now!

Awww.. weren’t you a sweet child?  Notice you were trying to bake your own cookies back then?  Now as you have grown you have grown up looking like this since you steal everyone else’s cookies:

We were going to bake you a “cookie cake” but Winnie The Pooh won out!

So make sure that you make a wish when you blow out your candles.  I know that all of us wish that you would be the hell out of aFREAKa to somewhere safe where you will be loved and cherished.

A few of your friends wanted to tell you why they love you so much.  Here they are in no special order:

DM: 5 thinks I appreciate about you ….
#1. You have a tender heart for the lowly…I’ve told you this before, but  when you told about the story of you and the old man…..I knew you had a  heart like my daughter Angie…

#2 I appreciate your humility…it does take humility to be on the  receiving end of others gifts of love…you’ve been doing it lately..I’m  proud of you for being open to it.

#3 I’m sure everyone will probably mention this one..but I love your sense  of humor…it’s very creative….and thoughtful (monkey posts for all your  siblings)

#4 You haven’t lost that child likeness that many adults seem to loose  when they get older…you still have it (so do I) 😉

#5 You’ve suffered a lot yet still seem to be able to enjoy life.. you are
amazing.. you’re not invincible.. but you are resilient… Im  proud to have
you as a friend.  Some day my wife and I will have coffee and cookies
together with you!


Audrey, we love you! Remember that you’re never too old for cookies!

We’re waiting for you here in Israel with an open door and a plate of cookies!

Dude and Cheese


There was a girl named Sanity Found

Whose humor and insight knew no bound,

Her ramblings and musings make my day a little brighter,

And knowing she’s out there, Makes the world a little lighter!

Happy Birthday SANITY FOUND!

Love from Abroad & Angry African!



The first time I read your blog I was struck by your humor and wit, and I thought, “here is someone I have to meet some day.”

That’s not a thought  I have often.

But you are so vibrant, so transparent, so pure that it would be impossible not to want to be selfish and have you in my life. 

Every day you are  now a part of my routine- your words fill the empty spaces in between the  tantrums and naps of my babies.

And I wish that there were some way to repay  all of the hope and light you’ve given me.

I guess all I can do is pray that  Karma pays you well.

I would say “have the happiest of days”, but then you’d have nothing to look forward to.  So, instead, I will say, “have the first happy day of many.” 

Please, do! – Lindsey


I am sending my birthday greetings to you… not surprised here by all the love all around. 

This is a funny thing. We meet under assumed names yet I feel we meet the  true person… under the mask…

So here’s to you Sanity…  A birthday message…

On this day I wish to say something funny… to make you laugh as you make me laugh on so many occasions… Happy Birthday…

On this day I wish to make you feel… as you always make me feel on so many occasions… Happy Birthday

On this day I wish to make you sing… as you have made me sing on so many occasions… Happy Birthday

On this day I wish to thank you… for this day belongs to you…  this day should be for only you…  with all the things you do… for all other than you… 

You are a blessing in the world for the love you bring… Happy Birthday…  With Love , Enreal






Yang & Yin

All of it given to her by birth, assembled into an incredibly strong and yet hearty woman.

Today is the day we thank the gods for their creation.

Happy Birthday Sanity!!!


I love you Aud because you’re a real person; not fake or fiction. 

You have a sixth sense, in which you can always sense when I’m in trouble although I might not admit to it.  It shows that you are in-tune with the feelings of those you love. 

You have overcome many obstacles, yet you still find time to display love and compassion.  Also, you are quite the funny one even in your times of despair.

You are very compassionate, always remembering everyone’s birthdays.  Sheesh! Stay fresh little sister. Don’t ever become hardened by the stones of life.

PLL, CordieB.

Audrey: You are my soul sister. 

I am forever grateful for the day that you dropped into my blog and into my life. 

Your energy, spirit, determination, and strength is an inspiration to me, and I really do feel honored to know you and love you.

Happy Birthday, my dear, dear sister of the Universe, Vanessa


Dear Sanity Found,   

I love you because you rage against the dying of the light.

I love you because you hope, regardless of the circumstances, to see justice in your time. 

I love you because you are the strongest person I know.

I love you because you are beautiful.

And I love you most, because you are that you are: absolute, unconditional, unmitigated love. – Hayden


Sister of my soul: You are turning 30 this year, a new decade of growth and challenges lies ahead of you.

Always remember today, the day you realized how truly loved you are.

It will carry you through the tough roads ahead.

All my love,  Amber



Audrey, I am so grateful that you came into my life.

However strange it happened, I am deeply grateful. You are wise beyond your years.  You have helped me on sad days and you were there with a note and a laugh.  You have helped me in so many ways with my stupidity on computer issues and spent hours on my blog trying to get my Vikings Logo to work. I thank you so much for giving your friendship to me.

The glory of friendship is not the outstretched hand, nor the kindly smile, nor the joy of companionship; it is the spiritual inspiration that comes to one when he discovers that someone else believes in him and is willing to trust him with his friendship.  -Ralph Waldo Emmerson

Friendship with oneself is all important because without it, one cannot be friends with anyone else in the world. – Eleanor Rosavelt

A real friend is one that walks in when the rest of the world walks out. Friendship is one mind in two bodies. – Mencius

You can have ALL of the cookies today! 

Your friend, Joy

There once was a girl who spoke Audlish 
for cookies she had quite a fetish 
For Britain she pined 
as she loved their fine wine 
so she packed up and left for her niche 

Goofy? Yes. But then … well, if the shoe fits, right? 



Happy birthday to a special friend!
Although I haven’t known you many years,
Perhaps because you’ve dried so many tears,
Pleasure reigns as I these greetings send.
Your happiness should last till all things end!

Because you’ve been so sweet and understanding–
In toughest times you’ve made me laugh and smile–
Rejoice in your own specialness awhile:
This I’m not requesting but demanding!
How else to make yourself the celebration,
Doing what does not come naturally?
Always your concern has been for me,
Yet now you must endure my adoration!

We love you Sanity Found, hope you have the Best of everything that
you may have ever wished for. Happy Birthday!
Empowering Roots {Deeps}


Awww… look there she is with her birthday cake!  Everyone sing 

Happy Birthday!


24 thoughts on “Happy 30th Birthday Sanityfound!

  1. Joy :

    Happy birthday to my dear sweet friend. You will never know how much you mean me.

    Looks great Amber. You did a great job. No matter how many times I watch that cookie monster video, I laugh myself silly. From Joy

    Thank you so much for everything, for your wishes, you love, your friendship and most of all for being you. That message up in that post touched my heart in more ways than I can say or rather translate. Its a ball of emotion, a big ball! Loves you lots and sending you big BIG hugs!

    PS You do know it is the cookie monster that steals all the cookies right???

  2. FroggyWoogie :

    Happy, happy, happy, happy, happy Birthday Sanity!!!

    Thank you so so so SO much for your beautiful words up top and this message, I am beyond touched and filled with incredible warm from all the love! Thank you!

  3. Hayden Tompkins :

    Happy Birthday!

    Thank you thank you thank you thank you for that beautiful message up top, I am so filled with warm fuzzies and just overwhelmed by it all. I love you lots! Thank you for being you, who you are to me and to the rest of the world. You rock!

  4. I love you sweetheart and wish you were with me tonight. We could be making smores.

    I am there in spirit sitting right next to you, I love you to, very muchly!

  5. Happy BIRTHDAY!!!! 😀 lol so you are turning 30? i thought you were turning 20!! 😉 anyway have a blast and remember we are always here 😛

    They lied, no one believes me that they can’t count and just look what they have done!!! In reality I am 20 in my heart and in my soul, hmm actually no that is quite old, I am about 16 and having fun!!!

  6. Kwoneshe2 :

    Happy Birthday. You bring a smile to my face, and joy to my heart.

    Thank you so much huns, you bring a smile to my face and much joy to my heart and soul as well, I am so glad we “met” in this here world of ours for I am better for it!

  7. Donstuff :

    They say it’s your birthday – Happy Birthday to ya!
    Here’s a little video card for you. Hang in until the end – your dog has added a little gift for you.
    I hope you have/had a great day.

    Awwws thank you so much for that video one of my favourite renditions toooz!!! Classic lmao! Thanks so much hun *hands over a plate of cookies*

  8. Enreal :

    Happy Birthday Sanity! You truly are a gem. Wishing you a beautiful day.

    Thank you so much for your kind words, they have touched my heart and soul beyond words. I never fully realised how much people actually like me, it floors me. You bring much light to my life, thank you so much!

  9. AngryAfrican :

    Go have a ball this weekend and lose your sanity just one more time. VEELS GELUK LIEWE MAAITJIE! (Sing it in the Liewe Heksie voice!)

    (Amber – GREAT JOB!)

    LOL Liewe Heksie nogal, I must ask your wife to record this it sounds too funny for words!!! Thanks for those incredible words up top and all the heart within them, you both are just amazing! Thank you so so much!

  10. Aww, jeez! I missed the blog party (Amber girl, you tried!!) but if you can do laundry please meet me at house of seven this morning for my lasts day of helping new momma. Proper birthday day greeting to follow after my head resumes its position on top o head.

    Blessings. They are around you.

    Lol Pat I am useless at ironing but can operate heave machinery do I get the job??? Thanks you! Blessings indeed are everywhere to be seen as I am finding out on a daily basis. Mwah!

  11. Oh my! I can feel the love. Imagine all that love my blessed soul sister! I must be true about love; those who give it freely, receive it freely. Your loving spirit shines so brightly upon so many souls. Thanks for being the beautiful light you are. Happy 30th birthday, Moon Child. I pray you have many, many more happy birthdays. Perhaps one day we can all get together and have a birthday party in person! Would that not be wonderful! Anywho. . . enough rambling. . . Love Ya. Happy Birthday!

    @Amber. Thank you for making it possible for us to do this wonderful collaborate birthday celebration for Aud. You’re the greatest! PLL, CordieB.

  12. Hope you have a great day to begin your 31st year on terra firma!!

    A birthday to start the weekend… I sense a disturbance, a bunch of drunken women will be ‘on the town’ all weekend…

  13. Happy Birthday Sanity!!! You have the best friends…I’m so jealous!! You are undoubtedly a great person!!! Hope you eat lots of cake and cookies. Wish we all could be with you but we are in spirit:) GREAT BIG MUAH TO YOU!!!

  14. ISF! Happy birthday to you! Sorry I missed out and sorry to the others I failed to join in with the hijacking (I got the explosives ready but dang!)…Internet was down for a week so I couldn’t be there on time…anyway, big, big bear hugs to you, sister!! And lots of kisses with vanilla-creamed love!

    P/S: Will make it up for you, Sanity 🙂

  15. Thank you all I was soooo touched beyond words that I am still speechless and stunned. Honestly.

    To each of you the biggest of hugs along with a tin of fat free cookies!!! Thanks for making my birthday one of the best I have ever had filled with love and happies!!!

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