The beauty in a Cookie


What is all this cookie business all about?

Some of you may visit our blogs and go “HUH” or even venture into the “WTF” arena, perhaps you think “How childish” or better yet “You have to be kidding me!!!”.  What ever blows your hair back in all honesty.

Cookies kinda fell into inception, it just happened one day in a simple comment on a post (if my memory serves its dodgy at the best of times). It was just an arb random thing to add to a comment to create banter and to have some fun. It started in a random fashion and then suddenly it was spreading.

More and more people started stealing cookies from ME and devouring them right on my blog.  Before I could blink an eyeball fellow commentators and bloggers were stealing supplies from other blogs.  People were connecting via the spider web of inspiration and humour, they latched on to the idea of stealing MY cookies!!!

Now the cookies are given to someone who is sad to lighten their heavy load

Late at night with a somber mood? give or steal cookies

Want to cause mischief? Steal some cookies

Want to just have some fun? go to a random blog and *steal their cookies*

Add new oomph to random acts of kindness and give a random cookie to someone just for the sake of it.

Share them around and don’t forget that you get all sorts of cookies and each single one is fat free here in blogosphere.

Think of us as mad by all means but before you know it you will crave cookies.  No doubt you will find yourself sitting down with a plate of your favourite and a glass of milk.

If you can’t take all the talk of cookies and want some real ones pop off a comment to Lindsey she makes the best of the best.  If you are brave you can try out Ambers Let them eat…. cookies! recipe.  I tried it out and just between you and me it turned out to be one of the biggest dough balls ever – remember though that this is me we are talking about… I have trouble making a cup of coffee… yes, enough said!

So all I am saying is this

Let the cookies remain, if you want some take some, if you don’t want any then drool away… Cookies are legends and they are here to stay.

PS If you are missing any please notice I found the culpirate on my sidebar.

PSS No I have not lost my mind I just really really REALLY love cookies


20 thoughts on “The beauty in a Cookie

  1. You are just way to cute. What a great post. You want to know a secret??? I don’t eat cookies. Seriously. I don’t have a sweet tooth in my body. I just like to steal yours!! LMAO!! This is great Auds.

  2. cookies?
    Did some one say Cookies?
    oh yeah…
    I have a stash…
    but i am not tellin where,just gonna have to follow your nose..
    he he hehe

  3. Fazy these are the perfect kind, not too sweet, non fattening, you name it we have it *hands over a few yummy tester cookies* Welcome to insanity

    Joy That is just wrong I tell you WRONG!!! Sheesh I am shocked, so when you steal them from me (whoohoo does partay dance coz Joy just admitted to stealing) what do you do with them huh huh punk??? *gives the look!

    Sorrow you so know you want to tells me… *goes off huntin* lol

    Vanessa I swear I will order you some Zoo biscuits and ship them over to you Mint ones sound yummy. Scout cookies huh?

    Donstuff you have just made my day, Star Wars cookies??? Holy crapola on toast with beans and no fries that is AWESOME!!!

  4. Hey there! Just thought I’d let you know that one of my nicknames is “cookie monster.” The hubby and I have a deal worked out….He’s great in the kitchen….so, I trade him nookie for home baked cookies ;0)

  5. Hold on…. wait just a moment…. screech! STOP! *clears throat* Now, let me just get this straight, people steal cookies from you? Is that what you are trying to say here? That you make cookies? Hmmm thats very interesting.

    You see, those cookies that seem to get passed around look very familiar… suspicious like. And when I go into my own cupboard to get a cookie, there are never any…. and I bake the damn things!

    I got my eyeball on you girlfriend….

  6. Yers what I be sayin is just that they steal the cookies that I find in my cupboard, where they are originally from I do not know. Can’t be telling you it is Omerta ya knows!!! Sheesh *shakes head* tsk tsk

    Ok FINE one or two might be from your cupboard only one or two I am telling you!!! *points at Minnesota*

  7. Moi? Corrupted Joy? I was thinking that it was you!!! Now you tell me that you peoples think its me??? poor innocent ME?

    btw yers I thought it quite hectic, I mean Maddie? Why not Winston huh? That little piggie always eats cookies!

  8. Ok i admit Millies cookies are rather nice..but i havnt got a sweet tooth i cant really eat toooo much sweet stuff at once..i fink i wana dodge the family trend ov bein diabetic.. :S

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