Weekly fruit salad – Número Quince

Number 15 disguised as Número quince in Spanish, time has flown and I myself can not believe this is the 15th salad.  Scary how time flies and I honestly can’t wait to be able to say “I Am Home“. Apologies for the late Salad, life threw some things at me and I fell over – you know me, clumsy and a bit Like a Rolling Stone ! Ah but the cape is beautiful… Right, now for the Views on the Lovely News and the week gone past! 

imageThe Ubuntu Frosting ~ by Amber

We are proud this week to induct another member to our Ubuntu group.  This  blogger writes about values, family, and every day life and shares his Ubuntu spirit and hope all of the time.  Many may not know him as he doesn’t comment much on other blogs, but his own blog is filled with love, hope, community and spirit.

With that said, we would like to congratulate DM from Heart to Heart.  DM, your blogs make us smile, laugh, and look at the world in a beautiful way.  Your compassion and caring for others just stands out.  He lives as he writes, something for us all to aspire to.  Congratulations DM!

Here are the posts we feel give you a little taste of his big Ubuntu Spirit:

imageA pineapple

Perhaps we should start off with a bit of  Horoscopes, Sunsigns, astrology, fact or myth? One fact is that I’m not 16 anymore!!! Sadly Now is the time to come to terms with this small little fact and reassert My Faith in Humanity. Thank you for helping me start my Saturday morning with a smile, for all your messages and love.

imageA hoard of grapes

I am a little confused with all the Bombs, Hurricanes, Train wrecks, and sick babies.. Perhaps it is time to Stop The Crap and wake up to smell the coffee.  Just how many people are going to be able to turn around and utter the words “I am a survivor“? Do we all have to go through Lessons of Despair before we do something? Will it all stop once we have become Superwo/man?

Honesty coupled with Online Debates, discussions, respect, and kindness, write a letter to John, get the reactions, stop this Lipstick Pig nonsense, talk about the issues and not Jerry Springer style either, learn about the the darker side of spirituality, see through the eyes of the poor.  Do it Ethically, not through indecent Arguments

Love the Sinner, Hate the Sin, pick up the True Lies, Be well and Grow.  Lets fix this world using Nothing but love… yes or no? Possible?  There are people in this world that live on less than Two dollars a day, yeah its possible… In their country they are The Privileged Factor! 


A Juicy Orange

Miracles happen because of YOU taking in the Lessons, feeling the Kindness and Remembering where you came from, who you are.  Lets all say Unity indeed with  Psycho Kid saving The World!

Knowing how to listen to insults can be one of the most beautiful shocks.  You’ll be surprised what you may find delving through the Old sayings and Dredging the lake of life.  Who knows, you might even become comfortable in your own skin!

image Crispy Apple

Girls Without Shoes walking Barefoot In Faith through the Fields with God one starts to think about Harvesting the grapes to wine creating a metaphor for lifeThe Boy and the Dragon followed by Take Me Out to the Ballgame,  thoughts roam within our minds… What if we legalized recreational drugs? It never ends the Monkey Mind.

In actual fact When does life begin? Truth is No One Can’t Say “Yes” If You Don’t Ask.

imageA few bananas

Next Message… Have you heard that Horton Hears A Who with 45 Music Web Sites that Offer Free Music?

Have you ever wondered if Music Taste is Linked to your Personality? Scary thought as I listen to my Rammstein.

Perhaps rather just Share Your Art With The World and experience the pure unadulterated heaven of eating… cookies! Followed by the Interesting facts about the human body section with a sprinkling of Personal Development. 

Soon before no time at all you’ll be saying “I wish Eye’d seen that!”

image A Mango or two

What exactly is a “Christian”? Who knows all I can say is that The Church of MY dreams… well its a beautiful Path to Follow right by the sea distracting us from the Southeast Gas Shortage and the Inevitable feeling of being Trapped.

In the scariest of times we must try to remember The Power of Love, all things nice and take a Day 5 Of My Walk Through History. Not for you? Ok, perhaps then Learn Swedish or listen to Translations of original music (mostly Disney of course).

Live and do A Meme.

imagePassion Fruit

 For the Love of Money and Financial Blues? What about “Tantric Sex” and Pornography? Bit to risque? Maybe, maybe not but The tables do turn.. and it makes you wonder about the “shelf life” on men.

Admit it, you have wondered about My dad and the hubcap guy.  You’ve asked yourself many a time How you would rank your first date with someone new and How to Rock Your Marriage.  Personally it is all a bit of Relationship Madness with maybe a bit of Love In The Air.  Kind of makes you wonder about Parental Rights and how to stay sane while Baby Sitting


I Didn’t Realize it but the total number of links this week is over 90… your fault not mine!

This week really was an incredible one, thank you all for all of your incredible posts, funny musings and hijinks! May the cookies never stop nor the laughter ever end.  Good luck with the week ahead, hope its a fantabularse one!!!

PS I am always looking for tips, ways to improve or tranquillizers ~ mail me at sanityf @ gmail . com


12 thoughts on “Weekly fruit salad – Número Quince

  1. Love the dose of the fruitsalad on a monday morning! missed doing my friday funny on um…friday but posted it this morning…did spend most of saturday night though looking at those funny pics of the cats online and the one you posted here is my favourite! have a wonderful week!

  2. Hey, this one was cool. When I saw it first, I thought may be related to some ‘health topic’ 😀 But the way you carried it and made us to stick to each word is just great!

  3. Thank you for the kudos…

    you mentioned coffee in this post…I LOVE coffee…black/no sugar..(so you can taste the dark roast flavor of the bean)..when you visit (w/cookies of course)..could you also bring a little coffee w/ you? …see what kind of shameless beggar I can be. back to work…DM

  4. Abroad Shames you sounds like a hectic time am off to go check your funnies out!

    Donstuff Glad you enjoyed a grape or two is always good lol

    Vishesh thanks you will go read just nows!

    Holeycheese glad you enjoyed!

    Amber it is 1x insanity 3 x loopy juice and 100 x delisharse fruits filled with yummy good for you vitamins and minerals all mixed together on a yarn with honey!

    Neilina Glad you enjoyed it, its more fun for me to do than anything else tbh!

    DM Lol you nutter will def bring some South African coffee imported from South America when i visit lol. Congrats it is well deserved!

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